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Ignorance Is Bliss

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/27/ignorance-bliss

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Facts, for the trump, are at most minor inconveniences that can always be overcome by rhetoric.

Not only for Trump, but for our entire political class and media. They can get away with any falsehood they utter. There are no consequences. Look at lies from both our politicians and media relating to our destruction of Iraq and Libya. How many killed? War crimes at the highest level.


Truth and justice mean nothing anymore in this country. Sad.


Seeing the current president described as introspective here in this piece had me seeking out an official definition. There seems to be two, one being a self examination of one’s mental state and thoughts and feelings and the other which I tend to subscribe to, is in a more spiritual context…the examination of one’s soul.

The only thing I see this orange man able to do is to register his wants and grab out as hard as he can to satisfy them. Crushing and ruining anything in his way. Introspection, not so much.


Here an example of how the US Media “filters” the news. Even as they might condemn Trump for some actions (See CNN) when it comes to the actions of the US MIC they remain silent whether a Republican or Democrat in charge.

The media is an extension of the Corporate State nothing more.

Lee Camp detailing 6 major things the US Media did not tell about the Solemnani assassination.



The media is an extension of the Corporate State nothing more.

Totally agree. I just wish people would recognize that fact and stop hoping that they will change their ways. They never will. Better to direct efforts at alternatives. Thank God we have the Internet but we all know that alternative views and dissent are being routinely silenced on many sites.


Yes. Trump is horrible. We all know that. If that is all you have to say, you are a waste of time.

What we need are solutions. And not-Trump is not a solution. There are no reasons given to vote for Biden, because there are none.


Good commentary, Christopher, although a small correction in the text is Iowa’s Governor, Kim Reynolds, and she is a trump acolyte, and repeats his lies at all time.

The lines

‘But facts are chiels that winna ding,
An canna be disputed’

appear in Robert Burns’ poem A Dream from 1786.

The English translation is:
‘But facts are fellows that will not be overturned,
And cannot be disputed’.