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Ilhan Omar 'Unequivocally' Apologizes for Comment Seen as Anti-Semitic, Reaffirms 'Problematic Role' AIPAC and Other Powerful Lobbies


Ilhan Omar 'Unequivocally' Apologizes for Comment Seen as Anti-Semitic, Reaffirms 'Problematic Role' AIPAC and Other Powerful Lobbies

Jon Queally, staff writer

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Monday afternoon "unequivocally" apologized for a pair of tweets overnight that some registered as containing anti-semitic tropes, but reaffirmed her belief that powerful right-wing lobbying interests—including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the fossil fuel industry, and the NRA—remain "problematic" in U.S. politics.

"Listening and learning," Omar declared in a tweet, "but standing strong."



The very same people who will cry to the point of hysteria of Russia influence will then bully someone who DARES criticize the Israel lobby and they wonder why no one has faith in our government institutions anymore.



This “politically correct” Bullshit is just another distraction.



In case you haven’t seen this excellent 4-part series:



Yes, it is rather clear, that the lobby, has openly been working to influence US policy, as a foreign nation. The mention of Russia only, seems to be mere propaganda, without any genuine merit. Even crazier is that duel citizenship persons are allowed to serve in American government institutions.



I agree with Congress member Ilhan Omar… AIPAC is a much too powerful lobby in Washington.
Criticizing it is not anti-semitic.



This is almost as discouraging as Congressional Democrats doing nothing to try to get rid of the internationally-obvious fact that Don is a sociopath (just like Netanyahu).



Please Rep.Omar, retract your apology. You told the truth, you have zero reason to apologize.

Israel’s ownership of the duopoly is a fucking disgrace.



Well yeah, Netanyahu was in support of the invasion of Iraq, which put sympathizers of Iran in power. What’s that? Somehow Trump is hooked up.

These guys are going to get everything to go down the toilet of history, once again. They are crazy.




She is now learning that her party is led by corrupt losers that long ago sold their souls for more money and power. If anyone wonders how it is that any political party could manage to lose elections as much as they have versus a horrible party that has dwindling popular support and backs deeply unpopular policies, it is this. This is a lesson on how power works in the DC cesspool, it makes those that exercise this power look absurd and stupid, and they don’t care. Whatever we think of people like Pelosi, she isn’t stupid, and she knows that calling someone critiquing AIPAC anti-Semitic is insane. She has no shame, and is willing to say horrible things about another person and to slime them, publicly humiliate them, because they go against reactionary right wingers (at least on this issue), because they fund her and her rotten party. And doubly screw any Democrat that screams Russia, Russia, Russia, but turns around and uses the power of state to make it so that you can’t do or say much of anything about what another country does.

They have done this bullshit with a wide range of issues too. Thank god for Sanders, social movements and other politicians for forcing issues into the discussion. Would have never happened with empty losers like Pelosi and Schumer. Schumer, by the way, holds dual citizenship. Guess the other country. I wonder if Omar were a dual citizen of Saudi Arabia and shielded them from critique like this, what the reaction would be.



It’s getting harder and harder to counter right wing fundamentalist lunatics that constantly cry that “Jews control the government, the banks, and the media.”
When it walks like a duck, and quacks like one, odds are it’s a duck.



Now we can see what money can buy. Courage doesn’t seem to have affected either party, huh? She stated a clear fact and the old antique party dumped all over her. Wow.



This situation is infuriating the shit outta me.

As things stand, my efforts to destroy the d-party will expand dramatically.



Ilhan is from my district. We elected her by a landslide and we support her. She is absolutely right. I am glad to see that Common Dreams has come out with this article as well. Pelosi is totally out of line on this and a lot of other things. She is not a progressive and has already attacked some of the new young people who made it possible for her speakership. She is beholden to the our elected Members of Congress, such as Omar who represent us in District 61 Minnesota.

We should get all special interests out of DC. It is undemocratic for the powerful to have more access to and influence over our government than we, the people do. We have to stop foreign invention in our policy and I don’t want out of state money coming in to influence Minnesota elections.

Stop lobbying and stop outside money from coming in to support outside political entities.

Omar had no need to apologize.



Well said!



the Israelis and the Zionists have made a perversion of Judaism. Since when is killing unarmed Palestinian women and children consistent with Judaism?, since when is crowding Palestinians into the huge open air ghetto of Gaza consistent with Judaism? It is a truism that most of Congress is deathly afraid of the Jewish lobby. And they are eager to do their bidding. This is not Judaism.



So Representative Omar’s true statement about the impact of AIPAC money on members of Congress draws outrage from the beneficiaries of that largesse, purportedly because her statement is anti-Semitic, but the following statement signed onto a couple of days ago by a large number of members of the Israeli Knesset’s ruling bloc, including the Speaker of the Knesset and ten cabinet ministers, in a petition to act on it, is just accepted and not even mentioned as the blatantly racist call that it is to wipe the entire Palestinian population from the West Bank and replace it with a purely Jewish population?
“I hereby commit to be loyal to the land of Israel, not to cede one inch of our inheritance from our forefathers. I hereby commit to act to realize the settlement plan for the settlement of 2 million Jews in Judea and Samaria in accordance with Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s plan, as well as to encourage and lead the redemption of all the lands throughout Judea and Samaria. I commit to act to cancel the declaration of two states for two peoples and replace it with the stately declaration: The land of Israel: One country for one people.”



I agreed with everything Rep. Omar had to say about AIPAC and the Israeli lobby. She has nothing to apologize for, for committing “truth”. I regularly say worse about those entities; of course I’m nobody, with next to nothing to lose. If a Palestinian can’t criticize Israel’s undue influence on American politics and policy, then probably nobody in public life can. I would urge her and anyone with a conscience in public life who understands the evil that Israel is committing to stand up to them in the face of the push back. It is the ONLY way we are ever going to make headway in getting justice for Palestinians, and breaking the back of the Israeli propaganda machine. Like any kind of war or battle, there will be casualties, but eventually, if enough people call out the evil of Zionism, we can defeat their influence in the U. S. and end all U. S. financial and military support for Israel.



I agree that Ms. Omar should retract her apology. The ones who should be apologizing for “anti-semitism” are Pelosi and all other supporters of the genocidal oppression BY the political State of Israel OF the ones we call Palestinians, most of whom are Arabs and hence as Semitic as a group as are Jews as a group.

Those who carry out that oppression have become exactly what they feared, and their fear was justified by the ignorant and ultimately genocidal oppression of THEIR ancestors by Europeans and later “Americans” for 2000 years.



Pelosi, as are all of congress, a tool for the zionists who control America. Sharon, the butcher of Sabra and Shatillah in Lebanon, said as much.