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Ignoring Explosive Russia Revelations, Trump Targets Whistleblower Instead


Ignoring Explosive Russia Revelations, Trump Targets Whistleblower Instead

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the wake of a leaked NSA document detailing the agency's assessment of Russian hacking efforts in last year's election and news of the contractor who divulged the classified report being arrested, critics are voicing concern that President Donald Trump is now showing more interest in prosecuting a potential whisteblower than in the pursuit of those behind


Since the CIA has developed a computer program ("Marble") that can disguise the origins of a hack by leaving false cyber "footprints," how do we know that a hacking attempt was done by Russia? Surely the computer wizards in other countries can disguise their tracks, too.

The hackers could be from Russia. Or they could be from the CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, N. Korea, Qatar, etc.

There are many interesting and instructive comments following the article that was published on The Intercept. https://theintercept.com/2017/06/05/top-secret-nsa-report-details-russian-hacking-effort-days-before-2016-election/


Those who leak sensitive information provide a valuable service to the American people at great risk to themselves.

When will the Main Stream Media stand up for these 'Heroes' and keep the focus, the Bullseye on those in power who would lie, cheat, and deceive the American people by their attempts to cover-up the Truth which we are all entitled to?


Trump's going down - cranky and petulant to the last! A beleaguered Trump appears eager to lash out and displays a spiteful nature characterized by psychological instability.

But damn ... doesn't it seem like he has way too much time on his hands (small as they are? Who ever cared if they were small? The man is vain to excess) because he spends so much time tweeting? You get the sense that the WH figurehead is bored and spending a lot of time on his hobbies like combing his hair and pouting for effect and of course tweeting out of control! Some president huh?

By now Trump has realized that he is doing a lousy job and that most of America wants to fire him and he is feeling vindictive! As he has said >>> "Trump knows about firing!"


Yeah, yeah -- tell that to Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Ed Snowden -- right now it just seems like the fat, orange buffoon is following in his predecessors' footsteps!


This whole story sounds eerily like Season 5 of "House of Cards!" This Netflix series portrays the presidency and most of the administration as nothing short of criminals. Kevin Spacey's little side comments give me goose flesh--because it could very well be the absolute truth--what he says about "us" the American people.


Seasons 1 through 4 of Netflix' House of Cards portrayed most of DC as "nothing short of criminals", an accurate depiction of DC at least since Saint Ron ascended the throne.

Unfortunately, the DC politicians make the laws and during the past three decades have decriminalized their criminal activities. Unless the AG or US Congress indicts Trump for his crimes he will never be prosecuted or punished for them.

Trump's serial bold face lies and take no prisoners approach is simply a longer single leap into fascism than any of his predecessors have demonstrated,


So Trump is carrying on with Obama's policy of attacking the "leakers" -- think Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden -- while ignoring the substance of the revealed information -- think war crimes, illegal NSA surveillance of US citizens. My heart goes out to Ms Winner, and I thank her for her act of courage.


Exactly. OB/Holder/Lynch prosecuted and persecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all other presidents combined. This Russia thing is so 1950s McCarthy. It's like listening to a bad retro music show on late night TV.


These caveats so blatantly absent from the reporting raise even more acutely the question of who benefits.
I am reminded that "globalization" requires 'de-nationalization' - deconstruction of the "identities" imposed by "culture" and with such dependency on "advertising" to make human societies into consumption gullets to benefit a profligate parasitic sector.
I think people are seriously catching onto the reality and dynamics of the toxicity of the fecal slime being slathered by the likes of transnational kleptocrats and the representatives they buy claiming to act in the name of the public.
Overturn Citizens United;
think globally act locally;
support local small scale producers - the whole nine yards - speaking of which: overturn ordinances that prohibit front yard food gardens and grow them beautiful and bountiful.
love creativity and community


I have to laugh!
I just got seasons 1 & 2 out of the library and have been thinking precisely same thing!
Check the credits for script writers


Sad how far Greenwald and The Intercept have fallen ... thnx for the link, the comments are better than the article -- thank the Goddess there are still a few smart people out there!


Glenn Greenwald had nothing to do with that article. It is unfortunate that the Intercept decided to publish it. But he's not the owner of the publication.

Greenwald is currently being targeted and his statements about leaks being taken out of context. He is one of the most honest and reputable journalists we have. So you should think twice about adding to the smears, unless of course, that's you're intent.


Of course, when the USA destabilizes, assassinates, or bombs other governments it's all just peachy, because we're the good guys.


In the 1950's the communist party was demonized as terrorists because it was said they had infiltrated the US government at the highest levels. Well that has happened, not by communists, but by Republicans! Maybe the Russians did help to elect Trump!


Exactly my thoughts. We have no way at all of knowing who is responsible. Seems like the NSA would have come up with some concrete evidence long ago if they had anything other than this feeble attempt at blame.
What we should be talking about now, since it's been demonstrated that our machines can be hacked (as many people have been claiming happened in previous elections, and not by the Russians), is a return to paper hand-counted ballots. End of machine hacking issues.


If you stop thinking in terms of Democrat/Republican, left/right, and instead think of wealthy/not wealthy, what our government is and does makes a lot more sense.


Excellent point!


By reframing political perspective to its lowest common denominator (1% verses 99%) Occupy Wall Street (OWS) enabled more progress against fascism than anybody or any organization within the memory of any of us. That is why Obama and Holder's highest priority during the winter of 2011-12 was to make everything OWS did illegal in order to hamper its re-emergence during Spring 2012.

I view OWS as the ultimate whistleblower seeing how they blew the whistle on the system, not just one person or event.


So, if I understand you right, you are defending tampering with a nation's elections by external (or internal for that matter) state agents because the US does other sorts of hostile foreign interventions.

You are committing a rhetorical fallacy - a form of tu-quoque fallacy - called "whataboutism".