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Illinois Workers Celebrate as 'Life-Changing' $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Signed Into Law

Illinois Workers Celebrate as 'Life-Changing' $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Signed Into Law

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Illinois workers and local Fight for $15 organizers celebrated a win on Tuesday as newly elected Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker signed a law that will gradually raise the state's hourly minimum wage from $8.25 to $15 by 2025.

BREAKING: With @GovPritzker's signature, the $15 minimum wage is now law in Illinois!

$8.25 to $15 by 2025 ?

This cowardly (sorry “pragmatic”) incrementalism gives me the runs. It just gives the oligarchy time to figure out how to stop it.
Just Do It !


Just can’t please everyone.
Bernie gets a feather in his cap for this
Go get’um Bernie.

With inflation, that should put workers right back where they were.
Why can’t they have the $15 NOW?


Hi bodeswell, well they can’t have it now because some are hoping that the next Gov will totally roll it back to the 1960s $1.25----- This is the legacy of The Donald…who taught all that everything can be rolled back, like the EPA or 1st Amendment. : (

No problem with the $15 just the time lag to implement

I get the urge to progress. Sometimes it’s about how big of a fight do we want to wage?

Agreed, by 2025 they will need $20 to keep up.

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That’s what happened in California. The hourly wage went up and suddenly there were fewer baggers at the grocery store, for example, or employees in other businesses had fewer hours. Consequences…

Why the wait? Because a billionaire thinks he’s doing some good? I make $14.20 now, and it took 11 years on the job to get to what I was making at my last job - 14 years ago. I’ll be making mortgage payments until I’m over 80. By 2025, $15.00 an hour will not be enough. in real terms, regular working people’s income has been stalled since the 80s. Owners and management income has been steadily rising, as have things like “profit sharing”, stock buybacks, and then using that stock as compensation for executives. $15.00 will be both hailed(by workers), and derided as communism or worse by owners. It’s bullshit that workers can’t get a break - under Democrats or Republicans. Congress is even afraid to make voting easier to do, and make guns harder to get. If workers were paid in real dollars, they wouldn’t need guns…