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Ignoring Lessons of #Metoo, Media Scrutinize Biden’s Accusers


Ignoring Lessons of #Metoo, Media Scrutinize Biden’s Accusers

Naomi LaChance

As women come forward to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriate touching, some media have responded by scrutinizing their political motives.



Biden’s campaign will self-destruct and I welcome the train wreck.

Let’s face it, on far too many issues, he’s repub-lite.



What’s so shocking is that there is so much MORE about Biden that
needs to be looked into and it’s there right before our eyes –
Go to YouTube, Look up Biden in C-span, Swearing in Ceremonies
and you will find at least a half dozen and more videos from those
Ceremonies which will bring tears to your eyes for the young girls who
are being “fondled” (actually “felt up”) by Biden.
Look especially for the two Asian sisters; one being molested by Biden
and the other knowing what is going on. Look for the young girl in the
dress with black top and red skirt whose chest is being felt up by Biden,
looking for her nipples. And the many other young girls being made
uncomfortable due to “fondling” by Biden.

Again, these are videos being filmed by C-span and aired live at the time.



Lite? My god, he’s a millimeter away from being George W Bush.



Democrats/Libs/Centrists have doubled-down on supporting Biden. just like they doubled-down on Russiagate. ‘Both’ sides of the ‘respectable’ mainstream US political system have completely moved into fantasy-land, with liberals weaponized by the Obama years and the Hillary campaign to push for more war and punching left like nobody’s business.

There is no way working within the system will do any good, it’s like a big computer programmed to be insane no matter what data you input.



Joe Biden continues to be protected by apologists like Whoopi Gee ( R U kidding me ) and David ( too much information ) Capehart and the likes of Mika ( bust on a pivot ) Bee. Whose hubby’s music ( broadest sense of the word ) and downloading gets free advertising on Morning Blowoff. Those three all could use a lot more cowbell, really. And, for a variety of reasons, would prefer Ol’ Joe’s Bromides & Elixir, evidently.
Maybe, it’s just his hands-on approach, eh?
Biden is the Old White Hope for the anybody but Bernie crowd inbeded (sp) like bugs in NYC’s MSM sheets. They talk like Ol’Joe taught them his favorite reach around move, or a variation, at least.
Joe Biden has a 40+ year history of never being ready with a good answer when prime time calls.
Nothing is going to change about that. Ugh! Ugh!
Feel like washing my hands, after that. How about you, Joe?



For the corpress, nothing short of rape on streaming video qualifies as unalloyed depravity

Even “pussy grabbing”, judging by Killer Clown’s pass.

And, of course, none of Biden’s defenders’ political motives are questioned, are they just?



And that is the reason he needs to be defeated. The touchy feely thing is a sideshow designed to distract peope’s attention from the real issue, his support of the financial sector to the detriment of american workers.



Clinton/Biden. Pete and Re-Pete. The DINO Party prepares for round two 2016. Another 4 for 45.



This is an aspect of the story I hadn’t heard of before. I can’t stand Biden and think this touching stuff went on way too long and he should just hang it up and go write some books that hopefully no one will buy. But if he retaliated against someone? That should be cause for anybody who doesn’t think his creepy behavior matters (and there seem to be plenty here in that camp) to take another look. Does anyone know if there is any more information on this aspect of the story? Any corroboration?

The sooner Joe goes away, the sooner we can get more interesting polling data. I really hope he doesn’t announce let alone win the nomination (and then lose in the general as I predict he will - he’ll win my state of CA in the general anyway so I don’t have to vote for the guy thankfully).

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Eh, I’d rather have him just lose like he has twice before. I may be wrong, but I feel like his popularity is a mile wide and an inch deep.



And yet we have a serial adulterous, kidnapping, child abusing, sexual predator as our leader.

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I’d like to put the probability that he wins the primary as pretty low too, but I wonder if this time is different then the previous two (now he’s a former VP). I don’t think there is anything useful he will bring to the debate, though I’ve read the idea that he’d have to defend his time under Obama and maybe other candidates are willing to go against (though I’ll believe that when I see it - it’s easier to criticize Bill Clinton than Obama not that Obama doesn’t deserve it). If he isn’t going to win, he is just going to suck up a lot of oxygen for a while (he’s already sucked too much). I sure hope it’s just name recognition for why he has a #1 spot in so many polls. I suppose he has to announce at least a month before the first debate in late June which means about 6 weeks? I’m surprised there are still people (Wilson who I know nothing about and another guy) announcing. At what point are you really late to the party? May 1?



