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Ignorance and Arrogance – the Defining Characteristics of the Betsy DeVos Hearing


Ignorance and Arrogance – the Defining Characteristics of the Betsy DeVos Hearing

Steven Singer

Betsy DeVos wouldn’t commit to protecting students with special needs.

She wouldn’t commit to keeping guns out of school campuses.

She wouldn’t commit to holding charter and voucher schools to the same standards as traditional public schools.

She didn’t know the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was a federal law.


The uber-rich never have imperfect offspring...they simply send them off to private institutions to spend the rest of their lives or set them up in cottages in the hinterland...anywhere as long as they are never seen or heard from again. Rosemary Kennedy and the two Kennedy-related maiden aunts come to mind....
DeVos is dangerously and demonically clueless.


And she wouldn't commit to not defunding public schools. She also hates public school teachers. Looks like a stepford wife.


Clueless or just another priviledged billionaire who can get what she wants with money.



I have read this before. Thanks for the link and the reminder!


There are few commonalities among Americans but wanting a good education for our kids is one of them. The charter, private school use of public funds is an absolute theft, wealthy welfare preaching god, guns and manifest destiny. Our teachers union is one of the strongest in America and they can literally shut our educational system down, pull the plug. Devos' answer about guns needed in Big Wyo schools to protect against Grizzlies is beyond conception. Also, some Wyoming Republican redneck working for coal companies facing their impending demise has introduced State legislation to band all renewable resources in Wyoming. These are not sane people. These are illiterate mutants bobbing in and out of a bourbon coma intentionally placed to destroy our way of life. Neuter them. Fight back! Grizzlies attacking school children. Stupid is as stupid does, said Forrest!


What upset me the most was the constant showing of her teeth; she smiled so much it went to the point of grimacing. I've noticed a lot of people who go before the public plaster a huge smile on their faces every minute the camera is on them. It's unreal and only confirms that there's nothing going on inside behind the false front of bravery and keeping up appearances.