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Ilhan Omar Won't Be Cowed by Trump

Ilhan Omar Won't Be Cowed by Trump

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Last Saturday, the final day of the Jewish holiday of Passover, 19-year-old white supremacist John T. Earnest allegedly walked into the Chabad of Poway synagogue in California, raised his AR-style assault rifle and began shooting. He reportedly killed congregant Lori Gilbert Kaye as she stood in front of her rabbi, Yisroel Goldstein, protecting him. Eyewitnesses said Earnest shot Goldstein twice, blowing off part of his finger, and injured two others, then fled. He was arrested a short time later.

Trump should be arrested for putting this brave, ladies life in danger!


Rep. Ilhan Omar is more “American” than most Americans (USA’ns, as there are a lot of countries in the Americas).
She should be held up as a shining example of the dream hero story of persecuted immigrant who makes something of herself, even to the point of national elected office in the USA. If anyone epitomizes “our” stated (claimed) values, she certainly does.
And that hijab? Well, it comes with a set of mixed, flat out contradictory messages. One one hand, it is her choice and part of her identity. She should be supported in that.
At the same time, for many, it represents one of several types of oppression for women. There are enough places where wearing it is not a matter of choice and can lead to severe penalties. That we continue to fight for women to not be oppressed, worse, that we are heading backward as fast as the USA’s (and the world’s) authoritarians can send us, is depressing. Close to 40 years ago I was on two hotlines, as one of those telephone referrers. We would refer abused women to shelters here. It was initially shocking to me at the time (though not for long) that abused women so often had to truly understand that they were being abused. I’ll leave that open, it expands too much to begin to get into here.
For that matter, what we wear, both us men and more so, I think, women, determines how seriously you are taken as a person. Your value. Not so very long ago “authorities” would measure the length of a woman’s skirt or bathing suit above or below knees (or above ankles) and might well arrest someone, right here in the US. It opens up a subject which covers a lot of ground.
Anyway, back to Ms. Omar, who I think is a new national treasure, or should be considered so. My pardon for wandering off into a related area, which for this is a bit off the mark. Omar is bright, articulate, concise, and with an open smile which exudes both confidence and determination. And she follows though on that appearance. I’m only sorry anyone from another country is barred from the presidency here because so many immigrants understand and appreciate the stated values of this country better than so many born here. Certainly universes better than the current impostor.

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