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Ilhan Omar Responds to Tucker Carlson's Xenophobic Tirade: "It's Kinda Fun Watching a Racist Fool Like This Weeping About My Presence in Congress"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/10/ilhan-omar-responds-tucker-carlsons-xenophobic-tirade-its-kinda-fun-watching-racist


Tucker Carlson is clearly giving voice to white fears. One might well ask what exactly is it that they fear. A look at our history one would have to agree with Congresswoman Omar: "the United States was supposed to be the country that guaranteed justice to all. So, I feel it necessary for me to speak about that promise that’s not kept." . A nation founded by the worst elements of the English and Scots-Irish–they were the Scots sent by England to settle and occupy Northern Ireland who brutalized the indigenous Irish then did the same to the First Nations People on the land we now refer to US America. To claim a “christian” ethos and then trade in black flesh as if Africans were commodities as they claim the sanctity of private property, to claim that “all men are created equal”, to leave out people of color and women in general has to set up a deep schism in one’s psyche. Perhaps the particular “brand” of “christianity” they practiced, Calvinism, was to blame. So, what are they afraid of? They fear comeuppance.

They also, obviously, are unwilling to give up their self proclaimed privilege of a fabricated “whiteness” and hence Tucker expressing the fear of the “others” coming here with different ideas to make for a more inclusive union. Native folks were a threat especially since their ways were so contrary to capitalist or “for profit” religionist invaders and why our neighbors who are crossing the border are such a threat to them.


Whoa, a Democrat actually fighting back??? It may take a while getting used to this.


Seems to me like Ms. Omar has a much better handle on what it means to be an American than does the perpetually dumbstruck, mouth-breathing orifice of offensiveness.


When are we going to stop being offended when a racist says racist things? In the end, tucker has a very small viewer base. A base that can be best described as stodgy old white people who share one all encompassing fear, that when people of color are the majority in this nation that they will treat the new white minority just as they were treated. Think of it as a sad reverse Golden Rule.


It is indeed refreshing to see the idiotic Trump adviser spew his nonsensical Bigotry and make a complete fool of himself.

Finally a Congresswoman that makes me proud to be an American. Nancy you could learn a lot from this woman.

Not only is she extremely Intelligent but she has the courage to put hypocrites like Fucker Carlson in his place by exposing his obvious blatant Un-American gibberish hate speech.


Rep. Omar:
You should use your position like Tulsi Gabbard is using her presidential run: to expose the criminality of US imperialism. Expose the criminality, the anti-democratic, racist and sexist ruling class represented by the Democrats and Republicans and thier lackies in the corporate media!


Tucker Carlson has crossed that threshold where his comments are so irrational they are an indication he’s lost his mind. At this point, are they even worth publishing in the first place and commenting on in the second. And that goes for commentary similar to his.

Maybe a timely and cogent retort from those that are targets such as Omar and AOC is an appropriate response and then move on.


What are racist white people afraid of? They’re afraid of people of color doing to them what they did to people of color. Now if the racist white people would do the right thing and admit to their racism and repent, that would help. But racist white people are also afraid of losing their self-righteousness and the social structures they built that empowers them over people of color.


You know these very impressive four young women who are recent additions to the House are the only positive sign of hope that change is still alive. They are intelligent and fearless. I hope their numbers are increased next year after the 2020 elections. I hope the progressive philosophy they represent is the new trend in this country and the world.

The corruption, hate, short-sighted ignorance and destruction of life and liberty of the conservative movement is literally killing this planet. Greed and self interest have become the new god. A movement which is whole-heartedly being embraced by hordes of the so-called Christian religious zealots.


“When are we going to stop being offended when a racist says racist things?”
Hopefully we’re not going to stop.
Racism begets racism, it’s taught to the next generation by racist people, especially of power, then the cycle repeats. Like it or not Fox has chosen to give this fool power. I commend Omar for calling attention, and forcing Carlson to defend his remarks publicly. If it makes one potential racist stop, think, and change their ideological direction it’s worth it.


