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'Illegal, Immoral, A Slap in the Face': Experts Blast Mexico over Missing Students



I've followed this horrible incident ever since it occurred and haven't been able to find a source speculating on or suggesting what the probable reason for attacking these students was. I don't understand-- an entire busful of normal school students are killed/disappeared enroute to the school-- for no reason at all? Help, somebody.


It's probably "just" part of a drill for The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the US Army School of the Americas.


I've followed this as well wondering but suspecting that if these were teachers in training, it could be threatening to those who maintain a tight hold on information. I came upon this which made sense in that context:

"The precise motives for the killings are difficult to determine, but the students come from a school that has been training rural teachers—and activists—for the better part of a century. Their commitment to helping small farmers and farm workers in the rugged, semi-feudal countryside often has put them at odds with the local powers that be. And when you add to that the cozy relationship that exists today between some of those powers and narcotics traffickers, the situation is explosive."

Hideous stuff whatever the "reason."


Many Mexicans in the USA protest politicians that would like to send the illegals back to whatever country they came from. The people in Mexico should take a stand against their corrupt & brutal government. They should work on changing the conditions in Mexico & transforming it into an industrial nation.