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Ignoring 'Science and the Law,' Trump EPA Proposes No Limit on Rocket Fuel Chemical Known to Harm Childhood Development

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/15/ignoring-science-and-law-trump-epa-proposes-no-limit-rocket-fuel-chemical-known-harm


Mama, we’re going to need a bigger charcoal filter.

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So Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, et. al are allowed to fling their poo as they please without recourse because no-one of importance lives in the splash zone–does that about sum it up? Environmental justice is a great big problem in this country. I performed research on chemical transport throughout the environment and into the tap waters. A lot of that research got blocked by being kept in perpetual draft form for official governmental documents despite being published in top peer-reviewed journals. Alongside Earthjustice as an expert witness we were able to check certain issues in certain places, but the inefficiencies of such battles in no way compares to proper regulations and enforcement of such. We the People–All of Us–deserve a safe, healthy, and ecologically balanced Planet on which to thrive. If the goddamn “economic” externalities would be removed by listening to the likes of Ralph Nader and oh so many more, Progress would be Possible. Until then we will remain choking on what really trickles down our way.


We need to know

  • the Name of the company in this case
  • the names of that companies CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, Controller, etc
  • and the address of each of them

Then let nature take its course.


Yes, in the Interests of life and our children this information must be made available .


Shameful Does Not Even Begin to Describe

These people have no shame. If they did, this would be a very different world. Nobody would have to explain to them that a child’s brain development is more important than easing the handling of their toxic waste.

The politicians that facilitate this are the real toxic waste.


Yes, and almost. Yes: the children most directly affected by this will be the children of military personnel, and poor and Black and Brown children who far more typically live nearest to such pollution outsources. In reality, those folks are as precious as anyone else, of course, but to corporate maniacs they are to be cannon fodder and worker ants, that’s it, and their preventable suffering and deaths are of no real consequence.

But my answer to your question is also “maybe” because none of this stuff ultimately remains harmful just to the poor and marginalized–sooner or later polluting one’s neighbor, no matter how distant, will come back to pollute oneself. That’s just karma, the “law of the universe,” if one wants to entertain this idea that I presently can’t exactly confirm or deny.

(And karma–according to the Buddha’s explanation, by my highly imperfect understanding of this–usually works such that the harm we do to others ultimately comes back upon ourselves a thousand-fold or more, in the present or some future lifetime… unless we honestly strive and begin to mend our ways and undergo ultimately radical self-examining and world-examining transformation for everyone’s benefit… even karma can ultimately be transcended if we truly become committed to and learn how to act for universal liberation… perhaps because then even if we face the horrible circumstances our negative karma brings to us (seeded in past lifetimes or earlier in the present life), we can pass through it in a new way, able to stay committed to universal benefit and so suffering far less than we would otherwise, for a “mind of compassion” (compassion for both self and others) can face pain differently (I have had fleeting tastes of this)… not that I really understand how this might work, but I am inspired by the suggestion of the possibility of such transformation for everyone’s benefit… and this inspiration helps me to stay engaged in my commitment and work to help myself and others as best I can… I hope that was okay I shared this reflection!!)


The question becomes;

How long will police and military assist by enforcing the suffering humanity must bear so the beautiful people can have yachts and golf course country club estates?


“‘Shameful’ does not even begin to describe…” the fact that not only is he still in office, he is being allowed to run for a second term.


Indeed. We recall that the Fraternal Order of Police sent a letter to Congress, complaining about the impeachment inquiry.

G, the disappointing truth about Homo sapiens (sic) is that he will usually sell his soul for money or sustenance, in one form or another.
Altruism is just a word in a dictionary.

Who were the true heroic resisters to corruption and evil throughout Western Civ (sic)? The relatively recent Weathermen? The Black Panthers?


I do my best to keep my pitiful portfolio clean of the rapists’ companies. Drives my financial guy nuts, but he’s helped as much as he can.


How many of the top people at EPA should be simultaneously dropped into a big pool of concentrated perchloric acid?


Most of them probably.

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By the way, concentrated perchloric acid was the chemical in my high school chemistry lab that my chemistry teacher was most afraid of. If it touches anything that has not already been washed in dilute perchloric acid, it’s likely to explode.

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We need names and addresses


Hi Hemp:
I wonder if where I used to live is what makes me dyslexic with spelling? I didn’t start out that way — but then— after drinking the water-----NASA had to come in and clean out the jet fuel which had gone into the water system----- However, they did clean it out- ( they said) ----but other areas in L.A. where a neighborhood near where the movie E. T was filmed, there was a great mass of people in one area that got all kinds of cancers. It’s an expensive high income area too---- so I wonder why NASA or whoever polluted that one, didn’t clean it up too? But then, maybe making messes of Nature is what military people do everywhere. : (


No. My question is much narrower, Assume that the military and police are able to keep track of which neighborhood individual units are from;

How long until the individuals within militarized police take their weapons home to protect their own families and friends?


Interesting point. What do you think?