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'If You Work for ICE, Quit': Never Again Launches Career Services Site for Agents Looking for Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/09/if-you-work-ice-quit-never-again-launches-career-services-site-agents-looking-change

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“It is difficult to get a man to understand something if his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
–Upton Sinclair

So this initiative hopes to replace the salaries of rank-and-file ICE agents? Will it extend to workers at for-profit prisons? Assembly-line grunts at Boeing and Lockheed-Martin? GoFundWho?

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This is a difficult choice: those who would quit on moral grounds are the people we would want to stay; and those who would stay, often to meet some need for power over others, are the ones we would want to leave.


God bless the groups NEVER AGAIN and VOTO LANTINO for standing up. These people working for ICE are complicit in crime. But, my sense is that while some portion will quit. At least some of them are attracted to these kind of jobs because they enjoy their power over poor people with no voice.


Not necessary. With global warming, soon their won’t be any ice except in your freezer at home.

A sad, beautiful song about Border Patrol work by Tom Russell and Dave Alvin, California Snow.

I’m just tryin’ to make a livin’ I’m an old man at thirty-nine With two kids and an ex-wife Who moved up to Riverside I’m workin’ down on the border Drivin’ back roads every night Mountains east of El Cajon North of the Tecate line. Where the California summer sun Will burn right through your soul But in the winter you can freeze to death In the California snow. I catch the ones I’m able to And watch the others slip away I know some by their faces And I even know some by name I guess they think that we’re all Movie stars and millionaires I guess that they still believe That dreams come true up here. But I guess the weather’s warmer down in Mexico And no one ever tells them ‘bout the California snow. Last winter I found a man and wife Just about daybreak Layin’ in a frozen ditch South of the interstate I wrapped ‘em both in blankets But she’d already died The next day we sent him back alone Across the borderline. I don’t know where they came from Or where they planned to go But we carried her all night long Through the California snow. Sometimes when I’m alone out here I get to thinkin’ about my life Maybe I should go to Riverside And try to fix things with my wife Or maybe just get in my truck And drive as far as I can go Away from all the ghosts that haunt The California snow. Where the California summer sun Can burn right to your soul And in the winter you can freeze to death In the California snow.


This is the concern I felt when reading the article too. And the vacancies would probably be filled by dangerous scum as well. Perhaps advising these employees on how to stay in the agency and still fight for decency, morals and ethics within the agency would be more effective?

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