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'Illegal and Unconstitutional': Sanders Rips Trump Plan to Use US Troops to Exploit Syria's Oil Fields

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/23/illegal-and-unconstitutional-sanders-rips-trump-plan-use-us-troops-exploit-syrias

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In the USA, when you utter the words “national security” from a position of power you are allowed to do anything that is unconstitutional and illegal.


“We’ve secured the oil,” Trump said. “We’re going to be protecting it, and we’ll be deciding what we’re going to do with it in the future.” (t___p)

Doesn’t this scare anyone else? or is it just me? He is claiming someone else oil as being his/ours WTF


There’s an old saying from Iraq war days: “what’s our oil doing under their sand?”


It’s waiting until the dust clears and the price goes up.
Was reading Pepe Escobar and stolen oil was being smuggled from these wells into Turkey. Perhaps POTUS Trump’s plan is to open up a Jiffy Lube & Laundry in Eastern Turkey. With ATM machines capable of dispensing unlimited $$$ in 7 different languages.
Sen. Sanders sees a rat in the kitchen. When you see one there’s usually 10 more hiding in the shadows.


What I find astonishing is that this particular band of scoundrels are doing openly what previously was done under the rubric of “freedom” and “democracy” which many of us knew were self serving lies. They sold out the Kurds for black gold.


Actually, Bernie, Congress didn’t authorize putting troops in Syria for any reason. No congressional approval was needed.

The 2001 AUMF and its re-approval in 2017 (used to justify at least 37 incursions into 14 countries) gives pretty much a blank check to any pretext that involves fighting terrorists. Legal schmegal – we invade wherever we want, invited or not.

Oh, that beautiful AUMF – so bi-partisan and convenient. We’re just protecting the oil from ISIS. Yep.


Withdraw the troops with the Kurds, lose an ally, enable ISIS, Turkey, and Russia, but protect the oil fields? What a weird administration!


Let’s be real.

The Kurds would run back into US arms whenever it’s convenient, as they would with any temporary ally.

Did you think Turkey was going to sit passively by and allow a Kurdidh statelet on its border?

Is a peace deal brokered by Putin bad and a peace deal brokered by us good?

You know we wouldn’t even be involved in brokering a deal, right? We refuse to negotiate with the president of Syria. His side – with Russia’s help – won the war. Our side lost. That’s the reality everyone has to deal with, the Syrian kurds included. that’s why they’re making an arrangement with assad, Putin, and Erdogan. That was inevitable.

As for ISIS, we’ll be arming them in a future war, guaranteed. Just like we’ve armed Al Qaeda.


Ya, I was living in the moment and forgetting histories.

See my comment above, thanks.

Great post.

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I just heard Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, d-party presidential candidate, essentially tell Judy Woodruff that the US should have kept a small occupying force in northern Syria on a permanent basis. Yep, endless war and occupations. Once upon a time, the Dems ran candidates who were against that.

This is how Trump will claim the mantle of peace candidate against the Dems just like in 2016. He ran to his Repub opponents’ and Hillary’s left on this issue – he called the Iraq invasion a stupid mistake and there was Hillary admitting she was wrong to have voted for it. She said she’d take on Putin over Syria – are you fuckin kidding me? I’m glad she lost on that basis alone.

And that genocide that was going to happen? So far, dozens killed. That’s an average drone strike on an Afghani wedding.

One last thing. I have asked two supporters here of the US regime-change efforts against Assad if they were in favor of the US-supported and jihadi-led Free Syrian Army defeating Assad and taking control of Syria. I’ve asked multiple times. Crickets.

I invite you and everyone else here to a good read:

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Good post. However, I would dispute your " dozens killed " number. That’s like guessing how many U.S. soldiers will eventually die from suicide, and other unnatural causes, while deploying multiple times in the ME and Afghanistan. Who knows how many people die from a broken spirit, really?


Just quoting this article, mrsann. Their source, the BBC, linked from this article includes a dead Turkish soldier in the total as of over ten days back. And there’s been a ceasefire and relative calm since:

“We’ll be deciding what we’ll do with it (oil) in the future,” says President Trump, setting up a whole new occasion for war with Syria, backed by Russia. Let’s hear a loud outcry from Congress. Stop this insanity!


Yet, when the chickens come home to roost, these thugs will scatter and the citizens of the homeland will carry the load.

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The president likely is in error. We do not have enough U.S. army soldiers there to control the oil flow, defend the area from Turkey, Syria national army or an Iraq invasion, an Iran invasion. If the oil field is already nationalized, then Syria in Damascus gets the loot, not USA. If oil fields are privately owned, americans can negotiate to purchase and then resell in Europe.
But, not a good idea for our nation to become a distributor / broker.

Unless we also nationalize all oil and natural gas within the 50 states.

I wish Kuwait had a really long angle drilling capability. Or we could get some mercenaries to cap them off.