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Ilhan Omar to President-elect Biden: Seize 'Once-in-a-Generation' Chance to End Disastrous US Foreign Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/20/ilhan-omar-president-elect-biden-seize-once-generation-chance-end-disastrous-us

This link to the Nation article works better for me than the embedded Twitter link:


Ilhan Omar’s words (my emphasis):

As I have said before, we must reinsert the call for a two-state solution with full human rights and self-determination for both Israelis and Palestinians back into the public debate with urgency.

I have too much respect for Omar’s experience to disagree with her on this. I certainly understand everything else she has to say here. But I’m not at all clear on what this “two state” business is supposed to mean anymore. The important thing is dignity for all humans living there, not counting states. Israel has messed things up so badly that anything resembling a “two state solution” might be as likely an eventuality as the people of USA putting the Civil War behind us someday.

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If the US stopped spending money on Israel, stopped sending our security there for goon squad training, and stopped supporting them with military equipment, then all that money and effort could go to saving lives and saving the environment (instead of destroying lives and destroying the environment).

Similarly for withdrawing for all foreign conflicts. Soldiers are not peacekeepers if they have guns.


You are my voice —THANK YOU------most Americans have no idea what US sanctions are doing in a country like Venezuela------ask the question to Biden , Pelosi , why do YOU support the killing of children in Venazuela??? Why is the media allowed all this Orwellian propaganda ----the crime of the people of Venezuela is that the brown people in Venezuela want to share in the wealth of the country.

This IS a racist policy by democrats—republicans-----to steal the wealth of the people of Venezuela-----sound familiar.


Well, OK.

What are we going to do when he doesn’t?

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Sorry girl, AIPAC owns Biden and U.S. foreign policy.


A dream.

AIPAC owns the entire government! The American people have to give serious thought to why our government apparatus is totally paralyzed and can’t manage to pass any legislation whatsoever, WHATSOEVER! ,but miraculously, they all come together when it comes to anything for Israel. What’s wrong with this picture? When did we adopt Israel? Did the American people get to vote on this unending donation of billions of our scarce dollars??, when they could better be utilized helping out our own "jobless’, ‘homeless’, HUNGRY hordes of actual citizens.

Hi Aleph_Null:

Go back to the Balfour Agreement: It did not give everything to Israel.
But then—what will they do when the water is all gone? Besides once the Israeli military began shooting at the British soldiers—the UK pulled out and left the Palestinians with no help and they did not enforce that agreement. Without water Israel will be able walk away from that disaster–but what will happen to the Palestinians?

Hi there,

That Balfour Agreement was a set-up, guaranteed to deprive Palestinians of everything. Looking forward, the irony to me is that this part of the world is likely ground zero for uninhabitable wet-bulb temperatures in another 15 or 20 years, thanks to AGW. When people can’t live there anymore, that changes things.

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Hi Aleph_Null:
Yes, I wonder about the water issues too. But then, I wonder about the entire Middle East And too, along with islands disappearing more and more as climate change raises the oceans—San Francisco might someday be a story like Atlantis—did it ever exist? But too, the Hawaiian Islands, Japan, so many places in the Caribbean and the Netherlands—what will happen there? : 0

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The man who proclaimed that he is a proud Zionist is somehow now going to change his stripes? Dream on. He knows who he reports to.

Those who seek justice have to chart a different path; and it is not thru Congress.

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I’m having a difficult time believing Ilhan Omar is actually this naive. Biden has already said he will veto Medicare for All, so he is refusing to give the American people healthcare in the middle of a freaking pandemic. He has appointed a lobbyist from Dupont as EPA Secretary, and is appointed Republicans and corporate Democrats to his cabinet while blatantly stiffing progressive Democrats and the progressive wing of the Democratic party. Omar has fallen in line with neoliberals and corporate Democrats in lieu of representing her constituency and the progressive platform she ran on. It does not make a lot of since for the left to elect progressives who do not take corporate money, if they’re gong to throw us all under the bus for their so called “mama bear”! I call bs!!!

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The ‘two-state solution’ is a dead rat, but this truth can’t be expressed in Congress.

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Thanks for The Nation link to Omar’s article. She also said the deal with Iran “prevented”

a nuclear-armed Iran that could threaten the United States and risk a global nuclear war.

This is a gross exaggeration, accepting scare-mongering language.
Iran is nowhere near having nuclear weapons, even if it wanted them;
the countries most likely to use nukes are the United States and Israel.

Also, Iran reportedly hasn’t invaded another country in 350 years.
(That doesn’t mean it won’t defend its homeland, of course.)

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Thanks very much, in turn. The ubiquity of irrational hatred for Persians in particular is a patriotic pathogen I would not have expected to envelop Ilhan Omar. Incredibly depressing, isn’t it?

This beast (or the next one) might nuke Iran, with nary a peep of protest from the likes of she, it seems. Iran’s Covid tragedy is nearly as severe as ours, and everyone just keeps it up with the everlasting warmongering xenophobia. Damn near everyone. As I said: thanks very much.


My 2 bits
israel is an artificial country on stolen land. There needs to be a one state solution - and call the state Palestine.

Also, if one country has nukes , all countries should have nukes. Better if no country has nukes. Iraq would NOT have been invaded if it actually had nukes.


Whenever I read or think of the site
I realize that americans do not want to know.

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Biden will have a lot of authority on foreign affairs, but I think he has a cold war mentality and will not take on the weapons industries that like some level of conflicts.
That said, rejoining the Iran nuclear agreement, easing sanctions, re-invigorating ties with Cuba, rejoining the Pars climate agreement and the WHO, halting the war against Yemen are all doable. Less promising is continued hostility to China and Russia though a nuclear arms agrement that Trump opposed with the latter should be doable. As for Israel-Palestine, I don’t see that the US can do much as neither side seems really willing to compromise even though is the only way forward to improve their lives.

I sure hope Biden can and will listen to Ilhan Omar, because this is one of our LAST chances to inhibit the Rich Uber Alles world that is trying to form here; and if we lose this one, we’ve likely lost it all…