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If You Want A Just World, Neither Republicans Nor Democrats Will Give It To You


What if you controlled the Budget?


Oh, that’s wonderful, Webwalk. I have seen pictures of the Beacon Food Forest and heard very good things, but so far I have never had the opportunity to visit.

I enjoy your posts here as well.


Or you could start a new site.


Thanks! Public budgeting is exactly what is needed. 1/2 of 1% of the total NYC budget is a start.


The headline rings loud and clear.
To be fair (to the Democrats), neither party is able to give it to us, because it is not up to them. It is up to the corporation(s) per se.
If their influence was removed once and for all, we might at least get started on that just world.


Who wants a just world? Altruism is at a historic low in the US, and it has been this way for years. Let’s be realistic. Years of research have consistently confirmed that most voting choices come down to economic issues. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the poor and middle class, for the common good. The Clinton wing split this base wide apart in the 1990s, and the Obama years confirmed that this split is permanent. In other words, Democrats divided and conquered their own voting base. Middle class liberals have worked hard to further alienate the “masses.”

Politics is about ideology, and policies. The years of trying to politically pigeonhole the population by race/age/gender have only been counter-productive.


Not necessarily. Our more fortunate see our situation in terms of, “the 1% vs. the 99%.” In reality, we’re rich vs. middle class vs. poor. Question: What do you think we should do about those can’t work (health, etc.) and those for whom no jobs are available? What liberals have advocated for the past quarter-century amounts to “trickle down economics” – increase the security and incomes of the middle class, and eventually (in 20-30 years) some jobs should start trickling down to the poor. People can’t survive on promises of eventual jobs. How bad are conditions today? The overall life expectancy of the US poor already fell below that of every developed nation.


This is what I have been trying to get people to listen to. We the People have got to work together to make any progress.
*We’ve got to scrap the duopoly and the people who own and control them, and rebuild a new future, for us, and the world, our Mother and our Home.
*She needs our help and we need Hers. Without it, we all fail, and She may die.


If we want a just world we have to make it just ourselves. To create a just world we have to go into our mind and change its setting which has remained the same since ‘Eve’ asked ‘Adam’ “Why am I?”, the question of meaning that gave birth to humanity. ‘Adam’ didn’t know and fearing the unknown he made up an answer with which he tried to fill the void.

That was about 200,000 years ago and his successors have been trying ever since. Our tries are all different and they thus create the divides in humanity that make our unjust world. To make a just world we have to agree the void can’t be filled, the change in mindset that will allow us to discard the ways we try to fill the void.

One way we can know we’ve changed our mindset is by observing Democracy. It was given birth and is sustained by divisions in humanity. So as the divisions diminish so will democracy which will become less and less a threat to our existence. https://thelastwhy.ca/poems/2018/11/3/democracy-the-death-of-us


I don’t have an answer. Thank you for your reply.


I think the answer is going to be that we all must die in order to fix the world. Tough to think about.


Interesting, just read this similar thought in Nick Pemberton’s latest piece at Counterpunch:

“Human beings will not be able to survive as a species for much longer. The end is coming soon, and it is coming fast. How we will be remembered in history by Mother Earth is still up for grabs. Our legacy—for how we treated Her—will not go down well regardless. We have already killed most of earth’s species. But Earth will get the last laugh, as we will be gone and She can happily build a new world without us. If we want to make Her shed any tears for our lowly species—we will start changing how we act in our final hour. Will we go down fighting for ourselves, inflicting cruelty on others, just for one more lousy day of our rotten and miserable lives? Or will we take in the stranger from the cold, offer them a place to stay, and die together in dignity?”


What job shortage? Millions of immigrants arrive every year and go to work immediately. People need to become mobile again. As a young man growing up on a farm in Florida 60 years ago I never saw an immigrant, itinerant black and white workers traveled up and down the coast working the fields. They picked oranges in the winter and as the weather warmed moved up the coast picking vegetables and ended up in Maine to pick up potatoes. This was before harvesters that conveyed the crop into large hopper wagons.


Nick Pemberton understands.