She needs to get control of her mouth. She has apologized recently for adlibbing a story she told and adding “truths” that weren’t there. These incidents have a way of biting the one stating them in the ass big time. I admire her (As I do AOC and the others in this pack), but this incident certainly gives me pause about her. No one is perfect, but truth matters, even if it hurts, and embellishing a truth is never a good thing, and it’s even worse for a progressive/liberal to commit.

I find it it amusing that the same people that think the white race is so superior in all ways are so afraid of having to compete with their ‘inferiors’. After all can’t we all see the brilliant results that white dominance has brought to the world?


When are these “knuckle-draggers” going to understand/realize that many of these new members of congress are not going to be “gagged” by two-faced political leadership and by the MSM??? This is what “political revolution” looks like!



“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.”
–Thomas Jefferson


Tucker is a racist pig. Don’t need to watch another video to confirm this fact.


Tucker Carlson is an even worse right-wing toady than he was when Jon Stewart burned him to the ground all those years ago when they argued on TV. Pay this POS millions every year like Fux Noise does and he will say whatever his masters tell him to. Always useful to perpetuate the idiotic fantasy that so-called “white people” are “losing our country”. Tucker Carlson is one of the odious examples of why I am ashamed to be an American watching him and his ilk pushing this country towards full-on racist authoritarianism like the man he shamelessly sucks up to, Trumpo the Klown. Both of them are a disgrace, especially when you try and come to grips with the tens of millions of “MAGA” brain donors who support them.


“Two-faced political leadership”. I remain disgusted at Trump enabler Pelosi for being such a good example of that. Hey, Nancy, tell us again why we should go light about Acosta? It is all just a cynical game to her and I believe that the corrupt DNC that she represents is willing to accept another term of Trumpo the Klown than to allow any possibility of a “socialist” to become president.
All those special interest donors, that Pelosi once bragged about getting over $500 million from since 2002, would not be pleased. I used to live in Marin County and I remember being so disappointed in this so-called “liberal Democrat” and her activities as Speaker. My congresswoman was Lynn Woolsey and I happily voted for her several times. A real liberal she would never have been given the chance to become Speaker. That reality was part of the reason why I gave up being a registered Demo in the late 90s. I’m old enough to remember when they were a true opposition party to these ransacking Rethugs. Those days are gone.


The ironies of these idiots are staggering.


It worth noting that ealry on many of those “settlers” to the 13 Colonies were ex-convicts. Th British prisons and prison ships were running out of space and so the Colonies were seen as an excellent place to dump the neer do wells.

The other group were religious zealots , Puritans and Calvinists who eagerly bought into the notion that they were the chosen people and that the “discovery of the Americas” by Christopher Columbus (a reason he was sanctified by the same colonists) was done by Gods hand and that the lands were always intended to be populated by his believers. Early literature out of the Colonies suggested the First Nations peoples living there were the spawn of Satan.

The lands in the Colonies were generally dispensed to wealthy individuals by the King and these individuals would then round up Colonists to settle the same. Given very few would volunteer to pick up and move such a great distance and these wealthy people did not like physical labor , Irish peoples were forcibly transferred to the Colonies and were treated as slaves. Peoples in debt in England were also given a choice of working off their debt to some rich person in the Colonies or going to prison. The early settlements were all about exploiting the poor. That coupled with the theft of their labor is what made the Jeffersons and Washingtons and the like so “successful”. Their success had little to do with how “enlightened” they were. As in New France where the French found many of their young men would run off to join the First Nations people and live with them , those early owners feared the same would happen with their own “working class” and they addressed this in part by ensuring they were always at war with the First nations peoples. Just as it is with this group today with “russians and terrorists” , they created enemies to cement their own power.

There not a whole lot to like about these guys and their own attitudes and belief in their own innate superiority because they are “white” lives on in people like Tucker Carlson.