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'Illegal Boondoggle': US Government Rebuked for Giving 1,400 Private Companies Access to Dubious Terrorism Watchlist

'Illegal Boondoggle': US Government Rebuked for Giving 1,400 Private Companies Access to Dubious Terrorism Watchlist

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Denouncing the database as "an illegal boondoggle," a civil rights organization on Wednesday is calling for a congressional probe after the FBI admitted it lied for years when it insisted federal authorities do not share the so-called terrorist watchlist with private entities.

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Old news here, decades old, and very little detail.

Who is on a terrorist watchlist? Someone who studies Chinese perhaps. Someone who owns his own newspaper and reports police who break the law. Someone who tried to report goverment wrongdoings. Many people who do not have a clue why they are on it.
Some characteristics of being on a watchlist:

  1. Security warning will blast out whenever a person steps into a transportation facility.
  2. Phones will light up with security warnings wherever the person goes in public or private…every phone except the individual’s.
  3. Muscle spasms, eye burn, sudden pain, ringing in the ears, a 24-hour a day problem.

The information about what to do with regard to people on a list is presented as “youre either with us or against us” type instructions, a la our old friend W. Hard for people to ignore. Mind you these list people have broken no laws.
The list is treated in the same way across a countries.

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This is another perfect illustration of how government and industry work hand-in-glove, making us a fascist country.


What , the FBI lies? So with the likelihood that none will see jail time for these lies (See Clapper and Brennan) , how are the public able to tell when the FBI lies or when it tells the truth?

Is everything they say about Trump a lie to those on the right and everything they say about Trump the truth to those on the left?

Is divining the lie from the truth now to be just an opinion based on ones political ideology?

What a nutcase world.


Based on the canonization and adoration of former director Robert Mueller, I would say apparently so.

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I believe the president said media like Common Dreams was part of the extremism he deplores. Are we on the watch list for reading CD or pushing for democracy?

I think Bush the younger said it best: " EITHER YOU ARE WITH THE TERRORISTS; OR YOU ARE WITH US (FASCISTS) " !


It seems to me that since their inception the FBI, CIA and the other alphabets has been under the old saying “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” Something like that but anyway until somehow those who commit travisty against humans are held accountable nothing will change. And by now we know that the onus for change is left to another distant generation because so far we are failing.

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I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. The list is probably full of activists on ecology, police accountability, indigenous and other minority rights, LGBTQ, unionists, socialists and people who admire WikiLeaks. White nationalists, racist cops, anti-semites (real ones), Republican billionaires, Elliot Abrams, gun nuts, etc., are probably safe.


The obvious question then is why would 1400 purportedly private companies want access to that list in the first place? It certainly won’t help anyone’s marketing efforts.

Private security companies?To facilitate harassment. For pay.

Most of those companies are not “defense” contractors.
Here is a video i found with various clips from different sources that gives you some idea of the dystopia silicon valley has planned for us.
In that future, whatever corporation has the most information will be the most powerful:

Im in China. No blogs, youtube, NYT, WaPo, facebook, twitter, google. Most videos i dont get. But China does follow sports and music and CNN.

Why not use a VPN service to get around those blockages?
There are plenty of cheap and reliable options around.

I should.