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If You Think Bernie Shouldn't Have Gone on Joe Rogan, or Fox News, You're Leaving Fellow Americans for Dead

Always a smart move in politics to play the numbers.
In any case, Tulsi is surging to a some extent.

Read it. It is amazing to me why the NYT still gets such accolades from so many. The article was completely vacuous on any policy positions or even having anything new and interesting to say about the stupid genetic test controversy. On that, I heard someone on a podcast say she knew there would be a dust-up and wanted it to happen early so it would die down by the time of a primary. That alone (taking the test at the time she did) was not the problem in my view - it was the messaging that accompanied it. She could have said:

(made up quote) Trump said I was lying about my having a Native American in my family tree, and though I know what I was told, I was curious myself to get proof. Given that I never used a claim of being Native American myself to further my career and which is confirmed in well documented articles on me in the the Boston Globe (and …), I didn’t do it to prove anything - I was just curious. Turns out I have about the amount of genetic material consistent with a Native American ancestor that my grandmother [or whoever it was] told me about. Does this make me Native American? Of course not. Does it make me any more qualified to speak to their issues? Of course not (though I am very concerned about their issues and will be speaking about them as I hope all candidates will). Trump said I was a liar on this, but I think everyone knows who the liar is on this topic and most others.

I like Warren some and will consider voting for her in the General, but not in the Primary unless Sanders and Gabbard have dropped out by March. But her being VP for Biden will absolutely not be enough to get me to vote for that ticket.

I took a brief look at Howie Hawkins - seems like an interesting guy. It’s too bad there was a video snafu with recording the Green Party debate but I saw there was a cell phone video of it which I may check out when I get a chance. I only voted in one Green Primary many years ago but have voted Green in the General 4 times I think (Nader twice, Stein twice).

I was also disappointed that the audio quality was so bad on the Green Party debate - I was kind of interested in seeing how Dario Hunter presented his positions. Overall, I think the Green Party really needs to concentrate much more on state legislative and school board and county and city offices. Their presidential candidate typically raises about 2.5 million dollars for their campaign. I think they should direct at least half of that to their top twenty local candidates who can raise at least a matching amount. That would give those local candidates about $125,000 each to make them competitive in their races. That much money can buy you about 5 professionally produced campaign 30 second videos that you can then display a few million times on each of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, and run 3 months of a radio ad.


My take on the NYTimes’ article was more about the doubts surrounding Warren and the all-important matter of electability as perceived by actual voters.

I personally believe that Trump would crush her.

Alan, can you explain that a little bit more to me? Doesn’t an executive order have the force of law/legislation? Can’t the president make an executive order opening Medicare to the country?

As for Congress being shamed … well, they’re shameless. That’s not gonna happen. We could potentially vote them out in large enough numbers, but that’s going to take time - and not so much because of the GOP, it seems to me, but because of the corporate wing of the Democrats. They’re actively blocking any real challenges to their bought incumbents, along the lines of more “squad.”

In the meantime, we have 35k Americans dying yearly, with 660k annual bankruptcies because of medical bills. It seems to me, if anything needed an executive order, Medicare For All does.

I know Berners are divided on Warren sentiments, but I think it’s worthwhile considering her as a VP pick for Bernie (if people can get past the faux feminism). Two reasons, mainly: one, I think they could be a highly effective team in the White House. Two, I think her followers are not to be lightly discounted. They’re not all going to necessarily go with Bernie if she drops out, and, I think her presence in the race could bring in other Democrats outside the Warren camp.

This is a fun incidental here: Bernie’s eight years older than Warren. If she has anything like his energy, and can prove her progressive mettle as a VP (and running on Bernie’s terms during a general) - we could have 2 years of Bernie, then 2 of Warren, in a kind of modern-day FDR era.

Now back to reality - the DNC will probably block his nomination and it’s depressingly going to be Biden who may well lose, giving Trump a second term.

But one can dream great things, right? And at least, try.