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I'm a Bernie Backer and I Refuse to Support Hillary


I'm a Bernie Backer and I Refuse to Support Hillary

Shawnee Badger

I used to think that the Democrats were the good guys and the Republicans were the bad guys. That's why I've only ever been registered and identified as a Democrat. The Democratic Party is the party of social justice that looks out for the less fortunate, right? The party of the middle class, advocating for equality and progress, while the Republican Party, is ... well ... stuck in the distant past.


"Votes are earned, not owed" indeed, Shawnee !

Updating the AuH2O64 Goldwater bumper stickers, perhaps we need bumper stickers that read AuH2O Girl 16 ?


What are you talking about?


Hillary Clinton has a progressive agenda. She has a plan for spending over $200 billion for infrastructure and green energy in order to address those problems and create higher paying jobs. She has a plan for free tuition for students in families making less than $125,000 a year and debt-free college for all other students and easier payments for those with existing student debt and forgiving the debt after a number of years. She is supporting the public option for Obamacare to reduce the costs of healthcare. She supports expanding social security. She supports raising the minimum wage. She opposes the TPP as it is now written. She is for extremely strict regulations on fracking and realizes a national ban on fracking is not feasible at this time given the amount of natural gas now obtained from fracking. She supports a diplomatic solution in Syria. If her agenda were not progressive Bernie Sanders would not be planning to tour the nation after Labor Day speaking on her behalf.


Saying Clinton "supports" Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Fla.) does not do justice to their relationship. Ms Wasserman-Schultz is a valuable (and apparently indispensible) part of Clinton's dirty tricks department, a loyalist par excellence. It would appear she loves doing Clinton's dirty work. Like Clinton, she is clearly utterly unscrupulous.


Going off the rails. Other ideas. Howz bout giving John Zerzan a peek, Primitive Anarchy, read John's book,"Future Primitive", or read "Green Anarchy" publications for a better understanding. By the way, the Anarchist movement, or collectives are not molotov cocktails. Howz bout, intentional communal living, forming your own community. "The Farm" in Tennessee is one many people recognize; however, There are many more world wide where people come together and live and share life simply, but with love. Attend a Rainbow Family gathering to understand more and to feel the love. For more information about Rainbow Family gatherings near you, ( rainbow gatherings.org), and click around the web site. Explore your Consciousness!


You are hilarious! If Bernie is a child abuser, imagine what Clinton is! If saying stupid things makes you feel better, then perhaps you should try something more beneficial?


Heinz doesn't have a clue.
Heinz just likes to hear the sound of Heinz's own voice.


All of what you say is true.
But all of Hillary's solutions are only half measures.
Making all of them just so much BS coming from a corporatist, neoliberal, plutocrat wholly owned by the oligarchy.

And that ain't somebody I'm voting for.


"She is clearly utterly unscrupulous."
Just like the fascist Zionist she praises at every opportunity, Bebe Netanyahu.


I'm a Bernie backer, and while I won't support HRC, if I vote for anyone for President, it will probably be her. I hope NJ's Electors will be safe enough I won't have to.


What is our real choice? Either we go with the majority crowd, which seems to be convinced that Hillary is the only choice, or we go with who we really want - Jill Stein.

But Jill Stein won't win without the majority crowd. How do we handle that? Trump is such a disaster; do we want to risk America becoming the Germany of the 1930s? This would be the end of the world.

It seems to me Hillary could give us a temporary reprieve from disaster at least for 4 years while we figure how to educate the population to the real world. This is the key to our future!


Sister, so right. The left has been sickened by the massive corruption in the Democrat party- a party run by Obama as President. He could have come down hard on the corrupt primary process and righted the electoral frauds- he is arm and arm with Hillary "Rotten" Clinton- both defending their mutual actions and policies for the elite. No. Let's dump the Democrats!!! Michigan Dems should find a new senator too- Stabenow has been an advocate of big creditors, GMO's and Hillary! It is blatant and sickening. How Bernie can support her is a mystery. Bernie has one thing wrong, though, every movement needs the voice of a leader. We believed in Bernie- anyone know what really happened after he met with Obama and Clinton end of primary?

Jill Stein is a very impressive lady!


Please take the quiz on this website, if it shows you side with Stein, why not vote for her? I think if everyone who sides with the Greens, votes for them, they can win. thanks.


So... I will support Bernie but only if my vote is meaningless and it won't help prevent Clinton's election? Such dedication to a cause is admirable, all right.


Amazing, thanks CD for posting a pro-green article for a change!
"Why? Fear is at the core." - related to this quote:
“that’s why people are concerned, that’s why people are fearful, that’s the weapon that the democratic party has used to herd people back on to the democratic plantation” Ajamu Baraka green party VP, talking about Trump on Democracy Now, 8/18/16


A VOTE FOR STEIN IS A VOTE FOR TRUMP. This has been written many times, but did you know that there is a growing group of Trump supporters who, acknowledging this, will be voting for Stein? Their plan is to win permanent ballot access for Greens, thereby destroying the Democrats chance of ever winning an election again. Downright devious, if it's true.


Well, if enough of them + Dems who actually support Stein's policies, + students who want to be rid of debt => all vote Stein, she can win! I for one, welcome their support. I also agree with those who say Trump is the lesser evil, so you really can't lose voting for Stein, imo.


She has plans alright and they will go the way of the plans Obama had. No where


"Their plan is to win permanent ballot access for Greens, thereby destroying the Democrats chance of ever winning an election again." - Moot point since the Democrats are doing a very effective job of that on their own and good riddance to them! Vote Jill Stein!