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Ilhan Omar Demands Pentagon Acknowledge, Compensate US Drone Strike Victims 'Illegally Killed' in Somalia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/10/ilhan-omar-demands-pentagon-acknowledge-compensate-us-drone-strike-victims-illegally


Declare the US bankrupt and start over again?

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“Declare the US bankrupt and start over again?”

That strategy has worked so often for the Trump Org, LLP and before that Trump Entertainment Resorts, LLC


From SNOPES a free online fact-checking and urban myth-busting Public Interest service on the “business failures” or Donald Trump as opposed to those half dozen cases of huge ventures of his seeking corporate bankruptcy protection:
" Other Trump Business Failures

As well, Donald Trump has undertaken a number of business projects that ultimately failed (or failed to live up to his lofty projections) without resulting in bankrupcties, including:

[Trump Steaks]
[Trump Vodka]
[Trump Mortgage]
[Trump: The Game]
[ Trump Magazine]
[Trump University]
[Trump Ice]
[The New Jersey Generals] (pro football team)
[Tour de Trump] (bicycle race)
[Trump Network] (nutritional supplements)
[Trumped!] (syndicated radio spot)"

SNOPES does not mention the branding of a Baku, Azerbaijan TrumpTower with the investment group that paid for the now empty building in the Caspian Sea oil drilling boomtown in the nation-state of Azerbaijan adjacent to the province of Azerbaijan in Iran. The investment group has been widely reported from multiple reliable sources (U.S. Justice Department mum as they’d be obliged to prosecute violation of the sanctions on Iran that date back to the Iran-contra scandal aftermath and increasing hostility since) to include associates of the IRANIAN REVOLUTIONARY GUARD CORPS (IRGC), hierarchically high ranking officers as well as IRGC assets by the name Darvishi. See also under NEW YORKER MAGAZINE and THE INDEPENDENT newspaper in the UK. Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown sought a congressional investigation that seems to have never gotten off the ground, though U.S. Intel could have classified the findings.

Trump is the most recent U.S. President to threaten to "bomb, bomb, bomb\Bomb bomb Iran" as U.S. Senator McCain sang to the tune of the Beach Boys "Barbara Ann" over a live microphone at a press conference…It got big laughs!

Trump got no laughs, except perhaps from his Israeli Prime Ministerial mentor Bibi Netanyahu who was trying to use the U.S. arsenal and all those boots on the ground that Washington can project into any global theater for the interests of the Corporate Caliphate or to scare Israel’s Central Asian rival. Iran is a bit far for Israeli boots on the ground despite Bibi threatening just such full-scale invasion repeatedly after Israel and Washington collaborated to set the Iranian Nuclear program back decades according to both Israeli and U.S. Intel sources via the StuxNet cyber virus that took out advanced Iranian nuclear processing labs at Natanz…And after that StuxNet virus got away from Washington and Israeli developers and caused havoc elsewhere in the world and at healthcare institutions and public utilities in non-belligerent nation-states unintentionally.

VP Dick Cheney before he ran on the George W. Bush ticket and was still the CEO of Daddy Warbucks and oil services supplier Halliburton, LLC got into a spot of trouble for violating sanctions on doing bid-net with Iran when it was found out that a Euro subsidiary of Halliburton, namely Dresser Industries were producing and selling high tech equipment to Iran for a high mark-up a la the Israelis and Washington selling to Iran after the U.S. hostages were released and Reagan-Bush were in the White House replacing Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale who bungled the rescue of U.S. hostages from Iran after the Shia’a Islamic Revolution and the banishment of Washington’s bad cop on the Muddle East beat in the Shah of Iran under Jimmy Carter.

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There are, of course, other places where compensation (or reparation) is due as well. Still, I salute Rep. Omar for speaking truth to power.

(We have to start SOMEWHERE!)


File bankruptcy and start over? What naive thinking. We can’t affect what is going down here in America. The supposed watch dogs in this country have at the very least lost their bark. Officially, they have been bought, fear mongered, and have turned tail to kiss trumpian ass.

The U.S. military is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such! DEFUND IT!


How the House Armed Services Committee, in the Middle of a Pandemic, Approved a Huge Military Budget and More War in Afghanistan


Although I support the effort to remind people of our war crimes, this is a waste of time. There is no freaking way the US is going to officially admit to any war crimes ever and the American people are too consumed with our current travails to entertain any thoughts of helping other countries, especially if it’s POC. We might be able to conjure up some money for Israel or Ukraine, but only if it furthers our international thuggery interests. Omar, who has already engendered the murderous ire of thousands of ignorant and violent Americans, does herself no favors proposing something that will further infuriate the racists and has no chance in hell of leading to any action. I think she got bad advice on this one.

Just as with Bernie Sanders, whose presidential campaigns blew the taboo off of socialism, so Rep. Omar’s efforts may make the unthinkable thinkable.


WOW! What a list. It is even worse than I thought! Thanks for your reply. Shanti

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HR-2500: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020

Passed House 220-197
Democrats voting Nay: 8
Republicans voting Nay: 9

Democratic Progressive Caucus (Carcass): 90 (they’ll let anyone join)
Democratic Progressive Caucus Whip (person responsible for drumming up votes): Ilhan Omar

She couldn’t even get 10% of the Progressive Carcass to vote against the Continuous War bill but instead made a “fiery” speech. Big deal.

Hi common voice1:
I remember one when Obama was president. In Yemen, a grandmother was kiIIed while working in her garden, and possibly some kids were. This event was a while ago. What I remember, is the famiIy from Yemen came to speak to Congress, and most of Congress Ieft the building. I have no idea how that ended, except to show how unbeIievabIy cruel America is. : (