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Ignoring Calls by Human Rights Experts, Medical Community, Israel OKs 'Legislative Foundation for Torture'


Ignoring Calls by Human Rights Experts, Medical Community, Israel OKs 'Legislative Foundation for Torture'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Israeli parliament on Thursday passed a law allowing for the force-feeding of prisoners. It has been criticized as providing "a legislative foundation for torture."

Medical organizations, including the Israeli Medical Association, have denounced force feedings as violating human rights and medical ethics.


Israel’s long systematic violation of rights, building on land not theirs, is very reminiscent of the takeover of Native life in this country. If someone wishes to stop their torture by starving themselves, they have that right. No one wants to remain suffering and imprisoned by such power-mongers and world thieves who were victims themselves and should, therefore, know better.
The force feeding is hardly humane. And I can only imagine what accompanies the so-called task of saving a life.


Yes, it is torture.

I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream


Certainly, when done by a criminal state.


So you’re advocating death for all the IDF baby murderers assaulting the civilians of Gaza. Good.


So instead of the death penalty for IDF baby murders, you make heroes out of them. We in the US are well aware of that and how our perverted, uncivilized government keep sending you clowns more and more money to beat up on the Palestinians.


Actually, Israel is the historic and modern homeland of the Jews.Yes, in every sense, that land – essentially a useless chunk of desert before 1948 – belongs to the Israelis. Israel is a tiny country, the sole Jewish nation, surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab nations, all of which are heavily militarized by China, Russia AND the US. The Arab states demand 100% ownership of the Mideast, rather than settling for, what, 90%? 95%? Those greedy, oppressive Jews! America’s sole (but vital) use for Israel is as a landing base for US troops fighting our periodic oil wars. Before Americans wag their fingers at Israel or any other nation, let’s sit down and have a talk about American Indians.

Why would you criticize Israel for doing the very things that America does? The US, as a matter of policy, routinely violates fundamental human rights. Force feeding, for example, is done in US prisons/psychiatric hospitals. How do we even define human rights? The UN’s UDHR states that food and shelter are fundamental human rights – even for the jobless poor. America decided otherwise. We are one of the very few nations that do “take indefinite custody” of children of the poor if they lose their jobs. This is regarded internationally as a human rights violation. Of course we subject prisoners to torture on occasion. Much of the world considers the imprisonment of children to be an appalling human rights violation, while we consider it routine.


And Moses was a historic baby-killer.


Of course Germanos and all of the commentators here who are so outraged would consider it quite all right if Israel let them starve to death, right? No, they would condemn Israel–heads or tails, Israel loses.


That sounds like typical Zionist slander to cover up their generations long assault on the Palestinians, their neighbors, and their babies.

Why are the soldiers of the IDF murdering Gazan civilians by the thousands called heroes by the Zionist disinformation machine?


Actually, Palestine is the historic and modern home of the Palestinians and their ancestors from long before any Jews arrived. The rights of the Palestinians in Palestine are much more secure by blood and by habitation than the European Zionist thugs who arrived armed and with open plans of stealing the country from its indigenous people.

Sorry, you can’t dismiss the right of human beings to be secure with self determination in their homeland, because they are called Arabs.

You can’t use wrong done elsewhere to justify the vast, vile flood of atrocities perpetrated the alien European Zionist colonialists, except as an illegitimate to deflect from the Zionist monumental guilt.

The claim that Palestine was a useless chunk of desert before 1948 is simply a silly Zionist lie with nothing to back it up. In 1948 the savage Zionist invaders drove over 700,000 people from their homes by murder and terror and bulldozed to obliteration over 600 Arab villages and towns, hardly what would be filling a useless chunk of desert.


Typical hasbara mendacity. Too bad for you that people can check the history out so easily on the Internet.


Are you claiming that the IDF hasn’t murdered Gazan civilians by the thousands without being applauded by Zionist tools?


Actually, Israel is starving them slowly, allowing only 1000 calories a day.

There is a way that Israel, the state ripped from the entrails of the Palestinians, can win. They can grow a conscience and conduct themselves with remorse.


This is pure bullshit–a lie.


For those who aren’t in denial, and are truly concerned about the atrocities in Palestine, film maker Tom Hayes has made “Two Blue Lines.” Jewish Voice for Peace highly recommends it. Hayes is trying to get it on Amazon and other venues, so write it down and keep checking. He has made trips to the region over a number of years and interviewed both sides firsthand. Some of his crew was jailed, and one was shot. The debut of his first film years ago got his house stoned in Columbus, Ohio.

You may think that you’re up on the news of the controversy, but seeing it on film will change your life. Hayes says that there’s actually a more dynamic conversation in Israel than in the US about this and massive US tax dollars go there daily, not to mention our latest weapons tech.

Sure, Israel gets bombed now and then — tragic for all concerned — but compare the statistics. Palestinians are killed in far greater numbers, including innocents. And what do you expect when a country is created artificially at the expense of the existing landowners? This has been unconscionable from the beginning. The day-to-day provocations of Israelis against Palestinians has certainly caused a backlash. As one of the film-watchers in my group said: if this had happened in the US, we’d be bombing too!

Personally, I find it reprehensible that Israel has provoked and prodded an originally more passive Palestine into a backlash, and then used it as an excuse to fight necessary “terrorism.” Checkpoint guards will trap Palestinians in turnstiles and ignore them, pretending they don’t see. Nightly bombings start around the time the children go to bed. Enormous machines demolish entire neighborhoods in swaths.

One final image: Hayes has seen a Palestinian child literally go into convulsions, because it went to school in the morning, and returned later that day to find its house demolished and in ruins. These kids are traumatized and we don’t expect them to grow up wanting to fight back?


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Actually, the alien European Zionist Ashkenazi started the battle for Palestine by a long continued invasion of armed Zionist thugs with open intent of conquest and ethnically cleansing the indigenous people of Palestine.