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'I'll Show You Obscene': Campus to Protest Concealed Guns with Unconcealed Dildos


'I'll Show You Obscene': Campus to Protest Concealed Guns with Unconcealed Dildos

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The campus community at the University of Texas at Austin has found a creative way to protest the fact that soon they will be allowed to carry concealed guns—but not sex toys—on school grounds.

On August 24, 2016, soon after the gun law goes into effect, students and alumni will stage a Campus Dildo Carry in which they strap "gigantic swinging dildos to our backpacks in protest of campus [gun] carry."



"Campus community will protest fact that, starting in August 2016, they will be allowed to carry sex toys but not guns on school grounds."


"The campus community at the University of Texas at Austin has found a creative way to protest the fact that soon they will be allowed to carry concealed guns—but not sex toys—on school grounds."

Good God! Does CD know the hell what "proofreading" is????


Dicking off for good reason


The sexist symbolism fairly explodes of the page!
(With apologies to Irving Berlin and the bellowing Ethel Merman)
from "Annie Get Your Gun"

Any gross you can be I can be grosser!
I can out gross anything you can ever do!
No you can't! Yes I can!
No you can't! Yes I can!,
No you can't,
Yes I can, Yes I can!
So much for the value of a degree from the University of Texas!


Take a look at this article in the San Antonio paper online:


"Texas campus carry law will take effect on 50th anniversary of Charles Whitman shooting at UT"

"Whitman, a former U.S. Marine, fatally shot 16 people and injured 32 others during a spree conducted from the University of Texas Tower on Aug. 1, 1966."

Guess Gov Abbott and the state legislature have very short memories (or NONE at all when it comes to history). "An Aug. 2,1966 photo shows where killings took place at the Univ of Texas tower in Austin, Texas. After 23 years, the University of Texas decided Thursday Nov. 12, 1998 to reopen the school's landmark clock tower, the site of one of the nation's worst mass murders." (go to link to see photos). I remember the massacre as it was played over and over again on TV at the time. It was horrific and senseless as are all such massacres.

Texas does it damnedest to perpetuate their "cowboy" or "rugged individualist" or "stupid is as stupid does" image(s).

How perverse it all is. Texas refuses to recognize slavery in its social studies textbooks; shuts down Planned Parenthood clinics; pollutes its very own soil, air and water at will; and now wants to arm college students. That is one seed that will reap one horrible harvest of violence, to be sure.


I can't stop laughing. This is absolutely marvelous and terrific.
Who knows? Mebbe this action will be the spark to have the locked and loaded US politicians defy the NRA?

I am gonna make sure the SC office for Bernie Sanders sees this article. Maybe Bernie will make some comment.
Bravo to the clever alumna who thought of this GREAT defiance which hopefully will empower some sense in Texas and mebbe Texas commonsense will spread? Whoda thunk it? Wish Molly Ivins were alive -she'd have loved it, too. Hoping Jim Hightower learns of this! OMG, what would Jon Stewart say? John Oliver? Mebbe SNL can do a skit about it. Mebbe we can LAUGH sense into politicians paralyzed by the NRA?

Gotta elect Bernie so he can replace any retiring judges from the present-day Supreme Court which has been so brought under the sway of insane rightwingers like Scalia, Thomas, Roberts-esp. Scalia and Thomas. They make my flesh creep.


Error corrected. They can carry guns, but not sex toys.


"You would receive a citation for taking a DILDO to class before you would get in trouble for taking a gun to class"

Actually according to "Subchapter 13–200. Prohibited Expression Sec. 13–201. Obscenity" cited in the linked article you would be cited if you "display on the campus any writing or visual image, or engage in any public performance, that is obscene".

The same will happen if you display an unconcealed handgun under the new law.

But hey, it's always fun to wave a dildo around and poke your friends with it, see all them puritans squirm.


Doesn't anyone find this insane? So now, it will be mandated by law that the next Seng-Hui Cho or Adam Lanzaa be welcomed into the classrooms!

Oh, but the gun nuts will say "everyone else - will have guns too - and they will [like some fucking Ronnie Raygun-John Wayne cowboy-movie fantasy] "shoot back and with great moral righteousness kill the evil bad guy!!!"

Come to think of it, haven't there been some towns that have passed laws mandating that everyone carry a gun? (I'm not making this up.)

But back to the next Adam Lanzaa....of course the assailant always has the element of surprise (he can sit in the back of the classroom and shoot a dozen people in the back before one of the cowboy-heroes get a return shot) so while the assailant will certainly be quickly killed (they usually kill themselves anyway), several people will still be killed at the very least least - plus a few more from "friendly fire" from those 25 to 30 (or if it is the Chem 101 lecture hall, hundreds) of students blazing away with their TEC9's. Come to think of it - better make it dozens more dead from the friendly fire chaos.

But you know what? Those deaths are absolutely worth it for the incredible feeling and thrill - not to mention the intense warm-fuzzys of Jesus-loving self-righteousness of being a cowboy hero and killing an evil bad guy! It's better than you home team winning the Super Bowl. Yeeereeeeeeeehaaaaaaahhhhh!


Yeah, Austin is the only Texas City I can stand to be in...Thank goodness for interstate highways and by-passes.


There is a certain logic to this proposed formal phallus-see.


