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Ignore the Propaganda: A US War Against Iran Would Be a Costly Mistake

Ignore the Propaganda: A US War Against Iran Would Be a Costly Mistake

Richard Silverstein

Last Sunday, four oil tankers at the UAE port of Fujairah were allegedly set ablaze in what authorities are calling an act of sabotage. Two of the vessels were Saudi, one of which was en route to the US.


If you have a red, white and blue erection that lasts until the next election, you should see a doctor–preferably a psychiatrist.


This whole scenario stinks to high heaven of an israeli/saudi/usa false flag operation! Lies, lies, and more lies, by greedy, power hungry, and blood thirsty demons in “human” disguises! Red Queen time anyone?!!


To put hope in the Democratic Party’s leadership (Dirty Joe, currently), and
expecting from them a rational, conciliatory “scalpel not chainsaw” (was this a pun for
Saudi Arabia’s saw mutilation of a Washington Post reporter?), still wrongly places
Iran as having some responsibility in this all American war for regime change.
Iran signed the Nuclear Deal; it’s the American military corporate state and its
mainstream media, dutifully propagandizing, that want war, not Iran.


If we’re relying on the Democrats to be the bulwark against the war machine, the game’s already lost.


Attacking Iran would not be a mistake; it would be a major unforgivable crime, the likes of which bought the death penalty at Nuremberg. The fact that it backfires does not reduce a horrible crime to a mistake, although criminals so often plead.

What has happened to us that we have become inured to the crime of aggressive warfare?

The sad part is it would not be in pursuit of our direct interests, but in the interests of so-called allies that would push us into war for their less than noble benefit.


To all my fellow Americans I say: Don’t get fooled again. Please do not fall for this bu**sh*t again and again and again.

Iran is not our enemy, unless we choose to make it one.

Venezuela is not our enemy, unless we choose to make it one.


NY Times sez:
"American officials suspect that Iran was involved.“

Sometimes translated as, “American hammers suspect that Iran is a nail.”


Keep high flying nighthawk, it’s always good to recall a little
comic strip wisdom: “We have met the enemy And he is us”


Both countries are enemies of the U.S. Petro-Dollar just like Iraq and Libya were before they were attacked. That is why they have been chosen as Amerikan, enemies.


Iran & other enemies of the US, Israel & Saudi Arabia should have WMD’s to keep all their enemies out of their territories.

Does the name “Iraqi Freedom” ring a bell? Do you remember “Mission Accomplished” when there were years more to go before a withdrawal without a victory?

Is the guy with all his brains in his moustache demented enough to think that this time it will be different?

Are 120,000 troops sent to Middle East just for show or preparation for another stupid invasion of a sovereign nation that will cost thousands of American and Irani lives; trillions of American and Iraqi dollars; and the devastation of yet another country?

Can’t our Dodo-in-Chief find another way to make headlines? I suggest being caught cheating at golf.

Israel has already started the war against Iran with its bombing of Iranian troops in Syria. Soon, the Israeli-Occupied Government will join in.

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Just like Syria… Libya… Iraq… Afghanistan… We are not idiots anymore with no information. This whole thing STINKS of ZIONISM control of the world. And this article is STUPID to think Dems are going to help with anything. They are just the other side of the coin. If the Rep’s don’t take us to war again the Dem’s will - make no mistake. Every politician is a lying piece of poop puppet that is only taking orders from his master for his kickbacks of money, sex with children, drugs, power etc etc. These people are all evil. Doesn’t matter what we do, short of taking up arms to all of them and rid the planet of this filth. Even that though… Read your bibles. Get to know God before it’s to late.