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Ignoring Risks, Trump Moving to Modernize Ineffective and Potentially 'Catastrophic' Nukes


Ignoring Risks, Trump Moving to Modernize Ineffective and Potentially 'Catastrophic' Nukes

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the Trump administration barrels ahead with its aggressive nuclear agenda that includes dumping billions of dollars into upgrading the 150 B61 bombs positioned in Europe, a new report argues that these weapons are essentially useless as deterrents and a potentially "catastrophic" security threat.


Message to Congress: It’s okay; just keep Don in the Oval Office, and everything will be all right, especially your power and wealth.
“Don’t think twice, it’s all right.”


Hey TJ, thanks! For a moment there, I’d forgotten about Mickey P. (and Paulie and Orrin Hatchjob). Such a distinguished array of patriots - how could I forget?


Right. It’s far more important that their personal goals be reached, than to keep a madman from destroying us.


Nuclear weapons on borders and the US criss crossed with dirty fuel pipelines, President Strangelove has gone from loose cannon to loose nuclear bomb. We cannot afford to remain divided and hoping we can stop them at the polls. As a first, we need a moratorium and we must make it so.


Agreed. How do you see that occurring?


I heard a good theory once that having our nukes relatively primitive is actually a good thing since they are not on any network that can be hacked. By modernizing these nukes Trump could very well run the risk of them being more easily hacked, which can spell disaster for anyone. Of course the solution is and always has been denuclearizaztion.


Educate your friends, family and neighbors as to what is actually occurring. Write opinion essays and send out to your local media, make up flyers and spread around your city or town, the goal is to quickly get the public in the know and to prepare for effective actions such as boycotts, strikes leading to total non cooperation. Bernie gets that the wider public needs to be educated and is traveling across the country. But we must all be engaged in this fight and use our creative abilities to think and imagine and follow through on actions. We cannot wait until November 2018 elections in the type of system we are under but by all means set-up tables to register the poor and all who do not generally vote in the meantime. Try the various local food banks to do this or kitchen soup places that feed the poor.

Another poster, Baska had a really good idea to get mobile clinic vans that would provide health services to the poor and have voting registration cards for them simultaneously.

I am sure that there are other posters here not totally cynical who will have some very good ideas for us to emulate. Also, consider asking local libraries if they can provide free space to set up local meetings to do education, brain storming events. Get town hall meetings going too.


Former U.S. energy secretary Ernest Moniz echoed these concerns and said the possibility that a nuke could be deployed “is higher than it’s been since the Cuban missile crisis.”

Well, maybe it’s time to make an exception to it’s normal annual adjustment and move the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock yet a bit closer to midnight than the two minutes therefrom it stands presently. It might be a way to awaken humanity to the unimaginable misery billions of people could endure because of the primitive impulses of an insane few.


Thank you.


Excellent post! We all know the problems and being cynical is only good to a point, because it diagnosis’s the disease but does not offer any antidote to this current government miasma… lets all concentrate on more on solutions.


I agree. The last thing I would want to see is this headline: TRUMP ATTACKS NORTH KOREA WITH NUKES!


We’ll pray it doesn’t happen, Shantiananda. Otherwise that might be the last headline we all see. Kind regards, garry


True. Even though it would be the last headline, lets all hope it is not one we will ever see; nevertheless, we are definitely in a very dangerous time.


OK, this may be a “dumb” question but one I’ve pondered frequently: Where and HOW will the government “dispose” of these old nukes?


Slip one of those micro mini mini nukes up Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, John McCain, Pence and Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, George Bush, both of them, etc. rear ends and push the button. None will be missed and justice will be partially served. That will be worthy of a parade.