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Ignoring Public Opinion and Pentagon, Trump Denies Climate Change Is Threat to National Security


Ignoring Public Opinion and Pentagon, Trump Denies Climate Change Is Threat to National Security

Julia Conley, staff writer

"If we want to keep our country safe, Trump should take military advice from the military, not fossil fuel executives who are pushing to deny climate science and boost their profits at any cost."


So, the official announcement of the unending expansion of the militaristic, xenophobic, ultranationalist, imperial United Corporate States of America


At least Trump stays on message.

Would be future politicos might try that, from whatever party.

Trump is too smart to deny climate change personally - so he must have another agenda.

Your monicker DARKAGESAMERICA is an apt one.

Russia has the land that will be needed as climate change & ocean acidification inexorably advances.

China will not fare so well I think.

Therefore Russia and its land base is Trump’s mission - not a wall, not Make America Great Again - these are just so much smoke and mirrors.

Putin is a victim of his own success - like Temudgin, aka Genghis Khan, and when he dies, who is there to succeed him?

The Pentagon knows this, just as they know climate change and ocean acidification is an existential threat to the USA, which will be crushed by global warming.

Let’s connect the dots - they all add up - in a crude way of putting it - the USA has to get to Russia before Germany this time.


That fat old meathead thinks that if he says something is so, that makes it so. The delusion of the tunnel-visioned elite, parading around in their expensive suits and fancy cars, saluting each other and drinking cocktails with their delicate pinkies extended. Unfortunately for them, nature has a way of asserting herself regardless of their little fantasies. Salut! Trump. Your days are numbered as are all of ours.


“Trump is too smart to deny climate change personally - so he must have another agenda” Hoo boy. So far I have not seen anything other than a basic self-centered animal cunning in that man. This is someone who wants his security briefings converted into little bullet points, watches Fox avidly looking for talking points, and guzzles 12+ diet Cokes a day along with his McDonald’s fare. Where is smart in any of that?


Climate change is a Chinese hoax; climate change is a Chinese hoax; climate change is a Chinese hoax; climate change is a Chinese hoax.

" Make the lie big; make it simple; and keep on saying it and eventually they will believe it." Adolf Hitler.
At least that must be what Trump hopes for!


If the clucking Pentagon could figure out a way to weaponize climate change the psychopaths in charge, would of course do it.


Probably the best way to think of this is that Trump is campaigning for the 2020 election and is playing to his base. He always speaks only his base. He doesn’t really represent anyone else even though a president is supposed to represent the entire country. He has never tried to get votes outside of his base. He is representing angry right wing white people and the majority of them are climate deniers.


We know his agenda. It is to expand his own power and wealth. Being an opportunist he is using the populist white nationalist movement to do it. One he struck gold with the birther stuff a few years ago he was on his way. And he lucked out as the Republican leadership folded and finally supported him and his white nationalist supporters out there across the land.


Well at least his estate tax cuts won’t mean a thing for his children when they die off along with the rest of us due to the nonexistent climate change. The billions of abstract wealth can’t save their sorry a$$e$ then.


Yet another day for Don and his wrecking crew to further dismantle our country, foul our air, pollute our water, etc. And our politicians sit on their hands.


Churchill read four papers per day - you can bet it wasn’t intelligence he was after - it was the feeling in the public domain, the heart and soul of politics.

Trump got himself elected president of the United States, and has money to boot - there is without a doubt a cunning there - and a pronounced ability to get his way. Whether you characterise it as ‘smart’ depends on definition - and is neither here nor there.

He is also in his seventies - and still able to maintain enough energy to keep everyone’s attention.

Since the Pentagon knows of climate change and considers it a priority clear and present danger, so does Trump.

Obviously he has an agenda - and it is not the public interest, unless you equate the American public interest with world hegemony, the new Manifest Destiny, which may in fact be the case.

Since Trump’s legend has totally captivated your attention, you have not addressed the primary point - global competition for diminishing resources in the age of climate change and overpopulation.

Wouldn’t China just love to crash thru their western borders and occupy Mongolia, Central Asia, and the Russian Siberia and steppe?

India will feel the full heat, literally, of climate change - what are they going to do?

The Middle East is going to literally burn up and run completely dry of water in any form other than de-salinization, what are they going to do?

Southern Europe will become a basket case.

Africa and its resources are being vied for right now, as the countries that comprise this continent disintegrate right before our eyes.

What will Germany do?

I think the number of diet drinks consumed by the Donald is irrelevant.


"Ignoring Public Opinion and Pentagon, Trump Denies Climate Change Is Threat to National Security"
…No Kidding!!! This is what Trumph DOES, and who he IS: a denier, a self-righteous, indifferent, self-centered, ego-maniacal wind bag.
Now wait till I start insulting the bastard.
He’s not going to do a damn thing about any of these environmental issues. HE IS A MORON, folks. and HE DOES NOT CARE. All that matters in his world right now is to take all he-and his select cronies- can take, both from the working folk and the poor, and of course from Mother Earth (since that is what she is-a commodity). He will not stop until nothing is left to plunder, and to Hell with rising water as long as it doesn’t flood Mar-Lago


It will all be fine. Public opinion is wrong insofar as it relates the manipulation of ‘science’ to push catastrophism, the military’s buy in was engineered by the Obama admin for political reasons.

Earth is an ice planet with brief warming spells, and we’re nearing the usual end for the previous warm spells…which were warmer anyway with lower CO2. No amount of correlation = causation nonsense replaces looking at the climate history and what has actually happened.


I don’t give a fuck about your cycles. It is still 125 and we’ve been murdering Iraqis to steal oil for 14 years and Americans are too stupid to care. Barbarians. Burning fossil fuels makes it hotter so it the house is on fire pouring gas on the roof is NOT a good fucking idea!!


Ignorance–an American way of life.


Gee, thanks. All that scientific stuff had me worried.


This article is very disappointing.

As bad as dismissing climate change and giving free reign to the oil and coal industries is, there were much worse things in this doctrine-establishing speech today than his ignoring climate change.

The speech was largely devoted to establishing a doctrine that the US reserves the right to do anything it wants to anybody, anywhere in the world - and declare any nation - China, Russia Iran, even Europe and Canada if they look at him the wrong way, as its enemies. He put forth a preferred vision of nations in constant conflict for their economic interests. He literally wants to wind the clock to the world of 1914 to 1945 - but with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons this time.

It was frankly the most frightening thing to come out of his mouth so far. Even the pretexts of “promoting democracy” of past presidents was gone from the speech. He spoke in straight-power terms. The mask is so totally off…


The lilly-livered korporate-owned U.S. Congress couldn’t possibly be one of those “weak political institutions”, could it?


With regard to foreign policy this seems to make no sense so likely it is motivated purely by politics. The investigation of his Russian connections is rapidly closing in on him. His previous foreign policy announcement sounded like they could have been written by the Kremlin (and maybe were), The key thing may have been to include Russia in with all the other countries as if Trump and his gang didn’t have a special relationship with Russia. Perhaps he and Putin are prepared to play a game where they look like enemies to throw off the charges that Trump as been colluding with Putin. Both Trump and Putin lie all the time so nothing they say can be taken at face value. It makes no sense to put forth this type of foreign policy without first making a case for it. And there is no case to make so it is hard to interpret what is going on. Whatever it is for sure it is bad for the United States if Trump is involved. Trump’s approval rating is something like 32%. He is operating without public support or in this case without congressional support. Even his base doesn’t support this since they are obsessed with hating people in the US who are not like them and not all the other countries in the world.