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Ignoring Increased Support for DACA, Dems Back Off Pledge to Pass Year-End Fix


Ignoring Increased Support for DACA, Dems Back Off Pledge to Pass Year-End Fix

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As protests continue across the country, Democrats in Congress set to renege on promises to pass immigrant protections alongside funding extension

DACA protest


And some wonder why we don’t trust either party?


Where I live, in Trumpland, there is no lack of vehement hatred of undocumented immigrants. One of the claims, often made is that they should have ‘followed the law’ and not tried to jump ahead in the line.

Here is one example of what it means to ‘follow the law’. An family from my area, was living in Mexico. A street gang in the area, the Zetas, found out that they had a relative in the US and started extorting them for money. When they couldn’t pay, the Zeta’s began killing family members by horrendously torturing them and leaving the brutalized corpses in public areas near the family’s home. The family, including their young children, barely escaped a murder attempt, fled to the US, and applied for asylum.

The judge hearing their case, rejected their petition for asylum on the grounds that they were not persecuted based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a social group. He then ordered the family’s immediate deportation back to Mexico.

So, US law has prohibits asylum to protect you and your young children from being tortured and murdered by a criminal gang.

Luis Gutierrez has been active in changing this, but he is leaving congress. No other Republican or Democrat is stepping forward to take a lead on this issue.


The Zetas were originally created by the U.S. as an “anti-communist” paramilitary within the Mexican government and military to fight the “Drug War.” They eventually discovered that their CIA training became effective in taking over many aspects of the drug trade in certain regions of Mexico while they continue to hire out as death squads for various corporate and governmental institutions. Nothing to fear from them, uh-uh.


Ironic, since the US is the biggest, baddest criminal gang on Planet Earth.


If doing something is utter futility, why do it? I keep wondering what people expect the Democrats to do - come into the chambers with Kalashnikovs and point them across the aisle as the roll-call vote is held?

And why is everyone sitting on their ass waiting for some kind of fairy-tale salvation from the Democrats, through ballot-boxes, anyway? Voting is a just one tactic as part of a large strategy of organizing, organizing, organizing.


We are living in a false dichotomy and the populace seems incapable of breaking out of its hold. Why do people even turn to the Dems? When you are given only the choice of Tweedledum and Tweedledee by Tweedledough then you have to stop accepting that choice. I mean,we’re in a hole - stop digging!


There was not much meat to this article, to say the least. Here’s the reality: The real reason a government shut down will occur is because the Republicans cannot stay united enough to pass a CR on their own. If they can pass one on their own, Pelosi has no leverage anyway. The only way she has leverage for DACA is via the majority party’s failure.

This is legislation 101 here. Wish the article would have began with it.


…And then they (the demoRATS) wonder why people are leaving them in droves…
I sure have…if I bother to vote anymore is up for grabs…
and where oh where are their great leaders, namely Hillary (Cry for me) Clinton,
and the Great Obomber???..nowhere to be found or heard, as far as I can see/hear.


How many people are in an actual drove? I know about how many Sequoia trees are in a grove, how many burners are on my cabin’s stove and how many very large ships fit in a very small cove.
Are these #s up for grabs, like your vote, or are you impressed by Trump and Roy Moore, perhaps?
Curious minds are just droven to find out.


These people just don’t learn! When their presidential candidate lost a can’t lose election and progressives pushed a win in three states that are largely right wing, they still think that the way to win is by triangulation. What will it take???


Amazing…yet another excellent wry comment that put across your point with humor (which may be lost on the targeted commenter). Thank you.



“They cannot just tell us they are going to do something and then just drop out.”


Look , the only people they care about are illegal immigrants- no voice for the working people in the US. The ilegals are just that ILLEGAL


These “dreamers” or complainers can go back home. Should not even be part of our conversation.


Complete overthrowing of the corporate dems.


I am not a fan of DACA because it is part of a political football–immigration-used by democrats and republicans. But it is another example of how politically inept the democrats are. This issue plays right into Trumps’s hands.

The democrats can’t even take a hard stand on extending healthcare for children----is this worth shutting down the government???


Here’s a headline for November of next year:

Dems, Perilously Close to Winning all 3 Houses, Found a Way to Avoid it Early With One (Non) Vote.