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Ignoring Public Outcry, Republicans Block Effort to Obtain Trump's Taxes


Ignoring Public Outcry, Republicans Block Effort to Obtain Trump's Taxes

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Ignoring the vast majority of Americans who say they want President Donald Trump to release his taxes, GOP lawmakers who have the power to obtain the records on Tuesday blocked an effort to do so.


Do they know how stupid they look?


Oh, another instance of begging for a flip-flop. GOP discipline will fail as a few more are accosted at district events by their more sensible constituents.


Their limos have tinted glass. They think we can't see them.


Well, here's Trump's first public law he signed, a rollback of an SEC disclosure rule on the oil and gas industry:


I'm guessing he doesn't think he looks stupid at all.


Simply go to https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/#signapetition if you still believe the American public doesn't care about this issue.


Shh! He's forgotten to shut that site down. Note the petition on revealing his taxes is over 3/4 million signatures.


I didn't know they made a British pound-sterling version of Monopoly as shown in the picture. Does it still have Atlantic City - Jersey-shore street names?


If I remember correctly from the raffles I read when the request was filed, if the committee doesn't act in two weeks, the matter can be brought before the full floor.


Then he's dumb like fox.


Dunno, but the get out of jail free card is apparently being fully reworked, updated and improved with wings and lithium grease.


...with one more... thanks


over at ProPublica
Trump Once Told New York City His Net Worth Was Much Lower Than What He Said Publicly

President Trump has long given wildly varying numbers estimating his net worth. In 2009, he offered one figure publicly, then said his worth was substantially less on government documents.


Plus, he apparently owes debts on foreign properties., and he said he's taking no salary. Maybe he'll go broke!


Sure, but obviously don't care. What's new?


Ignoring Public Outcry, Republicans _________.
(One can fill in the blank with ANYTHING the Republicans do.)


An old bio piece that looks at the history of his manipulations in NYC Donald Trump: A True Narcissistic Sociopath


And I will call 2 of these pigs on the W&M Committee from my state tomorrow, and ask them, "How stupid do you think we are?"


Ignoring Public Outcry, Republicans Lie Profusely To Cover Their Ass.


Trump is not getting paid the salary for being the president? How do you know that? I find that hard to believe.