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Ignoring Russia Warnings, US Walking Towards New Abyss in Syria


Ignoring Russia Warnings, US Walking Towards New Abyss in Syria

Ray McGovern

During the Reagan administration, I was one of the CIA analysts assigned to present to White House officials the President’s Daily Brief, which summed up the CIA’s views on the pressing national security issues of the day. If I were still in that job – and assuming CIA analysts are still able to speak truth to power – I am afraid that I would be delivering alarming news about the potential of a U.S.-Russian military clash.


All of these signs point to very dangerous days ahead, though there has been little intelligent discussion of these risks in the major U.S. news media or, seemingly, in Washington’s halls of power. There is a sense of sleepwalking toward an abyss.

Well how could there be Ray when their conversational skills for the last 15yrs have revolved around lies, hubris, exaggeration, and braggadocio? Look for them to start a USA! USA! chant as they prepare to do a swan dive from the 101st floor.


We must wake up and end the madness of militarism. Let Assad and his Russian ally have it, with China's blessing.
We must look to our own spheres of influence, which is not the entire globe, and let other major powers have theirs.
Get out of Syria.
Walk away.


After a little over 2 centuries it becomes apparent that the founding of the nation called the United States of America was one of the darkest days in world history. That founding has helped to create one of the most Militaristic Empires in history, one that is more than a little willing to destroy all life on this Globe to ensure its vision of the World is the only vision that is allowed. The extremism of the Jihadists of the Muslim world pales in comparison to the extremism of the United States Government and the 1 percent that controls them.

It could have went differently. It still can.

Vote Green.


As far as nuclear war goes, the lesser evil becomes the greater evil.


Russia and Syria have every right to setup a no fly zone, and the US and Nato don't.


Yeah, living under a Communist Regime imposed by the Soviet Union or a Nazi one imposed by Germany would have been perfect, right? The commies would have kept everyone at the limit of starvation and equally miserable, provided they kept their mouth shut and the Nazis would have exterminated every Untermensch in sight in order to create a pure race. Hm, decisoins, decisions...


Sorry we lost. Blame the French.


No; you would have become like the Canadians, New Zealanders and Australians. Sane.


" Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014"

I thought that in 2014 the Crimeans had voted to rejoin Russia.


That depends... what if Japan had occupied Australia and New Zealand In WWII? Or Germany had landed and occupied Great Britain? Or maybe WWI ended with a victory of the Central Powers and they occupied Europe and the Soviet Union invaded North America. I guess instead of the Maple Lead we'd have a hemmer and sickle on flag.

Trust me you're better off with the US. You just don't know it.


98 percent of the First Nations peoples that lived in what is now the USA were exterminated.

The Nazis would have never risen to power were it not for US bankers funding them and financing their recovery. There was no German Miracle under Hitler. His money came from the US and some rich people in the UK who fancied the Nazi's and saw them as a counter to Russia.

The British and French were ready to go to the table with the Germans in WW1 to discuss an end to hostilities. The US entry into the war convinced them to keep fighting and to seek the total defeat of the Germans which in turn guaranteed a refight due to those onerous terms. No surrender on those terms, no Nazi's.

Japan decided to Militarize after the US forced them to open their Ports to trade at gunpoint. The US and the Europeans were also staking claims to lands all over Southeast Asia which Japan saw as a threat.

Russia was only interested in Russia. They Militarized in response to the Germans doing the same and due to the fact Germany always sought to expand to the East.

Throughout US History there were advocates for peace and who were against wars and militarization. These people were assassinated or imprisoned for their views and today the US has its Military forcing the Corporate State onto every corner of the Globe in service of the 1 percent. Political leaders of the USA called for the extermination of the First nations peoples suggesting they not fit to join "Civilized man" and today Political leaders of the USA call for the Carpet bombing of Muslim nations and the overthrow of Governments from Russia to Iran, form Bolivia to China, just because they will not fall into line with thier vision of a world run and owned by the one percent.


Oh well. I guess you have your US less fantasy world. Without the US the world would be a total dump.

Let's say WWI ended with a Central Power victory as you so happily like to point point out. One of the major victories of WWI was the disintegration of the major empires and the end of the aristocracy. Imagine that did not happen. What then? You's have half the world living in a aristocratic society and the rest in some kind of Soviet dump. Again, which side of that world would you like to live? Most of you people don't even know what freedom is. You never knew anything else. I envy most of you guys....


I take it you are neither Black or a First nations person?

It pretty easy to talk about freedom when you are not descended from peoples used as slaves or not part of a group of which the population today is a fraction of what it once was due to genocide committed by those "freedom " lovers. of course none of that matters to you.


