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Ignoring Trump Conflicts, GOP Leader Threatens to Subpoena Ethics Chief Who Called Them Out


Ignoring Trump Conflicts, GOP Leader Threatens to Subpoena Ethics Chief Who Called Them Out

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Instead of investigating concerns that President-elect Donald Trump will come to power with numerous conflicts of interest, the Republican head of the House Oversight Committee is now threatening the government ethics monitor who called them out.


Republican motto seems to be : We don't need no stinking ethics, we're in charge now!


Welcome to 1984, full version (we've gotten past the beta testing). From now until republicans are consigned to the trash-heap of history (one can hope, and work really hard for this to happen), truth is lies, war is peace, and only the wealthy matter. The rest of us, well, it's time to begin the hard work of restoring sanity to governance (actually, it's time to work really hard to restore governance itself, instead of the republican law of the jungle being imposed on us). Until then, buckle up and hope we survive the crash.


People are saying: No taxes proves Trump a traitor.


Wouldn't hold my breath on that trash heap thing. I thought after Bush there wouldn't be another republican in the White House for a generation, which, I suppose, puts me in the same boat as all the polls & pundits that said Clinton had it in the bag.

One should never underestimate the power of militantly ignorant people in large groups.


If you can't get the anointees approved through the front door, then ram them through the back alley/back door while dismantling all ethics, evading all integrity, dispensing with any laws that get in your way, and lying/stealing/cheating at every possible turn...the Repugnicant fascist oligarchic despotic way.

Cognitive dissonance at its most reprehensible. Overt practiced criminality at its worst.


Repugs get away with this over and over and over again. Surely somebody approves of this.


what was the line trump said the other day?...."where are we...Nazi Germany"?can he be any more ironic? or should i say moronic...he contradicts himself every time he opens his mouth,....or worse...


well said, it is stunning to behold ......


Breaking News!
June, 2018

President Pence signs into law the "Religious Freedom & Security Act", making it a crime to criticize any government official, government policy, religion, religious leader, and any corporation or corporate activity. Protesting without a permit will be a felony with severe penalties.


I can see that coming down the pike. Trump will fall on his sword and then they will get the bible thumping Pence in. Trump has nothing to lose. He will be able to do an end zone dance in Shillary's forever. Mission accomplished!


Chaffetz has a foreign sounding name. We need to look into deporting him.


There wouldn't have been a Republican in the White House for a thousand years if idiots like DWS and HRC hadn't been driving the clown car.


What a fustercluck.
One agency or committee after another investigating each other.
Chaffetz subpoenas ethics chief.
DoJ investigates FBI.

It's a good thing partisan politics never gets in the way of our democracy functioning for the good of the people.

and cry ..


Sharpen your pitchforks. Clean your magazines. :angry:




Water under the bridge. Get over it and put your energy elsewhere.


subpoena? In the immortal words of GW, "bring it on". Couldn't ask for more in my wildest dreams. Don't these douche bags realize that turning over rocks in a Trump administration does them no good because under every rock there is a turd?


with lots of dung beatles feeding on said turd....


"One should never underestimate the power of militantly ignorant people in large groups."

The blame lies not with "militantly ignorant people in large groups" but with Democrats who conspired to leave "people in large groups" with no hope other than the wretched Trump.