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Ilhan Omar Criminal Justice Reform Bills Offer 'Systemic Solutions to Systemic Problems'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/04/ilhan-omar-criminal-justice-reform-bills-offer-systemic-solutions-systemic-problems

YES! America needs this reform-------isn’t there supposed to be “Equal Justice Under The Law?” Because this does not seem to be true, as there are wonderful prisons for the money and status set---------like all those Watergate people. And too Why didn’t Bush and Cheney and a lot of others go to jai for killing so many people in many nations including their own nation.
And too—GET RID of For Profit prisons as that whole idea is inhumane! Free the people stuck in Guantanomo… and put all the corrupt CEOS, lying politicians and corrupt military people in retraining camps and learn how to be both useful and humane.


Violent police actions are the fault of all of us. We, who didn’t say shit about it for so long.

Omarʻs bill would go far to reduce police violence, but something is missing. Racist cops are just the bottom layer of a whole pyramid. Those who hire and tolerate racist cops and those who refuse to prosecute them - those folks need to be prosecuted themselves. Iʻd like to see a Federal commission with the mandate to look back 20 and 30 years at police murders and with the power to indict for conspiracy to commit murder.

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