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'Illegitimate' Request Denied: GOP Gets Middle Finger for #ExxonKnew Ploy



We are being lead by criminal politicians hat will sell us down the drain for a buck.


This appears to be a rather innocent response to political bullying. A more active response would be to quickly (the filing deadline is weeks away in many places) find Christian environmental activists to run in the Republican Primary in these guys' home states, then locate yet another set of activists to run in the general election against these guys, then crank up the phone banking until their home states' phone lines glow red hot.


Lets see... there are 'committees' and then there are those that commit something. Looks like the committee just became the commit-ee of an action akin to insertion of foot in collective mouth.

If advocates of transparency in practices of corporations that are highly subsidized (not to mention tax write-offs) are regarded as entities to be subjected to the will of a committee cozily in bed with corporate lobbyists, shouldn't the tables be turned? Shouldn't the records of those lobbyists, say, since the date of the Exxon collusion in question, also be called to precisely the same level of rigor demanded by commmmittteeeee on Space, Science and Technology?


I think that's what the Brand New Congress has in mind.


And expect a positive review on Trip Adviser.


Wow. What a showdown. A worthy topic of discussion by all of us. Should all wealth and power reside only in Wall Street Corporations?

If so, we should call it Corporate Communism. All things that happen in government must only benefit business and the hell with our young generation who are looking at us with big eyes and wondering:

Are you Adults going to do the right thing for us kids?

We have to step up to the plate and make sure that a public debate occurs that includes science documentaries detailing the climate chaos of this unstable century. We can democratically decide to do nothing, or else, we can collectively decide to change leadership since this leadership seems hellbent on war and further destruction. The only candidate talking seriously about this problem is Bernie Sanders.



and don't forget that they hired scientists to deny climate change even though they had the facts.


Yes they do it in other countries so why not here, but our time will come.


so sad but true. Go Bernie but we won't get him.


That's a pretty good idea, Mark. If by a miracle, Bernie gets in there, we gotta have him call for your "House Un-Constitutional Activities Committee."