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Ilhan Omar Faces Renewed Smears Over Criticism of Israel From GOP, Democrat Critics

Ilhan Omar Faces Renewed Smears Over Criticism of Israel From GOP, Democrat Critics

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A firestorm over comments critical of Israel by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) continued to engulf the Democratic Party and American politics over the weekend.

Omar continues to stand firm in her assertion that criticism of the Israeli occupation does not constitute anti-Semitism. And the blowback she's received from Republicans and Democrats alike sheds light on the absence of questioning over Israel's special treatment in U.S. foreign policy.


Hate never takes a day off.

Divided we all fail.

The Duopoly has, and will keep us all divided.

Accept this and join the party that will unite us all.

People, Planet, and Peace before Profit.


Ms. Omar … never apologize for telling the truth about Zionist genocide or to Zionist that control the US government. CD readers know the difference between courage and ‘anti-Semitism’. As to the republican that made a connection to 9/11, morons fill many positions in US Congress.


IIhan Omar has a lot of courage unlike Debbie and Eliot, who have been and are nothing but cowards and stooges for Israel! Omar was being critical of Israel’s policies, not their religion.



AMEN again!  AIPAC has no more right to interfere in America’s elections than does any other
foreign influence.  Many Israelis also oppose Nutten-Yahoo, and IIRC he has been accused of
serious misconduct and corruption and is facing indictment for his crimes.


AIPAC is a terrorist supporting organization. Anyone in the US who disputes this stupid, delusional or a fascist. Representative Omar is one of the few in Congress with clarity of vision, integrity and a bold adherence to fact. Long may she serve. We need more like her. Let’s hope she does not get taken out by the fascist duopoly literally or figuratively.


I object to bribe takers and their ilk (to label them conservative is a misnomer) attacking what every one and their grandmother knows to be fact. Big Money whether it comes from the Defense industry, Big Banks, Big Billionaires, the Fossil Fuel Industry, Big Pharma or Big Insurance or AIPAC are all Oligarchic in nature. Out with the predatory bribers. Bring back democracy. Thank you Ilhan for standing up to the leeches.


“Being opposed to Netanyahu and the occupation is not the same as being anti-Semitic. I am grateful to the many Jewish allies who have spoken out and said the same.” - Ilhan Omar

Right on! Absolutely the case.


The subversion of America by the zionist entity has taken-over the media and common decency regarding the treatment of Palestinians by Israel, the IDF and the so-called “settler” terrorists! The ethnic cleansing and expansionism of control via pre-meditated wars by Israel to take territory by force and colonize it, is in violation of International; Law and the UN Charter; it is racist Apartheid - a supremacist mindset that treats all others like vermin to be exterminated and/or displaced - cleansed! The ME wars fomented and encouraged by Israel, but fought by the US have been supported and voted-for by the same “Dem” DINO treasonous supporters of Israeli racism that now criticize IIhan Omar and any other that speaks truth about the Israeli genocide against Palestinian culture! Their tool is the false charge of “anti-Semitism” Those same treasonous DINO’s who criticize Omar, also voted to make criticism of Israeli crimes and racism illegal in the US by any using the BDS Movement to force change; those restrictions against the BDS Movement are un-Constitutional under the law!

The power of the pro-Israel lobby and its sycophant shills support Israeli ethnic cleansing and illegal colonization and USE America to enforce their racist “white” supremacist atrocities against men, women, and children, imprisonment and murders of tens of thousands and it is all covered-up by elected officials that serve Israeli interests first - that use their offices to violate all norms of human behaviors and crimes!

ENOUGH! Zionism IS Racism! BDS the racist entity!


Logic indicates that Omar is correct. The right-wing in the U.S. and Israel arbitrarily use opposition to Netanyahu’s policy(ies) as proof of anti-Semitism. That is too easy and, of course, that is why they try to make that equation. Grasping at straws.


Now that is anti-Semitism.

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Israel is a religious state. The united states was founded on the idea of separation of religion and state for the simple reason that people had experienced the awful idea of governments ruling according to what god says is right and just. The problem is determining who says what God said.

The US offered to help Israel exist back before we were clear on the apartheid religious state that Israel was intent on becoming. Now we are entangled in religious affairs in a far away land. The founders warned against such entanglements long ago.

It is unamerican to be devoted to establishing a religious state of any kind. Israel is a raciest apartheid religious state and it is quite capable of taking care of itself. The US should work to reduce Israeli influence on the US government.

Standing up for Palestinians is not anti semitic. Thank you Ilhan Omar.


::beep beep beep beep:: Red Alert! All hands to battle stations! Red Alert! An enemy combatant is aboard ship. She is armed and dangerous! Red Alert! Red Alert! If you see a woman named Debbie Wasserman-Schutz be at the ready. ::beep beep beep beep::

Absolutely my friend great comment.Its not only un-American but it can never work to bring peace to our world.
We must stand up against oppression wherever we see it.


It never fails, does it? I always wonder if it is a plant by Zionists to pain those of us who oppose Zionism as real Anti-Semites by doing exactly what we don’t do but Zionists claim we do so they can go, “See? Look at that?”


That’s awfully optimistic PB. To expect the right-wing republicans and dem’s to unite with a far left party?

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Rep Omar, responding to a question about WHY members of congress seemed willing to sell out the rights of American citizens to the interests of a foreign government, responded by saying that campaign cash was to blame. While obviously true, I feel that the far greater causes of congress’ failure to stand up to Israel are the pervasive threats, intimidation and extortion currently being focused upon Ms. Omar as a warning to her and to the rest of our elected officials.


So glad Congress finally has a voice for justice in the ME. Maybe soon the conversation will go beyond the emotional name-calling to a stage of reason and more people will start to ask why we are supposed to accept this apartheid ethnic cleansing.

Thank you, Ilhan.


We can now see why we have Trump in the White House. If anything Rep Omar has shown a very bright light on what historical credit carding of the Holocaust can, will, do…AIPAC is not a fair representation of the Jewish community and the rejection of criticism of the criminal Netanyahu isn’t either. A vast majority of the Jewish people know that these two issues do more harm than good. Netanyahu and AIPAC are slowly eroding the valid and vital message of the Holocaust. Israeli soldiers just shot and killed a sixteen year old student at the wall returning home to the west bank, not a peep in the American press. Netanyahu and his henchmen seem intent on creating as much rage as possible.The characters that are piling on to Omar, I hope, face a massive quiet reprisal from fair minded voters and Americans.

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More organized intimidation to further Israeli supremacist racism and more continuing actions/efforts to destroy Palestinian culture. Organized state racism is what the DINO Israel-first traitors support! Stop Israeli subversion of America!

BDS! Zionism IS Racism!