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If You Want to Kill Drug Dealers, Start with Big Pharma


If You Want to Kill Drug Dealers, Start with Big Pharma

Domenica Ghanem

At a recent rally in New Hampshire, Donald Trump called for the death penalty for drug traffickers as part of a plan to combat the opioid epidemic in the United States. At a Pennsylvania rally a few weeks earlier, he called for the same.


From the article:

“Insys Therapeutics…spent $500,000 to stop marijuana legalization in Arizona in 2016.”

It sound as if they know something that many do not. If there’s a better reason to fight for nationwide legalization, I have yet to hear it.


True History of Marijuana Full Movie-- really good movie goes back into history

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As Steppenwolf sang so many years ago:

“God Damn, The Pharma Man.”


The AMA and drug lobbies also continue to prevent Medicare from paying for acupuncture, naturopathic medical services including tests ordered by a naturopathic physician.

Drugs play a much smaller part in acupuncture and naturopathic medicine compared to mainstream “medicine”, so don’t expect Medicare to revise this policy.

Just as the NRA’s mission has narrowed focus to selling more weapons, Murkin "medicine’s mission has narrowed focus to selling more drugs.


Here! Here!


I don’t see attacking either the dealers or the manufacturers as a problem solution. First address what is creating the demand and fix that.


and helping those in need!


I can personally attest to the benefits of Acupuncture being a drug free solution for pain reduction.

Just this week, my wife closed her decades long practice of Acupuncture and is retiring.

Western medicine has intentionally kept this 3000 year old practice out of mainstream treatment facilities, much to the detriment of those who could most benefit from it.



Is there anything corporations have not corrupted in this country ?
States that have legalized weed have either put severe restrictions on growing you’re own, or banned it outright, ensuring the corp’s. still make money.
Insys Therapeutics knows something alright, pot legalization will hurt there profits.
In the Fascist States of America, isn’t corp. profits what we should all be striving for ?

If were going to kill drug dealers, besides Big Pharma, lets not forget the dealers in the CIA and Wall Street Banks.


I suspect the feeling of complete hopelessness in a shithole 3rd world country is creating a big demand. So lets fix that.


Great posts by you on so many issues. Alot of people in here are on the same page .
. Most people are dumb down these days,.


However, heroin itself is not the primary culprit of high rates of overdose. It is fentanyl, a highly potent synthetic opioid mixed into heroin and cocaine, as well as used on its own. Fentanyl causes deadly overdoses, particularly if dealers do not disclose the presence of fentanyl in the hits they sell to users (so as to get them addicted to a more profitable drug).


I didn’t say it…the writer did. But I will volunteer to donate the ammunition.


I highly recommend “The Emperor Has No Clothes” by the late Jack Herer, one of those truth tellers who left us too soon. His widow maintains the site <jackherer.com>


And a damn good strain as well.


Just let these pharmaceutical companies do what they are doing?

They intentionally create the demand, you don’t get that?


Drug enforcement and regulations are designed to create and protect relative monopolies and artificial scarcity of drugs and medicine. They do so to raise the price of these commodities and to control the behavior of populations.

Opium poppies grow wonderfully across much of the United States, in many places even without irrigation. And you-all know about cannabis. There’s no intrinsic reason their products need be expensive or provoke all of the usual desperation and shooting. All this happens because people will go to great lengths to not feel extreme pain, so people who wish to impose their will on others often do so by increasing pain and withholding solutions.

My father paid every month for medical insurance over the last forty years or so of his life. He died over a few weeks at an expensive hospital with a wonderfully trained staff who informed me within the first few minutes that they did not much imagine that they could help him or that he would survive the visit. The care that he did receive that worked was a bed and about 3.5 days’ worth of IV opiates. He’d paid 40 years for it, spent several years in the Army–and so forth, with nothing unusual in the large lines of the story.

It is just extortion.


I’m pretty sure sbrownn gets that judging from his/her posts here.