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Ilhan Omar Warns Progressives Escalating Warren-Sanders Disagreement Only Fuels Trump's Attacks on Both Candidates

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/15/ilhan-omar-warns-progressives-escalating-warren-sanders-disagreement-only-fuels


Not to Worry Warren Fans, she just got a major endorsement from the Mickey Mouse Club.

Elizabeth Warren was asked to play one of Walt Disney’s favorite Characters, not Pocahontas, but Pinocchio, the role is very suitable for her especially when her nose starts growing and growing, she lied about her Native Background and she appears to be a Serial Liar.

I fear that the relationship between Bernie and Liz is beyond reconciliation, we progressives are intolerant of back stabbing “best friends” who are willing to win at any cost.



I get what Omar is saying, and let’s be honest, this is clearly an indirect critique of Warren. But, the cat is out of the bag. Warren went nuclear and it is impossible to consider her progressive at all. Look critically about everything she has done, going back just months before running. She was doing big money fundraisers months before announced, then ran on swearing off large donors, but in the primaries. Then when pressed in the general election, but she would do it for party. She didn’t support single payer until essentially months ago, then didn’t, then she did, then her ridiculous plan to pay for it came out. And then this horrific behavior, which not only probably hurts Bernie on a personal level, it could hurt his campaign and reveals a lot about her character.

Given her responsibility in this, it is entirely on her to try to apologize (which she won’t and it wouldn’t matter) and on her supporters to hold her responsible. They can back her if they want, but hold her accountable for her atrocious behavior. You can’t complain about a toxic environment if you provide cover for her behavior and you can’t lose common decency. People are rightfully angry at her behavior and if it hurts the left (which she is not on) we know who to blame.

You can’t shoot someone and then when they are bleeding out call a truce.


Aren’t we over people who would lead us telling us truth vs lie is merely a disagreement, and getting to truth is dangerous?


If progressives need to stick together, then Warren and her staff need to apologize to Bernie for going along with the CNN whores to bash Bernie.


To back up your comments, Joan, please add the “h” to the beginning of the URL and you will go to a site that lists all of Tin Lizzie’s “stuff”.


Sure, Warren stabs Bernie in the back by falsely claiming that he told her a woman can’t win the White House, then Warren says she doesn’t want to discuss it further (LOL!), then at the debate, Warren doubles-down on her lie against Sanders, and at the end of the debate, she refuses to shake his hand, and then we’re told to calm down? Not happening. Warren needs to apologize, and drop out. We don’t need another liar who has bad judgment in the White House.

From 2013: “Sanders tells the Burlington Free Press that he’d prefer not to run, but if no one else steps up to challenge the “establishment politicians” in 2016, he may feel compelled to…He indicated Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) might earn his backing if she were to run, however. “I like Elizabeth Warren very much,” he said. “Her beauty is that she is very smart. She speaks English. She can explain economics in a way that everybody can understand.” CommonDreams won’t let me include the link, so google for this article: " Bernie Sanders won’t rule out presidential bid, touts Elizabeth Warren,” by Cameron Joseph - 11/18/13 10:31 AM EST on The Hill website.


Oh, thanks to carlmarks, above, I see how to do it: For the link to the article from The Hill, just add an “h” to the beginning of this URL: ttps://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/190544-bernie-sanders-wont-rule-out-presidential-bid-touts?fbclid=IwAR2lBgiHFq9kpcSwgRiux3moPrzNp81i2XTQx2uifeSi247gevdjP14UwYY


“Unmentionables” has found a way around that (sort of):
1.) Copy the site’s URL
2.) Paste it on your CD post.
3.) Remove the first “h”.
4.) Until it catches on (?) let people know the above “how-to”.
5.) Enjoy the link and its information!


We ain’t information-sharing-crippled after all!!!


