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Ignore the Moron: We Are All Going To Die

Ignore the Moron: We Are All Going To Die

In a vital antidote to the "staggering moron" who just urged global waming (sic) "to come back fast," Extinction Rebellion held their first American event, a march and hour-glass-shaped die-in at Rockefeller Center skating rink dubbed "Rebellion Day 1." The kick-off toward an international week of action in April, the protest was a reminder that time is running out on climate change, said one organizer: “We are all going to die, and we need to shout it from the rooftops.”

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will do nothing of substance on climate change during the next 2 years https://www.gq.com/story/democrats-climate-change-committee?verso=true Congress will concentrate on obtaining Donald Trump’s tax returns.

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Spay and neuter your heterosexuals.

It’s so sad when they end up on the street with no food and shelter.


We are all going to die within the next 18 to 36 months. I am devoting the majority of my front page to this fact of life/death. I try to post things as the become available but I miss things from time to time. Please feel free to contact me if you find something before I do. Thanks for your help, Gilbert.

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That “Titanic” graphic is just about perfect.


A long time ago an advertising executive told me that TV ads were tailored to a 12-year-old intelligence because research indicated that is what sold the most product. These days I suspect that 12 is a huge over-estimate. The problem in dealing with those whose stupidity or ignorance can allow them to declare that “global warming” is a hoax because it is cold outside (remember James Inhofe and his snowball schtick?) is essentially one of branding. “Global warming” as a “brand” eliminates the possibility of cold weather to brains that are too shrunken to grasp anything more than the most simple concept. Calling global climate change “global warming”, even though the planet is warming more and more at an alarming rate, is both entirely accurate but inconceivable to minds who cannot grasp the concept that it can be cold outside even as the planet is suffering a fatal fever. We must address not only the phenomenon of warming, but the audience we are trying to convince to ignore the simpleton deniers who “think” (way too strong a word) that a snowball is sufficient to eradicate all scientific evidence of a continuous rise in global temperatures.

But that audience is as gullible and ignorant as those propagating the lies about global warming. They choose to believe the snowball because it is cold, and how could it possibly be cold if the planet is warming? Therefore, let’s stop calling global warming “global warming”. It is way too complicated for simple minds who believe that a snowball and global warming cannot possibly coexist. “Global Climate Change” is preferable as a brand. With such a characterization, we can patiently explain that such climate change means extreme weather events will occur, both cold and hot. As distasteful as it seems, the only way to convince simpletons is to sell climate change like we would sell toothpaste – present it so that a 6-year old could grasp it. We must rob the snowball of its power to hold simple minds in thrall. Once the ignorant have been enlightened, the political tide will rise against those like Inhofe and Trump who try to sell reality as a hoax all because it is too cold outside to wear shorts.

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I take your point, but would suggest that “climate disruption” might be more effective, as it implies cause and effect, rather than “change,” which sounds like something natural.


You’re right. Anything to allow those who are incapable of understanding science (or even a complex sentence) to understand that our planet is in trouble. I think that it is a fact of democracy that if you want to see political movement, you must be able to sway the beliefs of simpletons en masse.

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ouch, ouch I say (gotta keep up the word count apparently)

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“Everything is really quite dead at that point,”

Hi Ditton, but look at the picture… it’s an ice rink and the statue is Prometheus—who gave humans the gift of FIRE. Fire and Ice, climate change, Prometheus, and We the People… I thought was a very inspirational picture, : ) Those in corporate and polluting America who imagined themselves as gods, should be terrified. : )

Thank you for this beautiful and honest page, Gilbert.

You are most welcome, if you see something I miss, let me know. Thanks

I think they are slowly waking up to being terrified, they are trying to build bunkers in New Zealand, Ha, good luck with that.

HI Ditton, but New Zealand----isn’t that where they filmed the Hobbit? This should be interesting then, ----unless it gets much hotter: ) Well hobbits live in the ground. They’ll be fine : )

I sent that graphic (or whatever it’s called) to lots of people. It’s perfect…

Except for all the earthquake activity, sure, they’ll be fine.

HI Ditton, but in their universe the Hobbits ARE the chosen ones. : )

According to Gandalf you are correct.

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