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Ignoring Local Tribes and Public 'Outcry, Trump Carves Up National Monuments for Mining and Drilling


Ignoring Local Tribes and Public 'Outcry, Trump Carves Up National Monuments for Mining and Drilling

Julia Conley, staff writer

The president announced in Utah that Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante will be reduced in size in the interest of corporate polluters, despite 2.8 million Americans' demands that he protect the land


He does not have that right!


The corporate-owned government does not give a major league FUCK about you OR the Earth! All they care about is lining their pockets with bribery money from the assholes who will take that beautiful land and DESTROY IT!!!

WAKE UP!!! Trump is an asshole and piece of snake shit BUT…IT AIN’T ALL HIM!!! Look behind the curtain and look a t all the GREED CAPITALISTS in Congress as well! If you don’t think the corporate-owned damnocrats have clean hands in this then STAT–go see a shrink!

Without a STRIKE and boycotts of GREED CAPITALIST “RAPISTS” of the land nothing will change.NOTHING!!!


Utah needs to get ol Orrin Hatch under control or throw him out.

He is another rubber stamp for Trump and Associates


Trump and his cronies giving the people the finger and saying “Just try and stop us.”


Okay, breathe…easy does it. We’ll get through this, together. At least their brazen behavior has made their agenda crystal clear to everyone now, except of course the loonies who blindly follow them, perhaps hoping they will catch some of the crumbs.


Skin Heads, and Corporations, and Loonies, oh my!


The whole USA is in essence an insult upon crime to the First Nations. What more evidence do we need that our protests are falling on deaf ears? Time to go back to our radical roots: boycotts, strikes and total non cooperation. This fight is for Life!


Let’s get going!


Of course Trump did this. But the biggest surprise is that it took him this long. And the biggest insult is saying he was giving the land back to the people of Utah. Yeah, the people named “Exxon-Mobil”, Kellogg-Brown-Root, BP, etc., etc. Those “native Utahans”, right? I know this statement is wrong, but to me, what he just did amounts to treason. He may have executive authority, but I don’t see how he can give away PUBLIC LANDS by slicing them up and reducing them in size, without the will of the people.
I know, I know; what “will of the people”? That’s already been expressed, and to absolutely NO GOOD. I better start thinking about spending time in jail, because if I don’t get out in the streets, along with hundreds of thousands of my fellow citizens, ain’t nothing gonna change.


Just another example of the fact that this admin will not allow any value placed before corporate profit, not humane, social, religious or environmental. Profit before all.


This is Trump trying to undo everything his hero Obama did during his 2 terms.
Sadly, strikes, boycotts, protesting is not going to work with this group. I believe they will need to fear for their lives before they wake up.


For a start, BDS all of these companies, and subsidiaries, that are raping the land, fouling the water and the air. Don’t buy a potato chip, a tissue or a lawn chair (etc.) from any of them.
*That will definitely get their attention. There is nothing that will discombobulate a billionaire like the thought that he might be missing a dime somewhere.
*Direct action may prove necessary, but We the People cannot let this go. The foul stench rising from DC is not only poisoning us and our children, but it is poisoning the world as well.
*We need to find an antidote for this shit and distribute it widely.
*Up the People! Off the Oilagarchy!


They are dastardly criminals at the level of the Gotham City cartoon crime bosses. Where is Batman when you need him?


These are the only Federal lands that are being pillaged by the Villans in the White House and Congress, ANWR is about to ripped open for oil drilling if it is included in the final tax bill:


They tell us these are “public lands” to be held in trust for future generations, Bears Ears and the Alaska Refuge are being attacked and potentially being destroyed by what I call environmental terrorism. What else would you call it?

Like some of my Native American friends say: We have been fighting terrorism for 500 years!


Liars, and Thievers, and Pedophiles, oh my!


No other white man has been more deserving of being scalped and burned at the stake.



Most of those in power are nothing but crumbsuckers anyway.


There’s a lot of rural white guys who have been convinced that liberals are out to take away their right to hunt. What they don’t realize is that its the republicans who are out to take away their right to hunt not by actually banning hunting and taking their guns away but by taking away land that they have been hunting on. What’s the use of legally being able to hunt when you have no where to hunt? This is why public lands needs to be protected. This is the message we need to deliver to those white guys who have been bamboozled into supporting republican agendas and get those white guys to support progressive politics. I don’t care if you are against hunting. Being hateful towards hunters only makes them run to the republicans when they need to be running towards progressives.