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The terror in Brussels has prompted an outpouring of compassion, solidarity, dignity and defiance from Belgians and worldwide, with officials vowing, "Barbarism will be fought continuously." Using hashtags like #OpenHouse and #IWillHelp, people on social media have likewise stepped up with grace and grit to offer rides, beds, couches, hugs and testimony of "class acts full of light, even in a moment of darkness."


I'm a little shocked to see the image of Tintin here, but maybe it is, in fact, appropriate, since Tintin and his world perfectly symbolize the colonialist, imperialist, white-supremacist mindset that propelled Western domination of the Middle East and beyond, the bitter fruits of which we shall reap for a long time yet to come.


who is Tintin?


famous series of stories in comic book form.

Belgian author Herge(pen name)


You are a jerk and feel nothing for innocent people. Will you whine about the innocent elsewhere? Do you see that none of these people are the Belgium you speak of. These were just innocent lives and damn you for supporting terrorism and justifying mass murder. Remember your own words when innocents in places you care about are murdered.

You use the screen name enemy of war but it is a lie. This murdering of innocents is why progressives are against war. You are no progressive and not much of a human being either.


Baloney. We are talking about people killed yesterday not those in history. You are sleazy to hide it but revealing just the same. It shows an inability to distinguish well. That rationalization sounded good to your ears but you didn't sense how others would see it. It shows a dissociation from the deaths that have just happened and your personal belief that these deaths are somehow justified. You are a creep and at least on this site an out of place advocate of mass murder and war despite your name. Very creepy and psychologically disturbed too.

You phony you talk like a regular but you joined under a new name on the 17th. Hypocrite.


Exactly what I was thinking!