From the Nathan J. Robinson article carlmarks linked (good stuff!):

I do not want to keep writing articles harping on Elizabeth Warren’s lack of credibility. I would like to turn my attention to the fight against Donald Trump, and advancing the democratic socialist vision of a better tomorrow. But Warren has launched a destructive attack on Bernie Sanders, branding him a sexist, and it is important to look at her record to see if we can trust her account. For a long time, in the interest of progressive unity, many Democrats have been disinclined to call Warren out on her pattern of misstatements. I think this has been a mistake, and that today’s incident shows why. For a long time, Elizabeth Warren has massaged the truth in ways that are politically convenient, and it is now time to be bluntly critical of her record and her actions.


Her worst lie is denying her staff provided the dirt to CNN, and then having CNN confirm that her staff did provide the dirt shortly thereafter.

I mean, damn, CNN has been chasing this for months and Warren’s team pulls this at the 11th hour?
Yet we’re supposed to trust Liz Warren and her team brimming with Clinton veterans/ WTF?


Ilhan needs to have a sit down with warren - it was not Bernie who attacked her, she brought this shit on herself and yes I agree this is hurting them both, my gut tells me she could well be working with the damn dems as Bernie started surging and let cold potatoes biden take it all, the loss to Trump if that happens will be appalling. damn them all.


Just a note to Ilhan Omar: Trump is going to attack both Bernie and Liz in any case.

But as a self-confirmed pussy grabber, he sure as hell can’t use the sexism attack on Bernie.

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Horrible stuff. Makes her look unhinged. Tragic as we really cannot afford another 4 years of Trump.

The focus should not be on the gender of the candidate but on who will make a great president.


After what Warren did last night at the debate, the next move is hers if she has any desire to end the disagreement. If she continues with this smear campaign against Sanders, she and her supporters are to blame for the escalation. This is looking more and more like a Warren move to cozy up to the Dem establishment by playing the Hillary card. Her progressive label is wearing thin - again.


Warren WAS my 2nd choice. Now I have only one choice. She could have played this down before the debate. Instead, she fans the media fueled flames with what she said at the debate. Man, the media lives this crap. Her handling of this tells me this phony, anonymous leak has her approval. This is something straight out of the DNC handbook. Also, the media is treating this like it’s between 2 equally progressive candidates. Trevor Noah called them “two socialists”. But Warren is not a democratic socialist. She is a capitalist. Who has some very good common sense ideas. But games like this, played against Bernie, is going to loose her some progressive support.


The (non)handshake heard 'round the world has a personal meaning for me. Try holding your hand out for someone to shake and then have them withdraw their hand to their chest as if you were some icky germ. It feels bad. And it looks childish. Even though you’ll know it’s a set-up, it still has an effect. But this, done on camera, is just beyond my understanding. I thought her better than that. Nope. Not any more.


From your link:

There has been some suggestion that Bernie might have said one thing and Warren heard another: He said he thought rampant sexism would make a woman have a much more difficult time running for president (which Warren and her supporters would agree with), and she interpreted that as “a woman can’t win.”

In a nutshell, this is it. So many of us do this too for various unconscious reasons. Tragic.


There’s a problem with Ilhan’s view. It is true that Bernie’s priority is stopping Trump. But that’s not true of Warren. Her priority is fulfilling her ambitions. If doing so results in Trump’s election (or re-election), then, oh well.

She demonstrated that at least twice. Once in 2016, the other time now.

Apparently the prospect of the first woman President (no matter how flawed) matters more to many Warren supporters more than the rest of their priorites combined.

So perhaps Bernie should break with tradition and announce his running mate now. I’d suggest Nina Turner. Or, if he can swing it, Klobuchar. That way it’s not man vs. woman: it’s man & woman vs. (presumably) woman & man. Not as stark a choice. It also directly attacks the “Bernie believes a woman can’t be President” meme. The VP frequently becomes President.

But if Bernie and his supporters “focus” on stopping Trump, Warren will be free to focus on stopping Bernie. We’ll lose. I believe her priorities match those of the DNC: first stop Bernie at all costs; then stop Trump if possible. Warren will be rewarded if she stops Bernie even if she goes on to lose to Trump. Disarming unilaterally would be a fatal strategy for Bernie.

We should try to stop Warren without alienating her supporters. Warren has made that very difficult. At a minimum, we have to support Bernie vigorously; we have to defend him from Warren’s attacks; and we must stop defending her.