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Ignoring Climate Threat and Economic Realities, Trump Brags About Building Fleet of LNG Terminals in EU—And Europe 'Will Pay For' Them

Ignoring Climate Threat and Economic Realities, Trump Brags About Building Fleet of LNG Terminals in EU—And Europe 'Will Pay For' Them

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Responding to questions from reporters during a joint press conference with Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the White House on Monday, President Donald Trump echoed his "And-Mexico's-Gonna-Pay-for-It" routine by announcing plans to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals across the continent for the expressed purpose of importing fracked gas from the United States.

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Dear Mr. Trump and Mr. Perry, perhaps you didn’t get the latest memo rejecting the breastfeeding from Mother Earth. The public finds sucking on her teats objectionable.

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Now the USA is really a third world country, shipping our resources out, at our environmental peril, to other countries


HI Wise OWL LOL thats a good one! : )

If the Europeans are replacing coal with natural gas then their emissions of CO2 are going to decline. On the other hand, they could be using the natural gas for more energy and the emissions would add to their present emissions. Unlike oil which is on a global market, natural gas prices are local so if the price of natural gas is higher in Europe than in the US that is going to create an incentive to ship the gas to Europe. The reason there is so much natural gas production in the US is that the US is the only country in the world in which the owner of the land owns the resources under it. In all other countries the government owns the underground resources. So in the US most landowners with shale oil under their land are eager for fracking to be carried out on their land because they can make a ton of money from the lease to the gas company and sharing in the profits from the gas. A struggling farmer can quickly become a millionaire.


Why in the World would the EU import fracked gas by way of shipping from the US when Russia’s huge supply of energy products will be available by pipeline directly into the EU. It will be much less expensive, easier and safer to handle than shipping and is located in proximity to the EU. I’m afraid Trump is whistling Dixie!

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Except that apologists and bone heads like you fail to realize that the amount of risidual CO2 from the fracking process, from drilling to conversion, to transport, creates far more CO2 than will be saved by burning the gas in the first place.
And massive amounts of secondary methane leakage.


But…but…I thought that fracking was supposed to make US energy self sufficient?
Are you telling me it was all just a scam by petroleum companies to make even more money without having to follow all those old pesky government regulations?
Say it ain’t so…


Energy Secure and Energy Independent. Despite all of the environmental disruption that it causes. Contaminated aquifers, failed casings down the road, seismic tremors because of deep well injecting of the fracking slurry.

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“Trump makes up his own science,” she added, “and our country and the world suffers.”

By forcing LNG on EU, he is also interfering with the free market. More hypocritical Republican baloney.

A few will make profits at the expense of all esle. fracking fluids contain known carcinogens and are polluting our aquifers and air. Frackers illegally use millions of gallons of toxic diesel fuel in fracking “cocktails”. Farmlands are poisoned, domestic livestock poisoned, humans and animals exposed to deadly chemicals…all that the ginger pig ignores, if he ever even heard of those facts - he caters to exploitation over sustainability and a healthy, livable Earth. A quick buck for a few, lifetimes of misery for millions…or death.

Benzene, toluene, xylene, and ethylbenzene and diesel fuel with its chemicals including illegally disposed-of dioxin, all are polluting our water and air, especially near drilling platforms and pipeline pumping stations, many in residential neighborhoods! All those fracking chemicals are threats to all mammalian and other life and killing our own people. Why the explosion of cancers in Americans? How many people do you know?

If this evil malignant scum POS isn’t removed from power we will see even more of his astonishing ignorance and arrogance, destruction of our healthy environment (what’s left of it), and more abuse and usury of the American people to satisfy his depraved greed-driven mindset and catering to others with the same lack of any human decency, moral compass, wisdom, and concern for the Common Good and Planet Earth!

If anyone believes the fracking companies are complying with even the lax laws that went before, think again! “between 2010 and July 2014 at least 351 wells were fracked by 33 different companies using diesel fuels without a permit” - over 32 million gallons.

