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Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Join Calls for Joy Reid Apology After 'Hurtful and Dangerous' Comment Comparing Trump to 'Violent' Muslim Leaders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/02/ilhan-omar-and-rashida-tlaib-join-calls-joy-reid-apology-after-hurtful-and-dangerous

Yeah those Good Christian leaders like Obama never commit their Country to acts of violence. When George Bush committed the USA to a war on Iraq calling it a crusade this was because he was a Muslim.

WW2 saw some 80 million killed all due to those violent Muslim extremists. The Vietnam war saw another 4 million plus killed due to violent Muslims.

I could go on and on…Those violent muslim leaders are everywhere.

Joy Reid is an idiot.


I’m an atheist with half my family from Iran, and I have a few problems with Islam theologically on top of those I have with all religions but every Muslim I have known has always been a good person. Even I can figure out Reid wasn’t just just taken out of context - her framing wasn’t about discussing a passage from the Koran, it was about leaders and she did not use the phrase “some leaders” which would have been easy to do. Here’s an easy technique to see if you are messing up - substitute Christian for Muslim and tweak the other words to be consistent and see if you wouldn’t be caught dead making such a statement in the US.

“It is even more painful to hear it from someone I admire,” wrote Tlaib,

Ok, I’m sure Tlaib is very busy and probably hasn’t seen that much of Reid. After hearing her clips dismantled on The Rational National for the last year, nothing from this woman would surprise me. She is no friend to progressives - on slamming Bernie alone, Tlaib would probably change her assessment if she knew her better.


No worries.

The FBI will get to the bottom of how this Joyless impersonator managed to replace that principled leftist and utter these ugly words in her stead in no time flat.

Being discreet and sensitive does not qualify for employment with MSNBC. Besides it was a totally silly analogy.

"“We in the U.S. media describe that as they are radicalizing those people.”

“That’s how we talk about how Muslims act,…”

She uses the royal we. I don’t believe anyone appointed the conceited windbag to speak for the entire media; especially when it is something completely stupid.

Another point Trump does not “radicalize” followers; he just encourages them to act like the racist assholes they already are.


I’m guessing, Joy is the 2nd or 3rd best recruiter WE have! Keep SPEWING your crazed, hateful 0.01% agitprop, bubba!

Anything on TV, anywhere your iPhone or Google sends you is DISTRACTION, an infomercial, where WE’RE the product.




Tlaib lost me when she said she admires Joy Reid. You know the saying, with friends like these who needs enemies… Joy Reid is just another well paid propagandist house negro put in place to keep the masses enslaved on the USA plantation. Reid totally hates Bernie Sanders and his supporters who refuse to kneel at the feet of Biden. She accused Sanders of plotting a hostile takeover of the Democrat Party back in February. If only that were true. As it turned out, Obama was the one who actually pulled that one off. Not a peep from her about that. That’s all you need to know about her.


Most of those corporate talking heads are, in effect, racists; you will never hear them speak up for the most oppressed people on the planet, namely the Palestinians.



Reid is a prime time megaphone for the estb. DNC, much as Maddow has become.
I don’t even turn them on!


Reid isn’t just “no friend to progressives,” she’s part and parcel of the MSDNC 3-part mission to:

Scorn and alienate progressives
Make certain that progressive policies never see the light of day
Blame progressives for d-party losses


Her half of Comcast seems to just pull-up reactionary old Randian CNBC tropes, from Koch’s “Tea Party” daze, then simply SPEW them out at a 15-year-more-senile, ex-yuppie audience? It’s like Hillary simply reciting Rick Berman’s rants about Russia paying eco-terrorists who question Tar Sands or Ethane fracking? These creatures are not paid tens-of-millions to indoctrinate new generations of sneering Liberal boomers? All she has to do is spit out palliative lies over & over to ensure disgarded workers install Trump, by blatant boasting over stomping-down us life-long loyal Democrats?

FOX? MSNBC? All I can see are the same dead eyes, as they scamper back and forth, slavering like rabid hyenas?


Any religion can get violent. Making the State, the Religion, and the Religion, the State, has always turned out to be a bad idea.


Joy Reid must apologize before any more time passes.

Her refusal to address this hurtful misstatements, shows arrogance, and wilful disregard of others.

Not what anyone wants from a prime time news anchor.