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Ignoring Spell Check and Muslim Victims, White House Produces List of Terror Attacks


Ignoring Spell Check and Muslim Victims, White House Produces List of Terror Attacks

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The White House late Monday published a list of supposedly "under-reported" terrorist attacks, following up on President Donald Trump's claim that the media was deliberately suppressing coverage of such acts.

In addition to the fact that many of the events listed were extensively covered by the press, glaringly absent, many noted, are attacks committed by white men and those whose victims were non-Western.


This is the important point. And note, it's from an outlet of the "MSM" disparaged by so many CDers.


Trump is right from another perspective: Media have either downplayed or not reported many instances of terrorism when the U.S. military is the perpetrator....bombing hospitals, mosques, weddings, funerals...invasions of whole countries...proxy invasions.....the whole drone program is terrorism. When will commondreams much less the NY Times report these cases of terrorism accurately?


Nor do they ever mention the sheer numbers of innocent lives our military and its 'adjuncts' have taken.

A serious counterpoint: when the MSM stopped filming our wars of choice, and even stopped filming our own soldiers coming back in body bags, they were hugely complicit in the ignorance of the impact our
'foreign policies' have had on real people's lives. But the Donald will never want them to show those acts of terrorism.


Times change and alliances should shift as is expedient. For now, regarding Trump, the MSM is largely an ally of the left to the extent that their reporting is reasonably factual. But the fundamental aspects of the MSM - highly selective control of content by corporate owners, advertisers, and on the internet, data miners and public psychology manipulators - remain unchanged.

The Herman Chomsky propaganda model and other left critiques of the commercial media remains valid and critique of media should continue.



It's just that turning something into a dismissive epithet makes all members of the class (to the extent that the members of the class are identifiable) unavailable as allies to any "extent."


I forgot the slash. It should be Herman/Chomsky - i.e. the Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky - the co-authors of "Manufacturing Consent"


You are bending the meaning of "to be right" to meaninglessness if you regard to Trumps attacks on the media as having any relation whatsoever to the lefts critique of the media treatment of US atrocities.

I predict that with Trump in power, the media will suddenly start noticing US atrocities in other countries - just as the corporate media started noticing atrocities in Vietnam once the elite consensus turned sour on Vietnam and especially on Richard Nixon. Sure, it is hypocrisy, but it is hypocrisy that, for now, useful to us. We should avoid appeals to hypocrisy (the tu-quoque fallacy) in our rhetoric anyway.

Strategy and tactics, lefties, strategy and tactics!


Actually, the Washington Times and others have reported on the 'Counter-Terrorist' U.S. led raid in Yemen last week that left 2 dozen innocents and an American service member dead. Trump was constantly briefed during it's duration. You can only imagine how Trump would have reacted if the word 'Counter' hadn't been inserted in the article.


It's not just the Donald who stifles the press reporting, it's the Duopoly. And the Shadow Government behind them all.

The 'Dumbing Down' of America, courtesy of your Ethically Challenged Oligarchs.


And who knows how many false flag events. The one thing that a Big lie, small lie , or half truth have in common.......they are all lies. In my book government by lie is, betrayal and treason plain and simple.


I never thought I would agree with Trump, but he is correct when he says terrorist attacks are under reported by the MSM because it is never reported by the MSM that the homeland has now been attacked by terrorists, internally.... because of the terrorist, narcissist, and fascist sitting in the oval office.

Nothing could be more terrifying, to me, than a mentally incompetent, man like Trump, that has his hands on the nuclear trigger and derives erotic satisfaction from admiration of his own physical and mental attributes!


Trump's whole agenda rests on Islamophobia as well fear of undocumented immigrants. Without creating fear of Muslims all his actions against them will be baseless. He continually has to manufacture a threat. Many people voted for him and continue to support him because of safety concerns. His problem is taking Islamophobia out of the right wing echo chamber and into the mainstream. This is where his lies are colliding with reality. He is trying hard to discredit those who stick to actual facts. To win this he will probably have threaten news organizations with law suits and start going after individual journalists. He is probably studying how they clamped down on the press in places like Russia, China, and Turkey. At some point I would expect Trump to get really nasty. I doubt if his desire for vengeance has any limits. Things could get really ugly as he attempts to banish the truth from American life.


" He is trying hard to discredit those who stick to actual facts."

Very true! You have to love it that he came up with the oxymoron for political morons: ALTERNATE FACTS.


Not much satisfaction is there?


Only for him!


Remember the innkeeper and his wife in Les Miz -- "He thinks he's quite a lover, but there's not much there ..." That is who I think of every time I see our twit-in-chief. :smirk:


Indeed, Yunzer, times HAVE changed.

Last year Steve Bannon wrote “I’m a Leninist.” He then continued; “National Review and The Weekly Standard are both left-wing magazines, and I want to destroy them also.” What a guy, our Steve!

It's all in a 2016 issue of The Daily Beast. That DB article was referenced by Chris Hedges in his current Truthdig column:

You can read the Daily Beast article here:


Absolutely correct!


Only brown people can be terrorist. duh!