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Ignoring Threat of Rising Seas, Trump Eliminates Flood Risk Standards

Ignoring Threat of Rising Seas, Trump Eliminates Flood Risk Standards

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that reportedly eliminates flood-risk standards for federally funded public infrastructure projects—in a purported effort to expedite the approval process for projects such as highways and bridges, as part of his $1 trillion infrastructure plan that's been criticized for its reliance on private developers.

Fake president.

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Isn’t that how we got Fukushima?


Recognizing global warming would allow the focus on areas that will become crises in the near future, including

  1. relocation of industrial facilities, residences and transportation threatened by rising water levels.
  2. focus on public mass transit
  3. focus on clean energy implementation.
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All I can say is that once again DJT has proved how stupid he is. He wants to spend millions on infrastructure but then not allow any protections. But what does he care? Somebody else can solve that problem.

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How much longer before the ‘ELE’ meteor arrives?

An earthquake is how Fukushima got to be where it is today. Nothing to do with flooding.

Yeah right. So then it must be ok to build a nuclear power plant on a flood plane?

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Is it ok to put a nuclear power plant on a flood plain?

I guess so. Or on the ocean. Florida has two on its East Coast, I believe. Those things need lots of cooling water, you know, they have to be near water.Contamination of the cooling water by nuclear stuff, not so terribly high, right? Fukushima has a tsunami problem, doesn’t it? Tsunami, hurricane, same thing
Besides, the ocean is already polluted with all kinds of other stuff, right. My doctor told me not to eat food from the ocean…

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I think there are a lot more nuclear power plants of the east coast. The are illegal to build in my state but we do have research reactors. Again,it is California and geologically unstable. I know we have advisories about what we can eat from the ocean here and how often. Unfortunately, we have exposure from Fukushima here. Still, better than farmed in my opinion.

He understands completely the GOP strategy for policy. Destroy everything that HELPS the nation. When it all goes up in smoke, or is flooded out by the next storm, the GOP will blame the Democrats because they will be in power again by then. Works every time with the dumbed down GOP base. They BELIEVE that what happens tomorrow is always created from the decisions made by Democrats. No matter who actually made the DECISIONS to rip apart all safety measures, when the GOP had ALL the POWER.

And what makes it all the worse, the NEWS media people will sit there on Meet the Press and NEVER state these facts, when they are questioning the GOP on one of these disastrous storms or other natural disasters created in fact by decisions from the GOP.