Like I say, my suspicion is Uncle Joe isn’t that popular, but polls are polls and he’s leading now. You know my take—I’m voting for whoever comes out of the primary anyway. Another four years of Trump stacking the courts and all the conversations of Medicare-for-All will just be fantasies. Hell, Trump is turning DHS into his own private security operation as we speak while his AG is supposedly going to look into his political opponents. It makes the stuff we argue about here seem pretty damned small.

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As if Biden actually cares about others…he wrote the Patriot Act in 1994 forever changing our constitutional rights…he voted in 2003 to destroy Iraq…pushed the bombing of Serbia in 1999. As for respect for women. we know what he did to Anita Hill. He is chosen by the Oligarchy.



It doesn’t help that when Biden heard of these complaints, he did that "I was just. . " gaslighting thing. This is a standard issue response to women when they complain about what "I was just. . " doing. That puts the woman in her place as an overly critical, even hysterical bitch when the poor man was just. . .whatever, . Biden either doesn’t get that or doesn’t think he has to acknowledge it.



I agree - but I think the timing of that self-destruction is crucial.

If he self-destructs very early, then another establishment Democrat will move to the front to compete with Bernie and that person will become formidable.

If he starts the campaign as front runner and locks up a bunch of support and doesn’t self-destruct until around April then he will hurt the ability of the other establishment Democrats to get their foot in the door and the most progressive alternative - probably Bernie - will have a great shot at getting the nomination (i.e. at that point the progressive voters plus the anti-Biden voters in the primaries will be a clear majority).

If he hangs on and self-destructs after the primaries - then Trump will be the likely beneficiary and we will end up with seven conservatives on the Supreme Court and the ongoing litany of climate denialism and fascism we’re being told to view as the new normal.



The SOONER the Biden campaign SELF-destructs, the BETTER. it’s unfortunate that #MeToo is being used as the accelerant, when Biden’s RECORD should be enough to do the job: he’s SERVED Big Banks & Credit Cards for DECADES; he’s an ENTHUSIASTIC warrior in the “war on drugs” & is very PRO-mass incarceration; his position on reproductive rights is squishy; and he’s always PRO-WAR. Even his support for the Violence Against Women Act could be stronger if as a “law & order” guy, he’d made it MANDATORY that ALL rape kits be TESTED—instead tens of THOUSANDS of them collect dust on shelves & predators continue to add new victims. Once Joe “Moderate Savior” Biden is gone, I wonder WHO the DNC will try to shove down our throats—since they see TRUMP as their means to CRUSH progressives in the party. “You don’t want to re-elect Trump, do you?” they’ll say. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) has jumped in while I bet Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is their first choice. How can anyone criticize a Black woman from California as NOT being progressive? Or perhaps, we’ll get our “white Obama”, Beto O’Roark—who is all STYLE & barely moderate substance. For me, it’s still Bernie—or as a second choice, Elizabeth Warren. Hell, NO to Joe!



To be fair, this is the only point I’ll push back on (I can’t stand him either and I’m not sure I want to roll the dice the way @dpearl lays out, though it is an intriguing possibility). Biden isn’t ALWAYS pro-war, he’s just way too pro-war (anybody who voted to give Bush the power to invade Iraq ought to lose office and have their head examined). If you read the Zunes piece here recently (https://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/04/02/other-reason-biden-shouldnt-run), he lays out the times that Biden was better than the worst pro-war hawk:

Despite Biden’s role in making possible the 2003 invasion of Iraq, it is not necessarily a reflection of what his foreign policy would be like if he became President. Along with many hawkish positions, Biden has taken relatively moderate ones as well. For example, he opposed U.S. intervention in Central America in the 1980s, opposed the 1991 Gulf War and, as vice-president, supported negotiations with Iran, opposed the troop surge in Afghanistan and questioned U.S. intervention in Libya.



In my opinion, the problem for Bernie will be Beto-and-switch O’Rourke. Despite being pretty conservative, he seems to excite younger voters.

Biden will fizzle before the primaries heat up. The other centrists – Booker, Hickenlooper, Buttigieg, Castro, Gillibrand, et al – will eat into one another’s tallies. I’d expect that field to narrow considerably after IA and NH.

The DNC/establishment looks to be coalescing behind Harris. She raises big money and plays nice with the corporate and AIPAC crowd. But African American voters are luke warm on her ‘tough on crime’ record and coming around to Bernie. As an aside, if you hadn’t heard, AIPAC is currently running anti-Bernie social media ads. Someone is taking him seriously.

Also, wild cards Tulsi and Mike Gravel have the potential to make waves during a debate by speaking about crazy topics like peace. Gravel has stated explicitly that he’s in the game to steer the conversation leftward.

Anyhoo, just my two cents.

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