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'If You Want to End Unrest, End the Conditions that Create It,' Declares Ocasio-Cortez in Viral Post

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/30/if-you-want-end-unrest-end-conditions-create-it-declares-ocasio-cortez-viral-post


bless you AOC. the first voice of leadership to speak truth to power!


Much of the Minneapolis violence and destruction is being carried out by Trump allies including members of the police department, borrowing from Hitler’s tactic blaming the commies after his Nazis burned the Reichstag in 1933.




“Madame President”

I would vote for her in a moment.


So would I, but even if AOC was old enough to run for POTUS, just like Bernie, we would never be allowed to vote for her!


It might be tactically more effective if AOC were to confine her comments to the actual demands of the protesters, rather than treating this as an opportunity for the usual “This proves we all need to work toward a harmonious society” spiel. It would display some humility on AOC’s part, were she to defer to the immediate demands of the people in the street. It would also help clarify matters, as the agitprop machine is incredibly talented at ignoring legitimate demands, which are:

  1. Arrest all four of the murderers.
  2. Assign their prosecution to someone other than that corrupt DA, or the Klobuchar he rode in on.

Would it be possible for AOC to call out Klobuchar’s role in this? Maybe, but I doubt it.


Violation and violence - etymology online

violence (n.)

late 13c., “physical force used to inflict injury or damage,” from Anglo-French and Old French violence (13c.), from Latin violentia “vehemence, impetuosity,” from violentus “vehement, forcible,” probably related to violare (see violation). Weakened sense of “improper treatment” is attested from 1590s.

violation (n.)

c. 1400, from Old French violacion and directly from Latin violationem (nominative violatio) “an injury, irreverence, profanation”, from past participle stem of violare “to treat with violence, outrage, dishonor,” perhaps an irregular derivative of vis “strength, force, power, energy,” from PIE root *weie- “to go after, pursue with vigor or desire” (see gain (v.)).

gain (n.)

late 15c., “that which has been acquired” (possessions, resources, wealth), from Middle French gain, from Old French gaaigne “gain, profit, advantage; work, business; booty; arable land” (12c.), from gaaignier “to gain, earn; capture, win”. Meaning “any incremental increase” (in weight, etc.) is by 1851. Related: Gains.

The original French word enfolded the notions of “profit from agriculture” and “booty, prey.” Neither the verb nor the noun gain is in Middle English, which however had gainage “profit derived from agriculture” (late 14c., from Old French gaaignage); gaineier “farmer” (late 13c. as a surname); gainerie “a farm” (mid-15c.).

And who said the dead do not speak?

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AOC for president.


Therein lies the joy of working for it no matter what

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Took me a minute to catch the numerology
10 4

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The media whores decry the violence of the protestors burning cars and buildings in American cities; however, NEVER A PEEP DECRYING ABOUT THE BURNING AND MURDERING in the cities of foreign countries!


Police reform is now on the list at #1 with a Bullet (a holdover from Billboard Music). B. Sanders has no power so stop looking to him for change–REAL CHANGE. ANY CHANGE. AOC I preferred until she got into bed with Biden, a warmonger if there ever was one, and worse, a loser. Oh, and much, much WORSE but I won’t go there right now. AOC and her Squad, they’ll be out of office before you know it, and no one will recall any of them. Police reform…We’re been demanding it since Kent State, since Watts, since, well, since Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and last but far from least: Agent Orange, the Putin lovefest. Sorry folks, that’s not on the menu from the DisgustaPubs, or the DP. Hey, but I do son love C. West and K. Perry. Rock on!.

Yes, you make a good point, chance or no chance! AOC is about all we progressives have left.

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Takin it to the Streets…Right On !!!
Screw this Calm bullshit
You want Calm, Provide For Human Needs
From Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
Frick’in 1943, over 70 years ago

Physiological needs include:

  • Homeostasis
  • Health
  • Food and water
  • Sleep
  • Clothes
  • Shelter
  • Work (my addnm)

Safety and Security needs include:

  • Personal security
  • Emotional security
  • Financial security
  • Health and well-being
  • Safety needs against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts

Social Belonging needs include:

  • Friendships
  • Intimacy
  • Family

“If you want to end unrest, work to end the conditions that create it”

Register to vote and vote to end it. Clearly the Washington DC Republican Party is a big part of the problem. Californians found that once the Republican Party had been voted out of power that we could be much more liberal in out policies.

This November’s election is a good time to vote as many Republicans out of office as possible.


HA, imagine that! A most dubious possibility. Sad, that. The leaders of both parties will never allow it, which brings us back to violence.

"efficiency gains" thats an interesting timely loaded phrase, can anybody tell me what it means in the milleiu of today?

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A lot of them are entilements now, for example, AOC clearly deoesnt know about healthcare becoming a corporate right way back in the 1990s.

Bernie did us no favors by pretending it was still 1991. That leaves a huge bunch of people unable to discuss or even understand so many of the things we MUST do to actually solve the problem.

See ~http://policyspace.xyz/recommendations

Bill Clinton was so Republican that AOC and the rest of us continue to sort through his legacy. He continues to be the record holder among POTUS for the number of FDR’s New Deal regulatiuons decriminalized, on top of his other “achievements” that made his regimje Ronny Raygun’s 4th and 5th terms.

If the US ever gets a progressive gubmit, undoing the travesties and their poison pills of the past 40 years will be quite a web to untangle.


Contrast the Western medias reporting on the protests in the USA as compared to the protests in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong protests have been going on for over 6 months. In that time there have been two deaths and some 8000 total arrests. In that time protestors have inflicted significant damage to businesses.

I do not have the total numbers arrests in the USA since these protests started but the protests have been running three days as opposed to 6+ months and already there have been several hundreds arrested. In those three days two people have been killed.

The media refers to the protestors in Hong Kong as peoples fighting for Democracy and human rights. They pay little to no attention to the property damage they commit. Both Trump and Pompeo have called out China for how they react to those protestors.

In the USA the emphasis is on looting and property damage. The protestors are referred to as thugs from “out of state” just there to cause trouble.

The protestors in Hong Kong are being funded by the USA. Most are middle class and upper middle class as Hong Kong one of Chinas richest provinces.

The protestors in the USA tend to be from the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. Blacks and Latinos that are tired of how they treated by the Police.