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'Illegal, Unscientific, and Unconscionable': Despite Risk of Brain Damage to Infants, Trump EPA Won't Regulate Rocket Fuel Additive for Water Supplies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/18/illegal-unscientific-and-unconscionable-despite-risk-brain-damage-infants-trump-epa

Can we inject the lawmakers that allowed this with this Rocket Fuel Additive?


Oil Nazis. These are the henchmen of world bankers who fund all wars, the gangster mercenaries of world capitalism. Maggots. They put crying babies in cages, pour white phosphorous on top of an Iraqi night, suck oil from the pulsating sockets of the dead, attack their own nation to incite a new world order while ramming a flag us their ass for Jesus a Prince of Peace. God is going to start again.


Hi PonyBoy:
Hmmm. Rocket fuel-------maybe putting this rocket stuff into the water coolers of Congress would get Congress to work faster to correct this insanity! So many of these entrenched in Congress are brain dead anyway----Some scary person will no doubt make a fortune off of BRAIN FUEL-----I can see it now… along with the lupus drug, Trump et al might try selling this stuff! : 0


“Illegal, Unscientific, and Unconscionable”

Yep, describes T-Rump to a T (sic).


This would make a good rap song Geronimo.

Do these monsters not have children.
What happened to the precautionary principle ?

One must assume they believe that humans are inherently evil !


They don’t believe is sexual reproduction.

Their kids are all test tube babies.

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Republicans are afraid that with the coming elimination of fossil fuel burning they’ll lose their mercury-lead IQ-lessening & aggression-bolstering program, so they’re beefing it up with other pollutants like this and CO2. Without it, how would they get people to vote for them?

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~# ‘Illegal, Unscientific, and Unconscionable’: Despite Risk of Brain Damage to Infants, Trump EPA Won’t Regulate Rocket Fuel Additive for Water Supplies

Do you think tRump wants a population of intelligent, thinking, people in this nation? People who are able to look at this insanity, trace the causes and remove them? Here is a chance to remove that “threat” for at least a generation, and perhaps forever, just by adding a bit more perchlorate to the nation’s drinking water. Just turn most people into gammas. Brave New World indeed.
Heil Pffft!