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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s War on Workers


Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s War on Workers

John Nichols

Bruce Rauner’s campaign for governor of Illinois hit a rough spot when it was revealed that he was talking about lowering the minimum wage.

That’s right, lowering.


Good ol’ John. Always ready to jump on a republican.

What the article has to say is essentially true but, as with most of Nichols’ pieces, is already old news.



I live in Illinois and am glad Rauner is being exposed to a larger audience. Mr. Rauner didn’t mention, as far as I know, anything about “right to work zones.” That alone would have brought out more voters in an election that set a record for poor turnout. Of course it is a ruse to mask his intent to make the entire state right to work. This is not about Republican v Democrat, it is about watering the plutocrats, and that includes the “Democrat” mayor of Chicago, a wine buddy of Rauner, and the “Democrat” Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, a most conservative character.


It’s also old news to shoot the messenger. Mr. Nichols may prefer Dems to Republicans in a political trap that inclines those on “both sides of the aisle” to march to the tune of Big Money, but that doesn’t change the fact that this article exposes a particular governor with a particularly egregious agenda. It’s more important to take in the fact that Koch Brothers’ funded sociopaths are making deliberate attacks on unions and thus, a formerly empowered and more politically astute Middle Class. THAT is the salient issue and neither old news nor worthy of immediate dismissal.