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Ilhan Omar Under Attack for telling truth About Israel Lobby


One of my closest friends lives in Asbury Park. She supported Clinton in the last election despite being one of the most progressive women I know. It is my experience that too many people in Jersey listen to the likes of Rachel Maddow and consider themselves to be ‘realistic’ Democrats. New Jersey needs more people like AOC to challenge the Democrat incumbents.


Michigan, like many states, is a diverse major metro area surrounded by small town white folks. On a district by district basis, we field reps that vary from Fred Upton to Rashida Tlaib and everything in between. Our two Dem senators are centrists, ho hum. What’s particularly galling about Dingell is A) she’s portrayed as progressive, and B) she’s more like a centrist representing a +15 super blue district.

On the bright side, Michigan voters are approving liberal ballot measures by wide margins. Go figure.


Yeah I’m disappointed too, and also in AOC and Sanders for their failure to speak up and at least offer a few words of support when the moment was opportune.