Now all that needs to happen is for one of those pistol packing minnows to show up with A brain tumor "the size of A walnut", as I recall Whitman was diagnosed with, if my memory serves me well-


And what exactly is the rationale for having conceal carry on a university campus and even in the classrooms? Everyone is to be armed to be ready for the next mass shooter or bad guy with a gun? It's almost always a guy, not a gal. A bunch of 18-23 year olds with guns on a campus, what could possibly go wrong. Oh wait, some drunk student with a craving for macaroni and cheese might go ballistic if he's refused service for his craving and proceeds to shoot up the cafeteria. The mass shooter always has the element of surprise before all those supposed good guys with a gun have time to react and even get to their guns. All these gun jackasses seem to think that everyone with a gun will be calm, cool collected, won't panic, will be a perfect shot and won't kill another good guy with a gun by accident. I live in a stupid country.


Perhaps somebody will make squirt guns that look like dildos, enabling students to have squirt gun fights on campus during the hot August 2016 weather,


There is something i understand, and that is Southerners. If you dont understand what a masculine society is, then visit Texas. The trully critical element of this is the idea of banning sex toys. Most are geared for women and their ability to be pleasured differently than a man, which is the giveaway. In Texas, the idea of 'protecting THEIR women' and so on and so forth, is of utmost importance, even if it means that women can or will never become whole as a human. We are two parts...the intellectual and the sexual. This leads me to my first question to the masculine run society: Are you an asexual or sexual creature? The answer to this question should bring about the understanding that if humans, male and female are sexual creatures, then that will be the mostly dominant thought...welcome to the force of nature. And if men think women dont think about sex, look at it thisway: The old statistic of the number of male sexual thoughts is placeed about 1 thought/3 seconds. The female reigns in about 1 thought/10 seconds. So if we take the previous idea and then look at the slowest thinking of the two, female, that is 6 thoughts/min, 360 sexual thoughts/hour, and if she was up for only 18 hours in a day, then she would have thought about sex 6480 times on any given waken day. So why are we banning sex toys? So a woman can be controlled at all levels of society. Dont be a sheep and give 6480 times a thought or two and then look at her and think she is human.


And how will fraternities prevent uninvited visitors from entering their houses during their weekend (starting Thursday night) parties (like football or men's basketball players): just pull out the sawed-off shotguns and the offenders will take out their Glocks? Thus, the battle will ensue. And like you say, these confrontations will be fueled by alcohol and other drugs. What will happen when a disgruntled student unhappy with his/her grade takes out his anger on the professor or instructor issuing that grade?

The short-sightedness of the gov and legis. in Texas is frightening.


This provides a comprehensive account of what happened at UT August 1, 1966. In addition, Whitman's bio is provided. As you read toward the end, he did have a tumor but whether or not it could substantiate Whitmans' actions that day was inconclusive.


I don't quite know what else would come even close to explaining it or causing this behavior-
I lived in Austin back in the mid to late 70's and had friends who had known people murdered by this man- I remember A friend telling me that Whitman was such A crack shot that he was hitting moving targets at over 1/4 mile away- One of his friends had briefly stuck his head out from behind A plywood barricade of A street renewal project and was instantly hit in the head-
I just can't find any other explanation why someone would go so berserk, so suddenly, and seemingly so effectively murderous...Almost brings to mind that marine boot camp bathroom scene in "Full Metal Jacket"-


Actually seems like some politically correct form of retardation.

How many concealed carry permit holders have caused mass shootings? None. How many have just pulled out their weapon and shot a single person on campus? None. How many have pulled out the gun and committed suicide - which is half of all gun deaths by the way - again, NONE.

How about the times a mass shooting has been stopped by a concealed carry permit? You haven't heard about those, have you. In fact some progressive writers bluntly state that it never happens - particularly after that shooting in Reno a year or so ago - but that is again, another lie.

As a new user i can't put in the links to the stories so i'll briefly describe some. Chicago Uber driver stops man shooting into crowd. Philly man shoots person shooting in barbershop which also has kids in there. Winnemucca bar is shot into, the person is stopped by bar owner with shotgun before he re-enters the bar w/gun. Grandma in Michigan is shot 4X by drive by shooters and shoots back - forcing them to seek traetment where they are nabbed by cops (who weren't there to protect her, note)

An Ohio woman stops robberies twice - one time the thief was trying to get inside - what could have happened there had she not been prepared? In Oklahoma a Muslim beheaded a woman who wouldn't convert and be submissive, then went after another woman to behead her - he was put down by a man with a gun.

i could go on, obviously, because guns are used to prevent crimes and violence about 2.5 MILLION times/year. So just think about how many MORE dead you are GOING to have if you get "gun control" to go through. This idiocy is tantamount to dehorning the gazelle so that they can't have any defense against the lions.

The fact is that you are safer when a concealed permit holder is able to be in your midst. Don't you notice how the mass shootings TAKE PLACE IN GUN FREE ZONES???? The Aurora shooter is a wonderful example - he chose a theater that was further because it was the only gun free theater listed. Hmmm.

Let's start thinking instead of regurgitating some "politically" correct pablum, shall we? Harvard has a much more intensive breakdown of why gun control is counterproductive on every level and likely on levels you aren't aware of - but no - let's just bleat like a bunch of mindless sheep.......


Columbine was not a gun free zone. There were 2 armed guards and one of them actually shot at one of the murderous teens. Tucson was not a gun free zone; there were numerous people with conceal carry guns and one of them, Joe Zamudio, almost shot the wrong person. In the end, people just tackled and punched the shooter when he paused to reload. There were people with conceal carry guns at the recent Umpqua School shooting. One man decided not to use his gun since he might have gotten shot by the police. V-Tech had armed campus police. In any case, these suicidal mass shooters don't give a damn if an area is gun free or not. In most of these shootings, the police were on the scene in a matter of minutes. These shooters must be aware that the police will be there in a matter of minutes in most cases. The crazy shooters don't care because they are demented and often suicidal.