Now trump’s EPA Rolls-back safe water and air quality standards & laws, investigations are ended, reports vanished, evidence of the dangers vanished under the trump regime…then frack the juice here to pollute our nation, endanger, impoverish, and kill our people/children via cancers and other diseases and conditions, and then ship it overseas to pollute their lands…sounds like a typical trump plan…what could go wrong?

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Andrea, while your excellent article on this particular (and singular offensive/dangerous ‘issue’) of Emperor Trump’s bullying of the EU to pay for the LNG tankers to keep them from freezing, is well reported, analysed, and very concerning in itself, the actions of Emperor Trump in bullying Mexico into “paying for the wall”, and the EU “paying for defense/NATO” are merely some of the examples of Emperor Trump’s bullying abroad.

As my comment submitted to the NY “Times” article on Emperor Trump’s domestic bullying (and looting) of all ‘we average Americans’ at home being deceived, bullied, and illegally ‘looted’ by Emperor Trump’s regime with their planning of yet ANOTHER massive ‘tax-cut on capital gains’ for the UHNWIs (and their corporations) in Treasury Secretary of Looting, Steven ‘me first’ Mnuchin’s plan to use ‘regulatory capture/control’ (instead of Emperor Trump’s captured Congress) to carry-out the looting this time:

"My biggest surprise is that ‘we the American people’ have yet to recognize that Emperor Trump and his massively and illegally looting regime are increasingly (and deceitfully) turning our formerly promising, and sometimes progressing, democracy into acting exactly like an Empire with respect to both shamefully extracting all the wealth it can from average Americans domestically, and bullying functional democracies abroad into increased funding militarist (and dangerously aggressive) behavior abroad against any countries that may even attempt to avoid being bullied by Emperor Trump into his dreams of global empire.

Ironically, such tendencies by a leader (‘Fuhrer’ in German) were criticized by the late great Jewish intellectual, Hannah Arendt, warning to her own people:

"Empire abroad entails tyranny at home”

One might easily and justifiably argue that ‘looting’ and other predations at home are symptoms and warning of gathering “tyranny”.

The “Times” may or may not run my comment this time — but over the last 6 months they have overwhelming done so — which is IMHO an encouraging surprise and has caused me to write of this ‘opinion leading’ paper that, as Dylan sang, — “the “Times” they are a changin”. I’ll keep you up-dated if this article allows further editing.

BTW, Andrea (and Craig) a story that may not be effectively covered, was yesterday’s interview of Noam Chomsky by Amy Goodman on her show “Democracy Now” in which Amy was clearly surprised, and seemingly annoyed (to the point of ‘talking-over’ Noam) when the great analyst kept dismissing Emperor Trump’s insults to the EU and display of ‘kissing-up’ to Putin as being only minor and superficial distractions from the seminal meta-causal factor of Trump acting like a virtual global emperor with respect to both domestic looting, tyranny, and oppression of the deceived American public, and his focused attempts to bully in a war-like manner any and all countries that did not fall into line with his singular global attempts to lord-over the rest of the world.

Noam, of course, is absolutely correct — although Chomsky’s analysis is radically different than the view of most of the even the furthest left progressive-lite, pseudo-academic, alt-media reading crowd.

CD may want to take a stand on what Noam said and how the principled, progressive, serious (even Revolutionary) left reacts, or hopefully re-adjusts to Noam’s far more accurate view of the world.

What it must be like to be King…

While I’m tempted to use that famous newspaper story-line, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” — I will only say, "Yes, these are the “Times” in which “the times they are a changin’” — since our “Times” had the courage and vision to allow this ‘news that’s fit to print’ from my submission:

Well EU, I sincerely hope that all your respective govts double down on renewables.

From the article:

"The need for new LNG terminals in Europe, said one analyst, “is like most of Trump’s trade policy—illusory.”

Yet another cockamamie Trump pipe dream. It’s amazing what lurks inside that disordered brain.