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Ignoring Washington’s Role in Yemen Carnage, 60 Minutes Paints US as Savior


Ignoring Washington’s Role in Yemen Carnage, 60 Minutes Paints US as Savior

Adam Johnson

How the US contributes to the death and disease in the Arabian peninsula is of urgent political import.


Let’s all give CBS & 60 minutes a piece of our minds for their failure to fully explain the WHY and the WHO of the civilian Yemeni genocide! The US is complicit to Saudi war crimes for arming, supporting and defending the Saudi attackers and killers of hundreds of men, women, and children every day! demand an end to this atrocity!

“For two-and-a-half years, the U.S. government has backed Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen every step of the way. The United States has dispatched warships to reinforce the blockade. It has refueled Saudi planes, sent the Saudi military targeting intelligence, and resupplied them with tens of billions of dollars worth of bombs.”

The Israeli - Saudi alliance and subversion of OUR foreign policy must be examined and exposed as well! War; a very profitable obscenity…

While I don’t expect much or anything, still if we remain silent we are complicit!

60 Minutes:
60 Minutes
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EMAIL: 60m@cbsnews.com

PHONE: (212) 975-3247


“60 Minutes” of silence on US savagery


The glow box is not a fountain of truth. Never has been. Its purpose is to shape the public mind, or rather what’s left of it.


As usual, the American Public is fed a bowl of Jell-O and never a full meal. A little bit of truth is told. A much larger amount is withheld. It’s not “fake news”, rather it is woefully incomplete news, offering only a very one-sided view of events, with no perspective and no larger context. Is it any wonder that Americans in general are so misinformed about the rest of the world?


FAIR does great work - I have supported them for a long time.


Thanks for the links. I just registered my anger.


I only rarely see 60 Minutes, but as luck would have it, my wife and I saw this broadcast last night. I reacted much the same as Adam Johnson. so rightfully does in this article…with disgust. . My wife, who doesn’t really have much opportunity to read about such issues, noted my anger and disdain for the 60 Min. report. I had to explain all these facts…that the U.S. is directly involved and while I was surprised that 60 Min. even bothered to report on something unfavorable to our “ally” (and top business customer) Saudi Arabia, it gave no mention to U.S. considerable role in the horrors.

No one here is likely to be surprised by CBS’ silence on this; but all should be p.o’d enough to let them know. I will certainly do so.

To borrow from Mark Twain,
"“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed." I’m sure he’d have used a more generic term for the “news” media, had he lived long enough.

And yet some wonder why there is such massive distrust of MSM? And why so many others are so misinformed that they’re easily manipulated into knee-jerking to establishment claims that “Russia’s destroying our democracy!”.


60 minutes long ago became a tool for Empire, for Corporate Rule, and the rest of the fucking mess.

Remember, once upon a time Frontline? Same thing.


A very insightful exposure of media’s complicity in supporting the Saudis and a very welcomed one.

My only disquiet is exempting the Houthi’s from any culpability in crimes against civilians. War brutalizes ALL sides, being the lesser criminal does not make you any more innocent.


One thing I give the corporate, news media credit for, is they are very good at brainwashing the American masses or what Chomsky called: “MANUFACTURING CONSENT”. Example was the 60 minutes canard on Yemen. They showed the horrible carnage of the children in Yemen, without blaming the US or explaining the truth of why the US was there in the first place.


I suppose they must Manufacture Consent before they Manufacture More Bombs and Bullets.

Very sad fucking reality we live in, wouldn’t you say?

We have become complicit ourselves in allowing this to flourish.


The omission is as evil as deliberate distortion as far as I am concerned. Nice comment.


After the backstory on the Jeffrey Wigand story came to light, shortly followed by the Dan Rather mess, I quit watching this show, which I call “60 minutes of the corporate agenda.” If a ‘news’ show doesn’t toe the line, then it’s gone. Ask Phil Donahue, Keith Olbermann…


Sad that it became that…or was it always thus? In any case, it’s worth a letter to them, I wrote my feedback to: 60m@cbsnews.com ; though I suppose it might be good to write the officers, etc. Here’s what I wrote:

To whom it may concern,
I have never before written CBS, or anyone associated with the 60 Minutes program. I’m writing now to voice my great frustration, and anger, with regard to the program which aired Nov. 19.

My wife and I found Scott Pelley’s segment on Yemen hard to watch. Not merely because of the brutality it disclosed; but far more importantly, because of what it didn’t disclose. The failure to even mention the U.S.’ role in this tragedy is unconscionable.

Surely the facts that we (the U.S.) not only arm Saudi Arabia without regard to the uses to which such armaments are deployed; provide strategic resources including logistical support for S.A.’s bombing crusade; and routinely shield S.A. from any global pushback; and that we do not use any of our leverage from such support to make clear our moral objection of this ongoing atrocity – are immediately relevant and should be worthy of at least some mention.

Is it any wonder why so many now distrust main stream media? Please rectify this situation and also apologize to your viewers for such a terrible omission.


If I was the producer of 60 minutes:

Just look at these horrible pictures of these children in Yemen! And what is really so evil, is the truth that the US military are the ones responsible for these egregious war crimes and also the silence of the American people and Congress.

Of course, never be allowed!


" We have become complicit ourselves in allowing this to flourish."

No, my friend, in my view, the people that are complicit are the masses of brainwashed, silent Americans. Unfortunately, the people like you, me, and millions more like us that are not silent… seem to be helpless in stopping the fascist, military from allowing this to flourish


Ah, there’s the rub. I see what’s getting passed around on FB and other social media platforms, and then the comments. I’m occasionally heartened by thoughtful, clearly informed & rational ones, but for so many I just see waves of the opposite nature…clearly people who are simply parroting the memes and narratives from propaganda mills. Hatred for Trump is a common denominator. While understandable in its power, it isn’t translating to any deeper understanding of political history, the political dynamics, its control by organized (concentrated) capital, nor how thin the veneer of democracy had already become.

Just yesterday i saw a post circulated by some FB entity calling itself “Go Left”, which was decrying Trump for abandoning TPP; lamenting that his rejection of it was hurting “American farmers”. It was hard to take the large number of comments, the vast majority of which were clearly unaware of how anti-democratic, how nefarious TPP actually was. They merely figured that because Obama backed it, it must’ve been good.

Just one illustration of your point about brainwashed Americans. If not for seeds of hope in the few who clearly understand the big picture, I’d probably exile myself.


Liberal media my ass…


Excellent post…thanks!