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If You Want Joe Biden to Govern More Like FDR Than Jamie Dimon, Vote for Bernie Sanders on Tuesday in New York and Kentucky

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/22/if-you-want-joe-biden-govern-more-fdr-jamie-dimon-vote-bernie-sanders-tuesday-new


Well said.
(Or at least keep him at the table.)


Please do! Progressives, although they say you were “beaten” earlier, you are still a formidable rising force in the Democratic party and outside. Do not deny yourself this ability to still flex your muscles. Biden has described himself a transition candidate, and the fight for what that transition will lead to is what you vote on this primary.

  • signed, a Biden fan.



Did you notice how many times Minsky admitted that Biden is not and never has been a progressive and that Biden could renege on any leftist promises that he might make during the campaign and that the platform’s main purpose is to dupe gullible voters into supporting the DP?

DP establishment wannabes like Minsky can write this sheepdog crap only because they are never embarrassed by their appalling behavior.

The DP establishment hates proggies. Take the hint already, and leave the party!


I already voted for Bernie in the PA primary. Since I will no longer accept anything the Dem establishment does, I will be voting Green in the general. Biden is a terrible candidate precisely when this country needs dramatic change. I am still upset that the other candidates all got behind Biden simply for DNC money and positions. My attitude is pretty much: screw them all.


Yes. Yes. Yes.

For those interested, a really good discussion of what we’re up against. ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRCzZp1J0v0 Spoiler: we’re FUBAR
Joe Rogan and Bret Weinstein (start at 12 min to get an idea, and again at 1:32 min Biden v. Trump)

It’s a start.

Biden’s about as close to FDR as Trump is to Lincoln. I don’t think Biden needs be shown what direction the wind blows. I think he needs to see it take a wall down.

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I am all for people voting for Bernie on Tuesday-—maybe we need to get the Zoomers involved in this!

But seriously I do not hold out much hope that we can push him to the left.
Especially since most people don’t know who we are trying to push to the left (i.e. who is calling the shots in Biden’s campaign and who will be VP?)

With that said, I want to respond to some specific things in this article (excerpts below with my bold):

“Ideologically, the Democratic Party in 2020 is split in two—between a moderate establishment, supported overwhelmingly by voters over 50, and an insurgent progressive wing with a fervent young base. The moderate politicians are for maintaining neo-liberal policies consistent with the Clinton and Obama administrations”

This completely debunks the notion that with age comes wisdom.

“it shouldn’t be surprising that Democrats voted against their policy preferences. Biden, after all, represented stability: a restoration of the previous Democratic administration, which projected an air of professional competence and decorum. Given the chaos and bigotry of Trump, it’s easy to understand the appeal.”

I will never fully understand the appeal of Joe Biden. I think the primary factors in his being the nominee are: the orchestrations of the oligarchy and ignorance/laziness in voters.

“Most importantly, the country needs a progressive president.”

"Joe Biden is also a weathervane politician. We have to let him know the wind is in progressive sails these days—that no other political tendency comes close."

Joe Biden is propped up by those with the money and power along with those who only care about defeating trump.

If elected (I’m still not convinced he will make it to November) I believe there is a very good chance his VP pick will be president during the term.

So we need to be talking about who is running his campaign and his choices of VP picks.
My gut tells me Kamala Harris.

If that is the case then----- so much for a progressive president.
I don’t see any other hopeful options for VP.

As a side note/story:
I wake up every day still stunned he is the nominee. As much as I dislike him there was a time in the campaign---- when Sanders was surging---- I kind of felt sorry for him. Biden’s political career was coming to an end (or so it seemed!) as a mere footnote----a man who was just a shill for corporate america, the MIC and a man who made a lot of gaffes---- exiting the political world looking downright foolish in the debates and having a lukewarm response with voters. It seemed pathetic actually.

The sexual assault accusations against him brought my pity to an abrupt end.
Along with the foisting of him upon the u.s. voters by TPTB with a strong dose of willful ignorance by the older voting population.


