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If You Think Bernie Shouldn't Have Gone on Joe Rogan, or Fox News, You're Leaving Fellow Americans for Dead

Not only that, but in the days following his appearance, Rogan’s show tweeted in the top ten, Bernie and Rogan’s subReddits were exploding to Top 25 and that show accumulated hundreds of thousands of views very quickly. Good stuff!

Exactly why Bernie will never be nominated by the corrupt DNC!

Afraid you’re right Shanti _Bernie won’t be nominated.

Yeah, but I would love to be wrong!

The options of attitudes are so depressing.

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Reality check: Tulsi is struggling to get to 3% among d-party voters.

Yes, I am aware of that reality.

I commented on her challenge to get past Castro at A Fresh Case for the Political Revolution.

I also commented that I’ve gone back to Sanders first, Gabbard second because of her comments on M4A at Progressives Say Kamala Harris Team 'Inventing Conspiracies' About Tulsi Gabbard Rather Than Addressing Critiques

I’m a little sad, but am still hopeful that Bernie can pull it off this time. I’m only part way through the Rogan interview, but it was great to hear he got his message to some who had dismissed him before.

I noticed those comments of yours. Just thought I’d remind you of what she and ten other candidates are up against. My suggestion to you from an outsider-looking-in at the d-party candidates is to start unifying Sanders-Warren voters. Because frankly, the fact that Third Way types have warmed up to Warren as a “stop Sanders” candidate is problematic.

Gabbard, and if she doesn’t get the democratic nod she should run as a green candidate.

I have talked to several women including my wife who have Warren as their pick. I’m not happy with a bunch of her statements over the years but perhaps seeing her in Sicko, I still have a little bit of a soft spot for her. If she wins the nomination, she’ll have to say the right things to get my vote but given her real friendship with Bernie and being more progressive than anybody besides Sanders who has a real shot, I am not currently viewing her as the threat that I see mayor Pete being. I still think Bernie is more electable and better in every way save for a small preference I have for professors who pile on the details. If she ever became president, hopefully Sanders would have a positive influence on her.

Given their friendship, I’m hoping one of them drops out if Iowa and New Hampshire are very lopsided. I don’t think either of them want to see the progressive vote spit all the way to the convention.

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Now then, back to my original question, the only answer to which I have received is Tulsi, do you honestly believe that Warren could peel off any Trump voters? In the head-to-head poll against Trump, Warren:

Only beats Trump by a 46 -44% spread, within the margin of error
Fails to reach that crucial 50% threshold (Bernie does and beats Trump by 8%)

It’s early, Liz is doing well in lily white states like Iowa, poorly in states with big African American turnout.
That said, I have a 6-word story to tell about a party establishment and Third Way types who were hellbent on making sure it was anyone-but-Bernie: Hillary Clinton loses to Donald Trump.

Not a significant number. Perhaps Bernie campaigning for her would help a bit. I agree with you that she is not the right choice for the general. Perhaps I’m biased incorrectly from the conservatives at work who almost unanimously loathed Hillary Clinton (of course for different reasons). They don’t like Warren either, but I don’t think she would have done better against Trump in the EC than did Clinton.

On another topic - what is going on in the Green Party? Given I’ve voted Green in the last two elections, I’m kind of curious who I might be voting for if Bernie isn’t the nominee. I think it’s time for new blood, but I’ll vote for Stein again if our nominee is Biden and quite a few other options.

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Howie Hawkins is running:

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It’s a shame that the author of this article lumps Rogan in with the alt-right. As others have pointed out and Joe has repeatedly said himself, he is a mix of center-left and a bit of libertarian. The author would know this if he actually listened to more than a few sound clips or simply read the inaccurate views of others who also choose not to investigate Rogan’s show fully. If anything, Rogan is all for giving anyone a fair shake and the time to do it in (he’s had many progressive folks on his show over the years, such as Dr. Cornel West about two weeks ago). Basically, he thinks it’s a terrible idea to simply shut people out just because you disagree with them (and he’s right). While Rogan does go easy on Jones (likely due to them being friends for a very long time), he was anything but easy on folks like Milo and the fella that founded the Proud Boys.

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I believe Tulsi Gabbard could peel “off a few Trump voters.”

What don’t you like about her?

I like most everything about her. But if she can’t peel off more voters in her own party, she won’t get the chance to peel off any Trump voters. Right now she’s in a struggle to make the next debate stage.

Tulsi Gabbard is currently on active duty and not campaigning. As long as the media report that - it probably helps her reach the 2% threshold she needs in the polls. She has met the donor criteria for the next round of debates (more than 130000 donors with at least 400 in more than 20 states) but only has one qualifying poll - and needs four to qualify. If you want to follow this in detail, the qualifying polls must be done by the following pollsters
Associated Press,
ABC News,
CBS News,
Des Moines Register,
Fox News,
Las Vegas Review Journal,
Monmouth University,
NBC News,
New York Times,
National Public Radio (NPR),
Quinnipiac University,
University of New Hampshire,
Wall Street Journal,
USA Today,
Washington Post,
Winthrop University.

The polls can be national polls or polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Nevada. The four qualifying polls must be from four different pollsters (or from the same pollster covering two different geographical areas). The poll must also have respondents choose from a list of candidates rather than being asked an open ended question. Gabbard made the 2% threshold in a CBS Poll poll in New Hampshire back in July so her next New Hampshire qualifying poll can’t come from CBS - but CBS would count for her in a national poll.

Gabbard has been polling very well in New Hampshire recently and I think she is likely to get her second qualifying poll in New Hampshire soon (watch for the University of New Hampshire poll coming out next week)

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I have been following her progress in this regard with great interest. A source I rely on are the decidedly pro-Tulsi crowd over at caucus99percent, a website populated by many former posters/members at DailyKos who were banned for maintaining support for Bernie after site owner, Markos Moulitsas, instructed members that it was time to get on the Hillary bandwagon or else. Here’s the latest from C99%, lots of comments to peruse if you’d care to, including an exchange featuring JtC, the site founder:


On this topic from today’s NYTimes:

One thing you don’t often see mentioned in these accounts is the fact that the state polls on the list usually have about 400 respondents while the national polls typically have about 1000. A candidate with the support of 1% of the Democratic Party voters has a 21% chance of hitting 1.5% in a poll of 400 (and getting rounded up to 2%) but only an 8% chance of hitting 1.5% in a poll of 1000. That is why I’m looking to the state polls to give her the next one she needs.