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Ilhan Omar and Bernie Got It Right: Full Student Debt Cancellation Is the Best Approach

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/24/ilhan-omar-and-bernie-got-it-right-full-student-debt-cancellation-best-approach

So when will the Clintonites (Robert Reich included, he was secretary of labor) acknowledge they were either wrong or disingenuous in the 90s when they pushed relentlessly the notion that workers should forget about organizing and get degrees in tech and finance and engineering? This was the party line for more than twenty years. The decimation of bargaining power and wages and security that has resulted is NOT a function just of bad tax policy, and can’t be blamed strictly on state houses. The NLRB became a non entity, and the focus of the party went squarely to the concerns of its donors. Not only did we not get an expansion of solidarity with labor to include women and people of color… we got a party that won’t give white male labor the time of day either. Why is anyone surprised that A: trump made hay in rural and rust belt states, and B: that people who went into massive debt as instructed and got squat in return… that these people are pissed off and extremely alienated? The DNC is stupid enough to miss this connection, or willfully ignore it. The rest of us don’t have that luxury. Yes, anyone but trump, but we need a place at the table, not just a less abusive parent.


Dear America:
Yes cancel the awful student debt. People have become slaves of the banks---- ALL students need an Emancipation Proclamation for Knowledge, and the Banks do not deserve to continue applying all the crap they pulled on people with these bizarre debt holes waiting for unsuspecting students to fall in and to never escape from in their lifetimes.
If wages do not rise and if banks continue to get away with such unfairness where people never escape from the corporate rape of minds and bodies- and futures -----then the nation will fail----Look around Plutocrats—we are already in free fall on the way to hell----and when we fall—so do you! : (

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Public education for all. Green New Deal. Public education freely available at all ages and levels creates a stong & vital nation. Debts for public college attendance should be canceled asap in 2021.

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Something never mentioned in the discussion of college debt. My wife and I cashed in my IRA, got a second mortgage on the house, and use all our savings to make sure our kids got through college debt free. Not complaining, I had 'em so they were my responsibility; plus, I wanted them to pursue a career they wanted not what would pay enough to cover their debt. Got a middle school teacher, an IT specialist who works for an NGO, and one who works for a medical devices company (the black sheep of the family despite her making more than the other two combined) so I feel our money was well invested. There are a lot of seniors like my wife and me who have no retirement funds and “live” on Social Security because they spent everything on their kids education. The whole system needs to be scrapped and debts forgiven so more parents don’t end up like my wife and me, barely scraping by in our “golden” years.

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I support debt relief for those who attended public universities. A blanket debt relief is a gift to America’s private universities who pedal the aura of elitism. If students could not borrow to attend private universities, those universities would be forced to cut tuition and other institutions would follow.

Those who attended private universities like Harvard did the calculus and knew what they were buying and why. Apart from the truly gifted who can profit from interacting with the best professors, most students attend elite universities because the contacts and the school name will open doors to many careers that are shut to graduates of public universities.

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I would add that to counter this well documented history, support for progressive ideas needs to link what you note with the predatory nature of student debt and its hand-in-glove similarity to prison slave labor .

I tend to think that we misinterpret the readiness of Americans to rally behind movements to end the abuse of ethics for private profit. Put in these terms, to address and end student debt abuses for profit is actually low-hanging-fruit that can also galvanize the spectrum of artificially divided and demonized groups within the 99%.

Both Ds and Rs have operations overwhelmingly shaped to enforce divisions and breakdown of citizen participation. Inextricably linked to this is the linguistic war on ideas to freeze socialism for the 1% and predatory forms of capitalism for the 99%. One need only pause and consider the methodologies of the con artists Bannon and Conway and their ilk.

That bad taste in your mouth? Its not your neighbor or the folks going nuts from the abuses, its the FACT of what is being perpetrated.

Great Proposals.

The majority of students graduating do not need to be straddled with large Payments to the Banks.

It takes them an eternity to settle down get married and buy a house.

Very difficult or impossible to get a mortgage with a student debt hanging over their head.

Those conservatives that are concerned that private Universities will be short changed, need not fear.

Most Universities are more wealthy than large corporations and besides the students that come from RIch Families do not take out loans to get an education, they Pay Cash.

It is only the poor and middle class that must go into crushing debt in order to pay for an education.