Who has their hopes up for Booker tomorrow?
This is a key race, more important than Biden going left in many ways. I believe there could be a large movement to defeat McConnell if Booker wins.


Definitely, vote for Bernie and the other progressives in the primary, to send a message. And then amplify that message by voting third party in November.


If Black Lives Matter endorses Joe Biden then I’ll consider voting for him. Consider these, also:
I’ll also consider taking a job which pays half of the federal minimum wage, or about $3.89 an hour, so Republicans can say " I told you so. "
I’ll also consider burning my Medicare card to protest the cutting of millions of trees to send cardholders like me dozens of letters saying, This Is Not A Bill.
I’ll also consider not wearing a PPE mask in public, or carrying my cell phone with me 24/7, so that surveillance cameras and satellites know when I’m buying a Hazy IPA at 7-Eleven.
( Your welcome, Police & Security State. )
I’ll also consider sending the DSCC & DCCC some $$$ when they can explain, with examples, the difference between progressive and regressive candidates and policy, especially tax policy.
I’ll also consider voting for Joe Biden, when he promises to resign from his Presidency, the first time he sends more troops to the MENA, or Afghanistan.
I’ll consider voting for Joe Biden when, he actually goes against conventional wisdom, and chooses Congresswoman Jayapal as his VP.
I’ll also consider voting for Joe Biden when … at this point, baseball-sized hail starts watering this garden of earthly delights, without doing any visible or environmental damage.
I’ll also consider voting for most Democratic Congress…well, you know, when the former members of the Obama Adm. stop lying about their records.


I received an email invitation from Team Bernie and a message in the Slack channel to volunteer for Booker and other congressional candidates, as well as state legislative and district attorney candidates. Booker’s campaign has their own Slack channel, that anyone can join to coordinate volunteer efforts for Booker, it’s similar to Bernie’s Slack channel. (I know you’re familiar with Bernie’s!) I’ve included a link to Booker’s volunteer page. Those that sign up for a call shift, should receive an invitation to the Slack channel.


Bernie’s latest YT video:



Thank you for these links One_World!
This will get my mind off the Arctic on fire, I’m not kidding.


Thanks to Kentucky’s mail-in voting, my husband and I voted for Bernie 3 weeks ago.
Bernie, not Biden.


My gut told me the same thing about a year ago when I predicted the so-called Democratic debates were asinine because a Biden/Harris ticket had already been selected. But having said that, lets hope both of us are wrong.

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Spot on, Mr. Peabody! If one needed a reminder of just how out of touch with reality so called progressives like Mr. Minsky are, and just how inconsequential the so called progressive movement has become, think about the absurdity of this article. The author is actually suggesting that voting for Sanders at this stage of the game will accomplish something of consequence, as if the Dems are actually going to accommodate progressive policy. What nonsense. The game is over, folks; indeed, the 2020 Sanders charade was over even before it started, just as with the 2016 charade.

Does Mr. Minsky genuinely believe that the voters he’s speaking to have the capacity toforce Biden and his co-sellouts to fight for genuinely progressive policies, or is he just another sheepdog working to keep progressives in the Party fold? I don’t know Mr. Minsky but I know with certainty that the best the American people will ever again get out of the Dems that look even remotely like progressive policy will be more of those promises made to be broken. And Biden’s the perfect example of just that kind of false promise, which were so expertly served up by the Obama/Biden administration to reel the us suckers in.


Take a look at the Movement for a People’s Party, if you havn’e yet done so. You won’t see them on a ballot this time around but it may be on 2024 ballots and maybe even by the next midterm. A number of Our Revolution chapters have recently joined and that’s very positive.


Because so many mail in ballots have been cast over several weeks, Booker’s odds of overcoming McGrath’s early lead are not good. Sadly, he caught fire way too late.

McConnell, despite being unpopular in KY, is going to win no matter who the d-party puts up.


A young base that was so fervent, it couldn’t be bothered to vote in the early primaries.

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