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If You Want to Know Why TTIP Would Be a Nightmare, Look What Just Happened in Canada


If You Want to Know Why TTIP Would Be a Nightmare, Look What Just Happened in Canada

Nick Dearden

If anyone tries to convince you that TTIP is no threat to a government’s ability to protect its people, just point them to Canada. Last week, Canada’s government was successfully sued for daring to turn down a large mining quarry which threatened to cause environmental damage in Nova Scotia.


What people forget is that these are choices, not mandates from the gods. Canada should just refuse to pay. In the long run, after threats and wrangling and various temper tantrums, there isn’t much anyone can do about it, as history has shown again and again.


Well said! Refuse to pay and jail anyone who attempts to create the quarry.

Of course, that presumes that the ones who signed off on NAFTA and make money from destruction of the environment have any interest in thwarting the corporations.


ncycat: Exactly. We now interact with corporations as if they are immutable laws of nature.
Humans created them, humans can amend or dismantle them.


Since our megacorporate bodies now effectively control our governance and the biosphere, fully agree with chapdrum that is our right and duty to dismantle them. Why this is not at least an interest if not the central focus of so many “single issue groups” who are dealing with their diverse symptoms remains a mystery. Since there are height limits for buildings, speed limits for highways, it would be so much more evolutionarily sane to impose size limits on corporations.Once they grow gigantic and diversify they are indistinguishable from malignant tumors whose only agenda is unchecked growth, collateral damage be damned. Until we radically downsize and democratize them all, the future of humanity, democracy and biodiversity are in mortal peril.