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IfNotNow Leads 'Jewish Day of Resistance' Against Trump and Appointees


IfNotNow Leads 'Jewish Day of Resistance' Against Trump and Appointees

Sarah Aziza

This article was originally published by Waging Nonviolence on November 30.


Ironically, Trump once said that to solve the Israel/Palestine conflict, we should deal more even-handedly with the Palestinians.


Unless Trump makes it clear that anti-semitism has no place in his administration and anti-semitic actions will not be tolerated this type of demonstration of resistance is needed. Bannon may not be anti-semitic himself but he has claimed that Breitbart is a platform for the alt-right so his appointment by Trump to his administration should be rescinded.


The American Jewish left fighting against Trumps forming racist regime and its potential repression of many minorities/demographics, are very welcome - and prescient - the Israeli Zionist right meanwhile will continue to exhibit their brand of racism and repression against Palestinians, and illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories. It remains to be seen whether Trump's extremist racism and Israeli extremist racism will come to support each other, and conflict with the Jewish left will grow. For far too long Jewish left has been marginalized and co-opted politically, caught between religion and morality........Interesting..............


Yes, there is anti-semitism. This stuff goes back long before there was ever a group of people called the Palestinians or a modern country called Israel. It probably dates all the way back to the time that Judaism and Christianity became separate religions. The alt-right includes people who are antisemitic as well as people who are racists. It is critical now that Trump has helped bring some of these vile elements into the mainstream that people form resistance movements to combat any attempts to make anti-semitism acceptable.


You mean before the Philistines (Palestine in Arabic) mentioned in the Bible? Seems like that's a lot older name going back to those BCE days of yore not merely some CE late-comers.


What's this cutesy name of alt right- it's fascism and white nationalism.


Thank you, but he won't because they are his base.


Thank you from the Jewish left-