Very, very true! In many cases, it is a waste of time. And I know many who say that is why they do not vote. Too bad the Green Party could not figure a way to somehow tap into THIS REAL SILENT, MAJORITY.


RE: “Since the election of 2016, resistance has been front and center.”

I disagree. The “Resistance” TM has been a DNC and MSM controlled, marketed and financed manipulation.
The “Resistance” has manufactured out whole cloth “Russian meddling” in the 2016 election, that is, real fake news, to divert attention from why the Democrats really lost the election. (They have nothing to offer the American people.) The “Resistance” has championed (absurdly) the National Security State as honored defenders of democracy, has championed reactionary right wingers like super-racist Jeff Sessions, fixer Robert Mueller (who covered up 911 crimes) and has even resuscitated war criminal George W. Bush who now has a 50% approval rating among Democrats. Meanwhile the GOP has managed to give massive subsidies to the oligarchy (both “liberal” and “conservative”) with barely a peep from the Democratic Party.

I would argue that the “Resistance” (and its new McCarthyism, suppressing dissent) rather than resist Trump and the growing fascism of the GOP, it has ENABLED them!


I didn’t read Pemberton’s piece, but the way he is using “we” is deeply problematic, probably misanthropic and diverts attention from the real culprit: capitalism. We live in an oligarchy: the super rich pay off politicians to get the world that benefits them. That world of ever increasing profits for the tiny few, has reached planetary, biosphere-changing levels. “We”, humanity did not choose this. This state of things was forced upon us. There is no “we” here.


i hear what you are saying but i’m not quite on the same page. Perhaps it makes sense to you to divide “humanity” into those who force omnicide on the rest of us, and the rest of us, but i do not believe it is that neat of a distinction. i don’t believe “the Earth” would agree to that neat separation either.

i’ve talked with everyone in my life, throughout my life, about what “we” in the heart of the beast might do to arrest this trajectory toward omnicide, hold “our leaders” accountable, democratize the economy, seek paths to block obviously unfolding horrors, and the vast majority have never wanted to even think about it, let alone talk about it, let alone seek to engage in action to address it, let alone organized mass action.

Again, i understand your view, and in many ways i share it, but i also recognize that humans – some humans if you insist, but fellow members of our species at that, essentially no different from you or i – created capitalism.

And you can go back to the invention of agriculture to find the roots of the capitalist paradigm and mind-set. Accumulation, surplus, hoarding, organized violence, war, conquest, were not invented by capital.

i don’t believe this is a misanthropic view, just a factual narrative. And even if you take your strict view of distinct groups of humans, then “the rest of us” have sure been tragically susceptible to going along with it. Not sure functionally how much difference that makes in terms of apportioning responsibility to “humanity.”

BTW Pemberton’s piece is well worth the read, about liberalism and colonization and fascism, playing off Trump’s statement that any stone throwers at the border should be shot, related to Palestinians who throw stones at Israel. The clip i posted was a digression near the end of the piece.


RE: “… fellow members of our species at that, essentially no different from you or i – created capitalism.”

This logic is no different from the following: Since all criminals are human, all humans are criminals. Or how about something more contemporary? Since all sexual predators are male, then all males are sexual predators.

The logic you are using is deeply endemic to liberal thought. It’s, of course misanthropic, but it has an crucial ideological function: it diverts attention from the class nature of the problems we face. This website has articles every day discussing the corruption of elites, their drive for perpetual war, permitting pollution, oppression and preventable death. Yet when it comes to the state of the planet, “it’s the fault of humanity.” We live in a State that more than any other is responsible for the massive increase in carbon in the atmosphere. This has occurred at the same time as capitalism has gone global, the neoliberal period. Somehow while the .01% has consolidated its power over the world in the last forty years, it is the fault of every human?
It is the elite who decide how our resources are spent, what gets funded (the military…) and what doesn’t (human welfare, climate disaster mitigation). The late Chalmers Johnson once called the US military the “global oil protection service.” Did humanity decide the role of the US military in the world?


I SO agree with you! I wanted to ask: So, how exactly do we do all the things in this article? I like examples. I have no idea what the author meant by most of the stuff she said. So good job webwalk!