I have one better. Lived under communist oppression in Eastern Europe. Wasn't really genocide cuz everyone who wouldn't keep their mouth shut wold be shipped off never to be heard from again regardless of race or nationality. To the communists everybody was equally worthless. Most people in the West cannot really wrap their heads around that and I understand.

BTW everybody at some point in history was slave to someone else or was oppressed by someone, especially in Europe. Most of us got over it tho.


Poland was occupied by Russia until 1989.

This is a chart showing the growth in Polands population from 1961 to 2014. Note it was growing at a steady rate right up until the Soviets left and has since flatlined.

The Populations of the Baltic states are in fact shrinking. So please tell me how the population could grow at the same time the USSR was disappearing all of those people?

Now would you like to see a graph of the population of First Nations peoples in the USA from first contact to today?

In the 6 years the Germans occupied Poland some 6 million were exterminated. This thanks in part to the USA which helped bring Hitler to power. According to Wikipedia which is a source that is biased in favor of Capitalism , in the 44 years of the Russian occupation some 140000 Poles were killed as a result of the same. That comes to some 4000 claimed per year as opposed to some 1 million per year.

Now the USA , much like the USSR occupied Countries as well. In the Philippines just as example the population of that Country was about 10 million (1900) or about a third of what Poland was . The USA killed over 250000 Filipinos in a 6 year period. This because the Filipinos wanted independence.

If one extrapolates in order for the USSR occupation of Poland to kill at the same rate as the USA in the Philippines some 6.5 million Poles would of been killed by the USSR in that 44 years.

Now killing is killing and neither excusable but the fact remains had those Soviets not taken Poland from the Germans there would be no poles. My own Grandmother (my grandfaters second wife) came out of a Concentration camp where many of her firends and family killed. She was all but slated to die herself until the Russians liberated the camp,

During the Nazi Occupation of Poland , a Coal company operating in Silesia was using slave labor thousands of whom died. This company was owned by one Prescott Bush. Companies like Standard Oil, IBM, Ford were pouring millions into the German Economy .

When it came to mass killings few could rival the USA and allies.


How would this in any single way be a relevant comparison?


The British Empire, the French and the Ottoman Empire all allied together to make war on Russia. It was hardly a walkover. Nor would it have been with the USA added into the mix.

Russia was still a major power and dominated Eastern Europe and Central Asia which is deemed the heart of the world. Britan with a USA as part of its empire would not of been able to conquer Russia, and the Germany State and Central Europe would have allied with Russia.

France was only a rival for Colonial posessions. Russia was so large it did not need colonies. Britian would have been paying a fortune just to maintain control of the Colonies it did have as the peoples in Africa, South America, South East Asia and Inida would have all resisted them.

In fact one reason why many in Britain wanted the Crown to stop fighting the Rebels in the Colonies is they felt the colonies too great a strain on the treasury even in peacetime. The British Empire even without the 13 colonies spent a fortunes maintaining that Empire and eventually bankrupted itself.


This about operation Phoenix , a CIA program run in Vetnam that targetted Civilians. If you were on a blacklist with suspected ties to the NLF you could be terminated, captured and tortured by the US Military. Some 80000 Civilians, none having due process were "neutralized" in such a manner over a 7 year period. Not only were person outright executed or tortured but their bodies mutilated as a sign to locals as to what could happen to them.

"Central to Phoenix is the fact that it targeted civilians, not soldiers... Under Phoenix, due process was totally non-existent. South Vietnamese civilians whose names appeared on blacklists could be kidnapped, tortured, detained for two years without trial, or even murdered simply on the word of an anonymous informer. At its height, Phoenix managers imposed a quota of eighteen hundred neutralizations per month on the people running the program in the field, opening up the program to abuses by corrupt security officers, policemen, politicians, and racketeers, all of whom extorted innocent civilians as well as VCI [Viet Cong Infrastructure]. Legendary CIA officer Lucien Conein described Phoenix as, "A very good blackmail scheme for the central government: 'If you don't do what I want, you're VC.'”

“Indeed, Phoenix was, among other things, an instrument of counter-terror - the psychological warfare tactic in which members of the VCI were brutally murdered along with their families or neighbors as a means of terrorizing the entire population into a state of submission. Such horrendous acts were, for propaganda purposes, often made to look as if they had been committed by the enemy.”3



This an article on how the CIA helped bring Saddam Hussein to power in a Coup in 1963. It illustrates how they provided Saddaam Hussein a list of Citizen activists that were deemed Socialists, Communists and leftists that were to be eliminated. Thousands of Iraqi civilians were rounded up and executed with the full blessings of the US Government.

Here another. The US helps bring Suharto to power in Indonesia then provides him aid and intelliegnce that led to the slaughter of over 1 million civilains becuase they were deemed leftists or communists. US diplomats admitted providing Suharto a list of over 5000 "supect communists" that were to be rounded up and executed.