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'I'll Say No': Oregon Governor Will Reject Any Request from Trump to Deploy National Guard to Border


'I'll Say No': Oregon Governor Will Reject Any Request from Trump to Deploy National Guard to Border

Julia Conley, staff writer

Should President Donald Trump follow through on his plan to deploy the National Guard to the southern border to deter migration from Mexico and Central America, he won't be able to count on Oregon's 5,800 soldiers.


If there’s ever a revised and updated edition of “Profiles in Courage,” this woman rates her own chapter. Brava!


Trump’s plan to use the national guard isn’t playing well in the Pentagon. There must be something Trump doesn’t understand such has he could trigger a military confrontation with Mexico.


There are more folks going ‘back’ across the border than there are coming this way because the pay for them on this side of the border is almost as bad as on their side. This is a ruse in total bad form, just like usual for this tin hat dictator.


Ever since the 2004 US assault weapons ban sunset the flow of automatic weapons (illegal in Mexico) IN TO Mexico has been greater than any category of any illegal northward movement of people or contraband.

The movement of these illegal weapons have exacerbated the violence in Mexico and other Latin American nations thereby creating more refugees seeking asylum in the US and elsewhere.

Faux news and most of the rest of the mainstream media conveniently ignore the contribution illegal Murkin made weapons play in increasing the number of re\fugees seeking asylum.


That would be pretty much everything :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


Correct, as far as you go, but don’t forget the role US drug laws play in creating and maintaining the lucrative black market—the prime mover behind much, if not most, gun violence, at home and abroad.


Berlin Wall, anybody? Troops, barbed wire and machine gun towers to shoot anyone who makes it through the wire and the attack trained guard dogs?
Deja vu all over again in the Fourth Reich. Only the language is different.


The question as always, should be “what’s really going on?” with this move. Suspicion is the correct response to this as it’s become obvious we have a leader with authoritarian ambitions.


I’ll say…wow!!.Now that is what I call . Fighting back. And with BALLS.


It’s scary how right you are! We sane Americans have got to do something to get him removed! Oh and … thanks for ruining a perfectly good day :wink::face_with_raised_eyebrow::scream:


Ya’ think?:grinning::upside_down_face:…like. Military parade.!..I am amazed he hasn’t been laughed out of office. Yet. The fact that he hasn’t still really scares me…


I forgot to mention that our role in this is East Germany, not West, and we have the Stasi, et al to prove it…


You’re welcome! :wink:


Dear Oregon: I would like to swap Governors, what do you say? Come on….please!


Someone needs to remind her the trouble Governor George Wallace got himself in when he refused a federal order to deploy his NG troops to desegragate their schools


It is a completely ridiculous idea, more so even the usual Trumposterousness. How will that work: armed soldiers doing guard duty along the wall, standing in sight of each other, with radios to call for back up should groups of Hispanics try to run the gauntlet? What does that do about the ones who come by boat at night along the California beaches, disembark, and make a run for it up the beaches to the Coast Roads? Even the Great Wall of Trump wouldn’t be able to do anything about that. How many troops would be required to do that kind of thousands of miles of standing guard duty? What if a shooting war broke out somewhere else and the troops were needed elsewhere and had to leave the border unguarded?

This is the price that’s to be paid for having a Commander In Chief who never served, knows nothing about soldiering and what’s involved logistically, and believes he has “make it so” saying power. Donald Dumb believes his own glibness and is too dumb to even know that he is dumb.


As an Oregonian till 12.31.2017 I am proud of Kate Brown! Thank you.


When the US beefed up Mexican Border security to curb the flow of pot during the mid 70s, Mexican sourced pot dried up while far more (in both potency and quantity) pot flowed in from Colombia and Thailand.

With respect to both immigrants and contraband, the laws of supply and demand never change. A road block in one location creates multiple opportunities utilizing other routes.

Recall the Dutch boy trying to plug holes in the dike with his fingers and Brer Fox trying to detach himself from the tar baby ?


Yes, it seems to me that demonizing of immigrants has replaced the demonizing of Jews and one has to wonder who is next?